Advanced Relationship Building for Links - Ruth Burr


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SEOmoz Lead SEO Ruth Burr's presentation from the Advanced Relationship Building for Links session at PubCon Las Vegas 2012

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  • None of this strategy is going to work without awesome content. You have to make sure you’re creating stuff that people might actually want to read, share and link to. Try creating different content pieces for different platforms, such as your blog, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • We have a misconception that “content is King” but creating good content isn’t enough to drive traffic – we can’t have an “if you build it, they will come” mentality
  • Of course we want more customers, but when it comes to getting links we also want to target the people our customers follow. Since this strategy is specifically about links, we need to target people who can publish.
  • Use MultiLinks to quickly copy bllogrolls on your target sites into a list of websites in Excel. Then use a PHP scraper to grab Twitter info from the “Contact Us” info on each site. There’s your list of targets!
  • Use the Search Twitter Bios function in Followerwonk to find people who tweet on your topic and in your area. Add “.com” to the URL field to only grab people who have a website listed.
  • You can also use Followerwonk to find people that your targets have in common in terms of who they follow. They’ll probably be good targets, too.
  • Some people are just never going to link to you. Be realistic about it.
  • If you want people to share your content, start by sharing theirs. Sharing is caring.
  • When you share add a complimentary observation – people love to hear how great they are.
  • Search your twitter lists daily for question words. You can answer questions directly or use them as inspiration to create content.
  • If people are asking for a resource, create one – or point them to a good one that someone else has done. You can help people without it all having to be your own stuff.
  • Introduce people to other people you think they’d find interesting/helpful. It makes both parties feel good and seems really altruistic.
  • THEN, once you have the relationships built, let people know when you’ve created content they’d like. Don’t carpet-bomb your lists – just say “hey so and so, I just made x piece of content I think you’d like. Check it out!”
  • Advanced Relationship Building for Links - Ruth Burr

    1. 1. Twitter Friends: Sharing is Caring Presented by: Ruth Burr SEOmoz
    2. 2. Step 1: Awesome Content• Editorial calendar• Target keywords• Mine the zeitgeist• Platform-specific Content is King
    3. 3. This is Not What We’re Building. Image source
    4. 4. Who Do We Need to Reach?• Customers• Potential Customers• People customers follow• Influencers• Publishers
    5. 5. Step 2: Publisher Prospecting Image Source
    6. 6. Find Your Target Sites• Mine competitors’ backlinks – Mine their blogrolls• Mine your own backlinks – Mine their blogrolls• Get everybody’s Twitter handle
    7. 7. Find Their Friends
    8. 8. Be Realistic
    9. 9. Step 3: Communication Station
    10. 10. Tracktacular • Sort targets into private lists – By desired action – By relationship to each other • Track lists in Excel:Handle Name Website Last Contact Result Status@architectgurl Jenny Penny 10/14/12 RT Green m@Jfakerton Jonny Fakerton 10/11/12 None Yellow
    11. 11. Sharesies! Image Source
    12. 12. You’re So Great
    13. 13. Answer a Question• Question words: • “What I’d like to – Who see…” – What • “Why isn’t there…” – Where • “There should be…” – When – Why – How – ?
    14. 14. Let Me Handle That for You I’M HELPING
    15. 15. Haaaave You Met Ted?
    16. 16. Haaaave You Met My Content?
    17. 17. The 15-Minute Solution