Airport IT&T 2013 Shane Zbrodoff


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Airport IT&T 2013 Shane Zbrodoff

  1. 1. IT Criticality in New Airport Design and Operations – The Swing Gate System Case Study Shane Zbrodoff IT Program Manager, Calgary International Facilities Project Calgary International Airport
  2. 2. Information Technology Services in an Airport are not new….. So what is so evolutionary?
  3. 3. Airport Information Technology is now critical to Airport Building Design & Construction
  4. 4. International Facilities Project Swing Gate Case Study Calgary, Alberta Canada
  5. 5. Key Airport Stats - “Medium” size classification 12 Months Ending August 2013 14M Passengers 142,398 square metres 4 Concourses A, B, C, D ~49 Gates
  6. 6. Why the IFP is needed…
  7. 7. And….
  8. 8. Reserved for existing and new terminal picture
  9. 9. Key IFP Building Stats - Designed: 2008 Five Levels 183,500 square metres Five – 737’s wing tip to wing tip in front hall 22 Aircraft Gates 300 Room Hotel Central Hold Area Commissioned: April 2015 Full Service: October 2015 1.5B CAD
  10. 10. Building Design Principles and Challenges Must: - Increase capacity Meet environmental objectives Keep the footprint small Maintain operational flexibility Provide excellent customer experience Maximize operational capacity Consider costs and revenue Satisfy stakeholders!
  11. 11. Multiple Operational Stakeholders
  12. 12. Operational Information Operational Sectors - Domestic - International - Transborder (to United States) - Pre-Clearance Facility with U.S. Customs on Site Cash and Carry Duty Free Rule: Passengers within sectors cannot blend or co-mingle!
  13. 13. This innovative design resulted in shared hallways, gateways, pathways, areas and doors!
  14. 14. Implementation of Swing Gate Design Planners: Our job is done! Architect: Not an architectural problem – passenger flows complete! Operations: We want minimal costs and little manpower for this!
  15. 15. What do planners, architects and operators do when they have problems? Give the problems to I.T!
  16. 16. IT inherited five major challenges: 1. Leading edge technology versus building design 2. Determine corridor change logic 3. Sector intelligence and data 4. Balance between automation and manual 5. Obtain Stakeholder Sign Off
  17. 17. First Challenge: Leading Edge Technology meets Building Design Building design needs applied technology (Security and Controls)
  18. 18. Coverage Problem? CCTV and Access Control System
  19. 19. Analytics
  20. 20. Architects love open glass – Analytic Cameras do not!!
  21. 21. Challenge two: Corridor change logic - Process and technology model - Stakeholders (airlines, agencies) - Effective but easy to use
  22. 22. (DRAFT)
  23. 23. Touch Screens • Wall Mounted • Strategically located • Simple Feedback • “Okay”, “Configuring” • “Corridor in use” • Screen coordinates / echoes other screens servicing same gate! • Sector “state” fed to central console
  24. 24. Model Creation
  25. 25. Challenge three: Sector Intelligence and Data - Problem: Sector knowledge and timing - REAL TIME Fix: Tie into AODB / Gate Planning and Active Management Tool
  26. 26. Key Technology
  27. 27. Related risk: Terminal Renumbering and Available Data
  28. 28. Challenge four: Degree of Automation / “IRROP” Balance of Automation and Manual Processes Technology breaks - Cameras fail - Door Motors Fail Solution: Contingency / Continuity Plans developed Operations run late! Don’t want doors to swing in middle of boarding or deplaning! Solution: Airline process finalizing flight
  29. 29. Challenge five: External Stakeholder sign off Working committee Development of custom elements - Custom Console Presentations
  30. 30. Lab & Demo
  31. 31. Summary Report Card: Leading edge technology versus building design Determine corridor change logic Sector intelligence and data Balance between automation and manual Obtain Stakeholder Sign Off
  32. 32. Thank you! Contact: Shane Zbrodoff International Facilities Project, IT Program Manager Calgary Airport Email: Email2: