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Homeopathy – a gentle way to treat insomnia
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Homeopathy – a gentle way to treat insomnia


An overview of how homeopathy can be used to treat insomnia.

An overview of how homeopathy can be used to treat insomnia.

Published in Health & Medicine , Education
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  • 1. Homeopathy – a GentleWay to Treat Insomnia Dr. Ruth Lever Kidson
  • 2. Advantages of Homeopathy• It has no side effects.• It is holistic - it treats the whole patient.• Whereas orthodox drugs act on the nervous system to induce sleepiness, a homeopathic remedy will work to raise the patient’s level of health so that the body finds it easier to restore itself to normal functioning.
  • 3. The Theory of Homeopathy• “Like cures like” - a substance which will produce certain symptoms if it is taken by a healthy person will cure those same symptoms if they occur as the result of a disease.• “Potentization” - when substances are diluted in a certain way the resultant remedy becomes more effective the more dilute it becomes.• A wide range of potencies is available but high potencies should only be used by qualified homeopaths.
  • 4. Does Homeopathy Work?• Yes! Many more patients respond to homeopathy than can be accounted for by the placebo effect (improvement because the patient believes it will help him - generally said to be around 30 per cent of those treated).• A large number of double blind trials have shown that homeopathy can produce significant benefits.• Homeopathy works well on animals, small children and people in comas, for whom the placebo effect cannot possibly be an influence.
  • 5. Choosing a Remedy• Homeopathy works treats the whole person, so the closer the match between the remedy and the patient’s symptoms, the more likely is the prospect of a cure.• There are many different types of insomnia and many symptoms associated with it. So it is very important to choose the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms.
  • 6. Taking the Remedy• A single tablet should be allowed to dissolve under your tongue at bedtime every night for about a week (unless the homeopath advises otherwise).• If after that a week it hasn’t helped, it should be discontinued because otherwise there is the risk of eventually developing the symptoms associated with that substance (this is known as ‘proving’).
  • 7. A Few of the Remedies Used• Calc. phos. (symptoms include aching joints, tense muscles and difficulty waking up in the morning)• Chamomilla (being kept awake by anger or pain or as a side effect of medication)• Ars. alb. (feeling restless even though exhausted)• Lycopodium (feeling that you haven’t slept at all)• Aconitum apellus (insomnia associated with anxiety or panic attacks or with vivid and frightening dreams)• Lachesis (insomnia occurring around the menopause)• Gelsemium (useful for pregnant women)• Ignatia (insomnia resulting from distress or depression).
  • 8. Therapy vs. Self-Help• Every remedy is associated with a large number of symptoms so, although it is possible to self-treat (particularly as a first aid measure), good results are more likely if a qualified homeopath is consulted.• A qualified homeopath will be able to achieve a much closer match with the remedy(based not just on the current problem but also on past medical history, likes and dislikes, habits and personality).• A qualified homeopath will be able to prescribe higher potencies which may be needed to treat chronic problems.
  • 9. Outcome• It may take a while for the therapy to work but the patient should notice some degree of improvement fairly soon and then just needs to keep taking it until the sleep pattern returns to normal.
  • 10. For more information on complementary,orthodox and self-help methods of treating insomnia read Dr. Ruth Lever Kidson’s book: Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights - available on Amazon as a Kindle download or to download to your computer: