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Leaders and innovators from the web, digital, automotive and wireless industries will come together for the 8th annual Telematics Munich Conference & Exhibition at the Hilton Munich Park, Germany 3rd & 4th November, 2010. Just announced, the program will provide expert level business intelligence and strategy alignment to set the course of telematics for the new decade! Over 100 attendees are already confirmed for the world’s biggest and most relevant telematics focused event.

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Telematics munich 2010 brochure

  1. 1. Organised by: EUROPE’S BIGGEST TELEMATICS FOCUSSED B2B EVENT SAVE €200 when you register by 17th Sept: visit 8th AnnuAl tElEMAtICS MunICh 2010 3rd & 4th November 2010, Hilton Munich Park, Munich, Germany Partner and solution strategies: Prepare as Web and app based services get set to dominate  caPitalise oN chaNgiNg auto oeM attitudes: Get to grips with revolutionary expert speakers include: OEM strategies and revised partnership models surrounding smartphone adoption, embedded solutions, bandwidth requirements and more to take full advantage of this new wave of opportunity  the ultiMate ecall iNFrastructure: Debate the 112 initiative vs. TPS eCall and learn how to achieve back office interoperability between call centres and emergency services to develop a viable infrastructure  coNNected NavigatioN For the daily driver: Learn how to incorporate dynamic and predictive traffic services, weather conditions, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) and User Generated Content (UGC) with existing navigation services to develop a loyal customer-base  teleMatics - a ‘Must have’ For coNNected electric vehicles(evs): Explore the full spectrum of telematics services required by EVs , i.e. locating and scheduling charging to minimise ‘range anxiety’ and boost EV uptake  revolutioNise ‘auto grade’ services: Work effectively with OEMs and web developers to explore applications ranging from driver safety alerts to concierge services in order to determine next-gen LBS bundles and build solutions that work across all vehicle brands coNFereNce exhibitioN Telematics Munich provided a 450+ senior level executives come together for exclusive keynote sessions, 3 focussed tracks, and unrivalled networking to engage europe’s most focussed exhibition boasts of 25+ exclusive booths, multiple demos and brand new product launches. connect, “ great opportunity to have an open discussion with industry leaders about the future of telematics. in high level business discussions that will set network and learn at the expo floor. Mercedes-beNz the pace for telematics in the future! PLATINUM SPONSORS: GOLD SPONSORS: BAG SPONSOR: USB KEY SPONSOR: CO-SPONSORS: FOLDER SPONSOR: DIGITAL LOCATION CONTENT SPONSOR: WORKShOP SPONSORS: Open Now to view the conference programme and speaker line-up Visit for all the latest announcements
  2. 2. Organised by: Welcome to the 8th Annual Telematics Munich Conference and Exhibition telematics is evolving: Strike-up your relationships for the future and maximise your business potential for 2011 and beyond... Dear Industry Colleague, ` fresh and dynamic ecall implementation A “The telematics update conference in Munich strategy gave a very valuable understanding of the 2009/2010 has been an explosive year for the Navigation and lbs upgrades and how they ` latest thinking of industry trends and offered auto telematics industry. OEMs have seen enhance ADAS features profits rise and fall, resulting in more investment great opportunities for discussions” brand new research into driver distraction ` into value added services with a heavy focus on - bMW ag and voice activation technologies telematic services. Plus many more – open the brochure now to Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from With the telematics industry set to grow to a take a look! and network with OEMs, and not only those €6 billion market by 2016, pitch your business who have a defined strategy, but those who are successfully now to gain exciting, forward We have listened to the industry and recruited currently striving to build the partnerships that thinking opportunities and revenue streams the speakers you have asked for. Confirmed will position their solutions above the rest! heading into 2011 and beyond. so far: volvo and Fiat will lead content led discussions, bMW will provide insights to take secure your place on the front row of 2010’s Paradigm shifts have occurred over the past embedded solutions mass market whilst leaders only European Telematics business intelligence 12 months, resulting in crucial industry players in privatised eCall, Psa Peugeot / citroen event of this scale. having to re-assess and re-align their service present the solutions behind their success. register today, making full use of early booking offerings and partner interactions to retain Nissan are also on board as no Electric Vehicle discounts (via the booking form enclosed in their stake in the market. discussion would be complete without them. this brochure or our secure website here at Telematics Update, we have spent )! months talking to top level industry executives Of course, don’t just take our word for it, listen to expert opinions of Telematics Munich 2009... See you in November! to research and identify those key topics that require clarification and expert insight, providing the answers you need. “Great opportunity to get newest information about telematics and who are the important Key topics include: Ruthana Foulkes players in this area” `how to build partnerships with new players Conference Director in the value chain to achieve profitable - audi ag telematics update content and web integration expert speakers include: Markus Muhlbauer Herbert Halamek Konstantin Zervas Arund de Meulemeester Floris Van-de-Klashorst Mikael Gustavssen google continental ericsson atx group Nokia volvo cars Julián Requejo Paola Carrea Paul Burnley Bob Denaro Martin Rosell Larry Haddad Ford Magneti Marelli sbd Navteq Wirelesscar Nissan For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date Telematics Munich information visit
  3. 3. Organised by: Key Facts & Features of Telematics Munich 2010 Programme at a glance Day 1: 3rd November Day 2: 4th November KeyNotes aNd PleNary sessioNs KeyNotes & PleNary sessioNs Essential update on the European telematics market. Find out how to Analyse key services, Government initiatives and global requirements to create winning partnerships to carve your niche in today’s market position your solution at the front of OEM and consumer demand WorKshoP NetWorKiNg luNch breaK NetWorKiNg luNch breaK tracK 1: coNteNt & services Compare and contrast operating systems and the potential for one tracK 1: coNteNt & services device to offer the full range of telematic services to strengthen Discern OEM attitudes and requirements for content integration to your position with the driver build successful partnerships that captivate consumers with easy to use and convenient services in line with demand tracK 3: Future treNds aNd techNology breaKthroughs Discuss breakthrough research, relevant tech advancements and trends tracK 2: NavigatioN, lbs & beyoNd to watch out for during the next decade to identify how to position your Take a look at the diverging intelligent navigation market to determine business for maximum gains 2% enhanced feature options and innovative business models that will Other expand your solutions service potential 7% sPeed NetWorKiNg sessioN Media 15% Make use of the interactions made and lessons learned over the two days and CEO/CIO/CTO/Presidents NetWorKiNg cocKtail recePtioN 11% continue to build your contact portfolio at this structured networking session Marketing Managers eNd oF coNFereNce 12% 18% Engineers General Managers/ Company Directors Know who you’ll meet in November 2010 12% Telematics Munich is attended by over 450 of the telematic industry’s leading decision makers. This is Europe’s biggest gathering Business Development 15% Vice Presidents of telematics executives, and the forum is growing in scope, reputation and impact year on year! View this breakdown of past Managers attendees to see who you will meet: 8% Account Managers Attendees by Job Title Attendees by Industry Sector 2% 2% Other Other 7% 4% 10% Media 15% Consultants Hardware Manufacturers CEO/CIO/CTO/Presidents 7% 11% Marketing Wireless Carriers 10% Managers Device 12% Manufacturers Application Providers 12% 18% Engineers General Managers/ Company Directors 14% Solution 28% 12% Developers OEMs Business Development 15% Managers Vice Presidents 8% 13% Account Managers Service Providers 2% Other 4% 10% Consultants Hardware Manufacturers 7% Wireless Carriers 10% Device 12% Manufacturers Application Providers Contact the Telematics Munich team at or 14% Solution (Global) +44 (0) 207 28% 7585 or (US tf ) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 375 Developers OEMs
  4. 4. agenda day 1: tuesday 3rd November 2010 DAY 1 - KEYNOTES TRACK 1: CONTENT & SERVICES vital Achieve In-Vehicle Smartphone Integration Telematic Update’s Essential New Telematics Power House discussioN pan-European Annual Overview to Support In-Vehicle Content hear how to partner and work with OEMs and ` provide a suitable infrastructure to combat driver ` the first to recognise the next array of Be Web-based companies are seizing the always-with- safety fears whilst retaining full smartphone disruptive technologies that will dominate you, always-on benefit of the connected device to functionality the market in 2011. We discuss the impact of exploit new opportunities within the auto space. new telematic platforms, device integration Discuss the dynamics between the phone and the ` Understand how web–based players will work ` options and hMI approaches amongst car to disable distractive programs and incorporate alongside OEMs, TSPs and other stakeholder others additional services for maximum gains groups whilst meeting stringent auto requirements Discuss the new and revised OEM strategies ` Find out how API kits will impact application ` Debate which services should be ‘auto grade’. We ` and work-out how this revolutionised development and how to build solutions that work explore driver safety alerts and luxury services like approach will benefit the entire value chain across all vehicle brands and outside the vehicle service desks etc, to determine possible service Develop solutions to capture the biggest ` bundles Floris Van-de-Klashorst, Director Automotive Services, auto market segment. Practical tips for Nokia Debate the pros and cons of embedded systems ` providing relevant and cost-effective LBS vs. smartphone integration vs. hybrid options and solutions for entry-level and mid-range see which will fit each line, from entry-level to Achieve In-Vehicle Content Integration vehicles luxury vehicles with Smart Systems Mikael Gustavssen, Connectivity hUB Leader, Understand the OEM psyche to build long term ` Ubiquitous Connectivity to Transform volvo cars partnerships and dynamic solutions to maximise the Auto Horizon harald Trautsch, Executive Vice President, your business potential for 2011 and beyond octo telematics Envisage different time-to-market scenarios to ` The industry stands divided over different Andy Knott, ITS Senior Manager, denso manage partner expectations and merge business methods of service and content delivery. We explore built-in, brought-in and beamed- Edwin Fischer, deutsche telekom laboratories models to optimise revenue stream in to see which will emerge victorious. Markus Muhlbauer, Manager Engineering and Product, Get the low down on ‘BMW Connected Drive’ ` `Bridge the differing mindsets between google and ‘MINI Connected’ and discern how to diverge Governments, OEMs and consumers to tailor-made services to take your solution across understand the pros and cons between Revolutionary Wireless Thinking for the different markets embedded, smartphone and hybrid solutions Telematics Industry Reinhard Jurk, head of Project Management, `Evaluate how cloud hosted systems will bMW connected drive Identify consumer data trends and usage patterns combine dynamic content with in-car to understand how wireless tech will help realise critical operations to deliver the ultimate driver the ‘connected car’ dream. Ride the Wave of Consumer toPic experience via a pure off-board model Led Content Integration Discuss 4G and how to upgrade from 3G whilst ` Look beyond the driver and the passenger ` providing seamless connectivity to enable rural Complex consumer demand is forcing the by developing tethered infotainment and pan-European connectivity traditional telematics market to evolve and partner solutions with services such as remote repair `Identify opportunities for monetisation of with new players. hear how to exploit cross-industry and maintenance to optimise the auto rich multimedia services and data intensive partnerships. environment applications through 3G and 4G `Gauge who is driving development and whether Konstantin Zervas, Strategic Product Management, ericsson `Analyse how coverage and backend challenges R&D costs lie with OEMs, tier 1s, web developers, Kevin Link, Vice President, will be overcome to enable enhanced service wireless carriers or a combination of all to work- hughes telematics delivery as standard out business strategies Moderator: Richard Robinson, Director - Marcus heitmann - head of Automotive R&D, `Examine the evolving value chain and resulting Automotive Multimedia Communications Service, deutsche telekom laboratories business models such as revenue sharing to get to strategy analytics grips with who you should be partnering with for continued success a must-have resource for hMi solution providers! `Solve web developers’ concerns such as auto Based on interviews with major hMI players, primary research limitation on app development and implications Find answers to your most pressing HMI questions... and independent analysis, this report is your strategic resource to of differing time-to-market models to devise a overcoming the challenges to the commercialisation of hMI. win-win scenario if you are a hMi solution provider including: Martin Rosell, Managing Director, Wirelesscar • OEMs • Tiers 2s • Consultants • Tier 1s • System developers • New company entering market in this report you’ll find the latest data, analysis and insights on the hMi industry, including… Robust market forecasts to help you plan expansion receive 25% discouNt Real case studies from the most profitable companies by simply upgrading your telematics Munich Cost-benefit analysis of leading technologies 2010 conference Pass to Platinum! Proven strategies for boosting profits and reducing costs For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date Telematics Munich information visit
  5. 5. agenda day 1: tuesday 3rd November 2010 agenda day 2: 4th November TRACK 2: NAVIGATION, LBS & BEYOND DAY 2 - KEYNOTES Develop Rapid iNdustry Turn-by-Turn Nav Alters Industry Map Enhancements to Aid ADAS leaders Landscape: Compete Now (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) AssistanceSolutions in Free turn-by-turn services have changed We assess what type of ADAS functionality will Line with eCall Requirements the face of navigation; we analyse different evolve from enhanced navigation systems such PSA are rolling out it’s 2nd generation strategies to dominate the market and how to as predictive front lighting to help differentiate pan-European eCall system to provide a build rival solutions. services. fully functional emergency assist solution. `Analyse the pros and cons of turn-by-turn nav Discuss the relevance of map enhancements and ` Incorporate it’s success into your business. vs. alternatives. We explore dynamic mapping, see which OEMs are partnering with whom and ` Understand how to overcome wireless convenience etc. to see which will win out align your strategy accordingly infrastructure barriers imposed by the 112 `Learn how to strike partnerships with OEMs Learn how the latest solutions from map suppliers ` initiative by using alternative strategies such to build embedded navigation systems and will overcome concerns of positional accuracy as TPS eCall to build successful solutions whether there is potential to become the and data relevance to win consumer confidence `Achieve back office interoperability and ‘connected device’ Gauge new cost-effective methods for ` seamless communications between call ` the free navigation game! harness Join incorporating maps with ADAS to define centres and emergency services to develop enhanced mapping and new functionality a compelling business case for integrated the ultimate eCall infrastructure such as ultrasound sensors by incorporating functionality across car lines `Assess how PSAs TPS eCall offering utilises advertising business models to remain Bob Denaro, Vice President ADAS, Navteq embedded SIM technology and hear how profitable the solution can be extended for successful David McClure, Director, sbd NeW consumer adoption ADASIS: Deploying ADAS sessioN Stephan Cayet, Responsible for Technical Services, Applications at Low Price Points Psa Peugeot and citeron Connected Navigation for the ADASIS facilitates the deployment of ADAS Daily Driver applications into current vehicle architectures Innovations to Drive Insurance how to formulate reliable and relevant by sharing a single source of map data, reducing navigation services for the frequent driver development time and implementation costs. Telematics into the Future in order to win approval and develop a loyal Understand the ADASIS ecosystem and roles ` hear how insurers, OEMs, and service ` customer-base. of each architectural component such as the providers are applying innovative programs ` expert tips for integrating dynamic and Get provider, reconstructor, and CAN network to build today to attract more clients, up-sell value- predictive traffic services, weather conditions, effective partnerships added products and services, and be more ETAs, and UGC to differentiate your offering ` how ADASIS can deploy your next ADAS See competitive in the future. application at a low cost to unleash the potential harald Trautsch, Executive Vice President, ` to solve the complexities of two-way how octo telematics in-car connectivity by using smartphones and of new products into the automotive market embedded data modems for off-board and Analyse bandwidth requirements and latencies ` hybrid traffic-enabled solutions for differing road types to understand how Top reasons to exhibit: ADASIS performs in the real world and the 1 `Understand the challenges, unique regional Launching a new product? Book issues, and opportunities for deploying traffic potential impact on your application your prime exhibition space now and enabled solutions on a pan-European basis Julián Requejo, Telematics & Navigation Research, Ford ensure your product gets noticed research & advanced engineering europe from the outset! Dr Thoman Muller, Manager of Navigation and Connected Drive Technologies, bMW group Promote Eco-Navigation just aNNouNced 2 Show and demonstrate your product! Be interactive and create a buzz about your offerings Jorn Watzke, Executive Vice President of within Service Offerings Product Line Management, Navigon Moderator: Dr hans Puvogel, ‘Going Green’ for the sake of having green credentials will not produce fiscal benefits. But a 3 Network and impress! Reach new clients as you exhibit your product to the most influential executives in the General Manager, iNrix europe European telematics space carefully mapped-out eco strategy will help you Call: +44 (0) 207 375 7585 win consumer support and generate extra revenue. Email Asif Naqvi: Analyse consumer opinions to address additional ` benefits of eco-driving such as reducing to reserve your exhibition space NOW! insurance premiums to drive adoption and capture market share Discuss varying options and services such as ` diagnostic route mapping which enable eco- friendly driving to strengthen your appeal to the end user ` at the facts and figures including fuel Look savings acquired by eco-driving and learn how to educate the consumer Follow Telematics Update on at for the latest industry insights and Telematics Munich announcements
  6. 6. agenda day 2: Wednesday 4th November 2010 DAY 2 - KEYNOTES TRACK 1: CONTENT & SERVICES TRACK 3: FUTURE TRENDS & TEChNOLOGY BREAKThROUGhS Leverage Wireless Tech to Optimise Operating Systems (OS) iNdustry iNsight the In-Car Environment Analysed New Research Revealed: Voice Activation Scrutinise new in-vehicle telematics ` ` open is open when it comes to OS. Discuss how Technologies offerings to understand the differing what the OEMs will allow and their platform Identify the strengths and weaknesses of hMI ` value propositions for embedded, requirements for upgradeable apps and services (human-Machine-Interface) to recognise which Bluetooth and tethered solutions to to develop desirable solutions will win more market share and reduce EU driver update products Compare Linux vs. Android and partners vs. OEM ` distraction concerns Identify hMI upgrades and wireless ` controlled apps stores in order to work-out the Discover the latest tech developments such as ` technology requirements for popular integration formula to hook savvy consumers natural speech recognition and how alternative apps such as mobile office and Identify the apps that will become indispensable ` methods such as motion sensors will strengthen streaming media etc. in order to to the auto space. We look at internet radio, your solutions offering sell to ‘Generation Y’ parking solutions, intuitive search options etc. Analyse consumer attitudes towards voice activation ` Analyse connectivity options for ` Markus Muhlbauer, Manager Engineering and Product, and how to drive continued use to maximise increased in-vehicle demands such as google potential for upgrade installation and secondary passenger and rear-seat infotainment to hakan Kostepen, Director, Panasonic revenue generation ensure your wireless strategy provides Mikael Khalifa, Sales Manager, jungo Carla Beccari, Sales Manager, avMap the full service spectrum Cyril Ravier, Automotive Sector Manager, vodafone global enterprise Francesco Lili, Product Research Telematics herbert halamek, Vice President Infotainment & Essential EU Fleet & Asset Management Functions Manager, Fiat research centre Connectivity, continental Update (Speaker TBC) sony ericsson Active fleet systems are set to grow at a rate of 21% Moderator: Paul Burnley, Senior ITS and Evolving Content Integration and Revenue by 2013. Get the latest update on which areas will Telematics Specialist, sbd Generation Models witness maximum growth in order to increase your ` a look at mobile technology evolution such Take market share. Tap into Emerging Markets as GPRS on SMS to fully understand the influence ` up-to-date facts & stats to identify which Get on global telematics service deployments services such as data transfer, web communications The BRIC Nations have witnessed growth highlight benefits of wireless carrier business ` etc. will satisfy complex end-user demands despite the recession. Open-up new revenue streams by tailoring solutions to models such as preventative maintenance and Discuss which technologies will become standard in ` fit international directives OEM incentivised loyalty programs to strike 2010 and beyond, and assess which truck category, transparent alliances i.e heavy, medium and light, will benefit from your `Identify strong emerging markets Discuss the pros and cons of various telematics ` offerings such as Asia’s car2car communication initiatives and map the current models such as the emerging revenue sharing Insights into adoption of alternative powertrain ` telematics presence within each market model that comes from the mobile domain versus concepts like hybrids and electric vehicles into the to build relationships proprietary models commercial vehicle space and also feedback from Remi Demerle, Global Business Development Executive, European fleet owners `Discover current and new legislations telenor Moderator: Mark Licht, President, licht & associates such as CAP 245 in Brazil and the impact this will have on existing solutions to identify the alterations required for each Under the Microscope: eCall’s Ability as a Telematics: A ‘Must Have’ for Connected market Platform for Other Services Electric Vehicles (EVs) `Learn the specific consumer and Analyse the advantages and disadvantages ` EVs are the next game-changer for the auto space. Dig implementation requirements for of utilising eCall technology as a platform for deeper to ascertain how LBS and connected services international telematics markets to complimentary services such as breakdown or eco will transform the electrified vehicle space. create suitable offerings driving for solution efficiency Explore the full spectrum of telematics services ` Tom Metzger, Senior Vice President, General ` to grips with the status of eCall legislation and Get required by EVs , i.e. locating and scheduling Manager Connected Vehicle Services, likely product-based requirements to ascertain charging to minimise ‘range anxiety’ and boost atx group timescales and focus R&D on viable products uptake Discuss eCall-led installation difficulties arising ` ` milestones for telematics roll-out to the EV Meet from physical and tech interaction with the vehicle market to manage time-to-market and ultimately to ExCLUSIVE WORKShOPS to gauge potential for ‘after storage line’ solutions act as a catalyst for mass adoption Pierpaolo Tona, eu commission Discuss the different business models being adopted ` from Jens Ohler, Director Global Telematic and Infotainment by EVSC players, utilities and OEMs and hear about Product Management, the winning partnerships to strike deals accordingly johnson controls automotive electronics Larry haddad, Cross Careline Product Planning and Strategy, Arnaud de Meulemeester, Managing director for European Nissan Operations, atx group Remi Demerle, Global Business Development Executive, Paola Carrea, Director – Telematics & Consumer Electronics, telenor to be aNNouNced sooN Magneti Marelli For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date Telematics Munich information visit
  7. 7. Organised by: All Passes Include: EUROPE’S BIGGEST TELEMATICS BUSINESS EVENT Opening Keynote & Plenary Sessions 3 Focussed Conference Tracks Full Access to Exhibition Floor 8th AnnuAl Networking Coffee and Lunch Breaks tElEMAtICS MunICh 2010 Networking Cocktail Reception Access Online Networking Suite for 2 months Post-Conference Presentation Slides Date & Venue Hotel Discounts Group Discounts We have negotiated Contact the Telematics Update team on (global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 3rd & 4th November 2010 unbeatable hotel room rates (UStf) 1 800 8143 459 x 7585 or at for our delegates. Reservation Hilton Park, Munich and price details will be sent To register Am Tucherpark 7 80538 Fax: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 email: to you when you register. Munich, Germany or contact the team at (global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 (UStf) 1 800 8143 459 x 7585 REGISTER NOW IN 3 EASY STEPS 1. Select Your Registration Package EARLY BIRD PRICE LAST ChANCE STANDARD Pass type Save €200 (Ends 17th Sept) Save €100 (Ends 8th Oct) PRICE Platinum Pass  includes: hMI Technologies Report and Post Conference €2765 €2865 €2965 Media Package (video, audio & interview material) gold Pass  includes: Post Conference Media Package €1695 €1795 €1895 (video, audio & interview material) silver Pass €1595 €1695 €1795 oeM Pass  N.b. reserved for bona fide automotive oeMs only. We hand process registrations so all non-automotive €995 €1095 €1195 oeMs should opt for a silver pass and above. 2. Enter Attendee details Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr: First name: Last name: Company: Position/Title: Telephone: Fax: Email: Address: Zipcode: Country: 3. Payment Options I enclose a cheque/draft for: Credit card number: (Payable to FC Business Intelligence Ltd) Expiry date: Security number: Please invoice my company: Name on card: Purchase Order Number: Signature: Please charge my credit card: Amex Visa Mastercard CALL (global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 More FAx ThIS FORM BACK TO Ways to FAx: or (US tf ) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 +44 (0) 207 375 7576 +44 (0) 207 375 7576 register EMAIL: ONLINE: TERMS & CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before 10th Sept, 2010 incur an to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 10th Sept, 2010 we will be obliged to charge NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT. the full fee. Please note – you must notify Telematics Update in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged Visit for more event information Open Now to view the conference programme and speaker line-up Visit for all the latest announcements
  8. 8. Organised by: EUROPE’S BIGGEST TELEMATICS FOCUSSED B2B EVENT SAVE €200 when you register by 17th Sept: visit 8th AnnuAl tElEMAtICS MunICh 2010 3rd & 4th November 2010, Hilton Munich Park, Munich, Germany Partner and solution strategies: Prepare as Web and app based services get set to dominate Powerful reasons to attend telematics Munich industry buzz about telematics Munich 1 esseNtial iNdustry iNForMatioN aNd aNalysis uNder oNe rooF: Keynote sessions and 3 focussed conference tracks have been devised to answer all of your questions. You’ll learn Great opportunity to get newest “ more in 2 days than from weeks of research. See immediate returns for your business due to those must have industry discussions only available at Telematics Munich. information about telematics and who are the important 2 exPert sPeaKers: senior level innovators and industry analysts have been carefully selected from companies at the forefront of the diverging telematics space. share their vision at Telematics Munich to create strong business models to secure your position in the players in this area. changing market. The TU events have become an 3 uNrivalled NetWorKiNg: claim your seat at the table with all the key industry decision- makers and thought-leaders to ensure you leave Munich with your briefcase full of valuable contacts. Plus benefit from 2 months use of our online networking centre to ensure you “ important spring board and rallying point for automotive industry secure one-to-one meetings with hard-to-reach executives! technology leaders. 4 seNior level decisioN-MaKers iN atteNdaNce: Make face-2-face connections with 450 of the most influential minds across the European and international telematics industry. Excellent opportunity 5 Pick their brains and build partnerships to take your commercial enterprise pan - europe. No sales Pitches! Telematics Munich is an independently researched forum committed to equipping you with the tools and expertise to drive your business forward. Every single “ to see state-of-the-art technologies. presentation is rigorously reviewed to ensure an unrivalled high quality. There is no other conference held in 450+ Attendees NeW & iMProved For 2010! Our Biggest Expo Yet Over 40 of the Best “ Europe where you can meet everyone who matters in the world Telematics Speakers Ever 3 Focussed Tracks 20+ Vital Industry Topics of telematics. 20+ Hours of Superb Networking The telematics update conference coNFereNce 450+ senior level executives come together exhibitioN europe’s most focussed exhibition boasts of “ gave a very valuable understanding of the latest thinking of trends and for exclusive keynote sessions, 3 focussed 25+ exclusive booths, multiple demos and offered great opportunities tracks, and unrivalled networking to engage brand new product launches. connect, for discussions with leaders. in high level business discussions that will set network and learn at the expo floor. the pace for telematics in the future! Media Partners: Open Now to view the full conference programme Visit