Russian Market of Sugar - June 2012

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The article presents the status of the Russian market of sugar as of June 2012. It includes information about the market dynamic, production, imports, exports and consumption of sugar in Russia. For …

The article presents the status of the Russian market of sugar as of June 2012. It includes information about the market dynamic, production, imports, exports and consumption of sugar in Russia. For more information:

Russian Market Report ( is a leading Russian marketing and consultancy company, a well-known provider of consumer, retail, and wholesale market research information for a wide range of industries. For 9 years of service, it has built an image of a loyal partner, a trustworthy source of information, and a specialist in its sphere. It has successfully implemented more than 1,400 research studies for the Russian market (in Russian language) and about 200 in English.

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  • 1. Doing Business in Russia The Russian Market of Sugar – June 2012 Russian Market Report119034 Moscow Russianmarketreport.comBarikovsky lane 4-2, office 201Теl. +7 (495) 988 96 06
  • 2. Contents:1. Purpose of the Report2. Methodology3. Production of Sugar in Russia4. Imports of Sugar in Russia5. Future Imports of Sugar in Russia6. Manufacturers of Sugar on the Russian Market7. Exports of Russian Sugar8. What more you can find in the report9. Our clients10. Contact us Page 2 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 3. 1. Purpose of the ReportThe purpose of this marketing research is to: Describe the situation on the Russian market of sugar; To present actual information about the volumes of production, export, import, consumption, and state of the market; To present the changes that took place in 2011; To build a forecast for the development of the industry in the medium term for the period until 2017. The Russian Market of Sugar Page 3 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 4. 2. Methodology Expert Interviews with top managers, representatives of the largest players on the market; Audit of the retail trade; Analysis of documents, coming from the main market participants; Analysis of statistical information:  The Federal Service of Government Statistics "Rosstat" (Росстат);  Federal Customs Service "VED" (ВЭД);  Ministry of Economic Development;  Ministry of Agriculture;  Federal Tax Service;  Industry associations.The Russian Market of Sugar Page 4 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 5. 3. Production of Sugar inRussia The Russian market of sugar has been pretty unstable for the last few years; Production of refined sugar, for example, in 2006 decreased by 16% (compared to 2005), which was replaced by a sharp increase of 57% in 2007; In 2009, the production fell by 5%, compared to 2008; In 2011, the domestic production had a share of almost 75%; In value terms, the share is a bit lower – 62% of the total market volume.The Russian Market of Sugar Page 5 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 6. 3. Production of Sugar inRussia (cont’d) In total, in 2011 were harvested 7,128.1 tons of sugar, which is an absolute record for a single year; The favorable weather conditions in the summer of 2011 helped reap a record crop of 50.5 million tons of sugar beets, the largest harvest in more than 15 years; The increase in the harvest was also contributed to by the expansion of sown areas; In 2009, the acreage of sugar beets totaled 819 thousand hectares, which jumped to 1,160 thousand hectares in 2010 and 1,289 thousand hectares by 2011; In addition, 18 domestic enterprises introduced new sugar manufacturing capacities in 2011.The Russian Market of Sugar Page 6 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 7. 3. Production of Sugar inRussia (cont’d) The production of sugar in Russia has seasonality - the peak production happens in mid-fall: so, the maximum value of this indicator in 2010 and 2011 in October was 1,055.9 thousand tons and 1,319.3 thousand tons, respectively; The minimum values happen in the first third of the year: in 2010, the least amount of production happened in April – 48.1 thousand tons, while in 2011 – in February – 59.6 thousand tons; Despite the high yields in 2011, the Russian agricultural complex was not able to process all the sugar beet - in fact, about 9% of the crop remained retracted; Moreover, part of the harvested sugar beets was damaged in storage due to an uncommonly warm December in 2011.The Russian Market of Sugar Page 7 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 8. 4. Imports of Sugar in Russia In 2011, Russian sugar producers fell short of meeting domestic demand and the deficit of production was compensated for by imports; In 2011, 82% ofthe total imports inphysical terms belong toBrazil (1.8 mln tons;~ 1,346 mln USD); The second placewas taken by Thailandwith 6% (in physicalterms); Then followedGuatemala (3%), China(2%), and Cuba (2%). Fig.1 Imports of Sugar in Russia in 2011 by importing country, in volume termsThe Russian Market of Sugar Page 8 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 9. 5. Future Imports of Sugar inRussia Forecast for 2012 shows that Russia will need to import more than 1.5 million tons of sugar, down from the 2.3 million tons imported in 2011; According to the main market participants, a significant amount of sugar will come from India, where there is a record harvest of cane, and, correspondingly, the share of Brazil will decline.The Russian Market of Sugar Page 9 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 10. 6. Manufacturers of Sugar onthe Russian Market The largest manufacturers of sugar on the territory of the Russian Federation are agricultural holdings which may include from 3 (GC “SIUKDEN”) to 13 (GC “PRODIMEX”) and more sugar factories; For 2011, the leading groups of companies were “DOMINANT”, “PRODIMEX”, “RUSAGRO”, “RAZGULYAI” and “SIUKDEN”; The main manufacturer of sugar, imported on the Russian market in 2011, was USINA DE ACUCAR SANTA TEREZINHA (13%); Second place belonged to – COOPERATIVA REGIONAL DOS PRODUTORES DE ACUCAR E ALCOOL (9%); They were followed by companies, such as USINA CAETE (4%), COSAN (3%) and MENDO SAMPAIO (2%).The Russian Market of Sugar Page 10 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 11. 7. Exports of Russian Sugar In 2010 Russia produced 4.7 million tons of sugar of all kinds and Russian sugar exports doubled; Among the countries that consume the sugar produced in Russia, the bulk of it goes to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan; Russia imports sugar supplies mainly from Uzbekistan.The Russian Market of Sugar Page 11 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 12. 8. What more you can find The report contains: 117 pages, 29 tables, 61 figures; Analysis and forecast of the market dynamics; Structure of consumption by Federal Districts; Analysis of the domestic production and market shares of the main market participants; Analysis of imports and exports; Analysis of raw materials; Analysis of end users; Analysis of the factors, affecting the development of the market; Forecast of the future of the market; Financial and economic profiles of the main market participants. Page 12 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 13. 9. Our ClientsClient Success Stories Page 13 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 14. 9. Our ClientsClient Success Stories Page 14 Russian Market Report © 2012
  • 15. Contact us:Russian Market Report, a division of IndexBox Marketing LtdBarykovsky per.4, building 2, office 201Moscow 119034, Russia+7 495 988 96 06info@indexbox.ruWWW.RUSSIANMARKETREPORT.COM Page 15 Russian Market Report © 2012