Airport IT&T 2013 Shane Zbrodoff
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Airport IT&T 2013 Shane Zbrodoff






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Airport IT&T 2013 Shane Zbrodoff Airport IT&T 2013 Shane Zbrodoff Presentation Transcript

  • IT Criticality in New Airport Design and Operations – The Swing Gate System Case Study Shane Zbrodoff IT Program Manager, Calgary International Facilities Project Calgary International Airport
  • Information Technology Services in an Airport are not new….. So what is so evolutionary?
  • Airport Information Technology is now critical to Airport Building Design & Construction
  • International Facilities Project Swing Gate Case Study Calgary, Alberta Canada
  • Key Airport Stats - “Medium” size classification 12 Months Ending August 2013 14M Passengers 142,398 square metres 4 Concourses A, B, C, D ~49 Gates
  • Why the IFP is needed…
  • And….
  • Reserved for existing and new terminal picture
  • Key IFP Building Stats - Designed: 2008 Five Levels 183,500 square metres Five – 737’s wing tip to wing tip in front hall 22 Aircraft Gates 300 Room Hotel Central Hold Area Commissioned: April 2015 Full Service: October 2015 1.5B CAD
  • Building Design Principles and Challenges Must: - Increase capacity Meet environmental objectives Keep the footprint small Maintain operational flexibility Provide excellent customer experience Maximize operational capacity Consider costs and revenue Satisfy stakeholders!
  • Multiple Operational Stakeholders
  • Operational Information Operational Sectors - Domestic - International - Transborder (to United States) - Pre-Clearance Facility with U.S. Customs on Site Cash and Carry Duty Free Rule: Passengers within sectors cannot blend or co-mingle!
  • This innovative design resulted in shared hallways, gateways, pathways, areas and doors!
  • Implementation of Swing Gate Design Planners: Our job is done! Architect: Not an architectural problem – passenger flows complete! Operations: We want minimal costs and little manpower for this!
  • What do planners, architects and operators do when they have problems? Give the problems to I.T!
  • IT inherited five major challenges: 1. Leading edge technology versus building design 2. Determine corridor change logic 3. Sector intelligence and data 4. Balance between automation and manual 5. Obtain Stakeholder Sign Off
  • First Challenge: Leading Edge Technology meets Building Design Building design needs applied technology (Security and Controls)
  • Coverage Problem? CCTV and Access Control System
  • Analytics
  • Architects love open glass – Analytic Cameras do not!!
  • Challenge two: Corridor change logic - Process and technology model - Stakeholders (airlines, agencies) - Effective but easy to use
  • (DRAFT)
  • Touch Screens • Wall Mounted • Strategically located • Simple Feedback • “Okay”, “Configuring” • “Corridor in use” • Screen coordinates / echoes other screens servicing same gate! • Sector “state” fed to central console
  • Model Creation
  • Challenge three: Sector Intelligence and Data - Problem: Sector knowledge and timing - REAL TIME Fix: Tie into AODB / Gate Planning and Active Management Tool
  • Key Technology
  • Related risk: Terminal Renumbering and Available Data
  • Challenge four: Degree of Automation / “IRROP” Balance of Automation and Manual Processes Technology breaks - Cameras fail - Door Motors Fail Solution: Contingency / Continuity Plans developed Operations run late! Don’t want doors to swing in middle of boarding or deplaning! Solution: Airline process finalizing flight
  • Challenge five: External Stakeholder sign off Working committee Development of custom elements - Custom Console Presentations
  • Lab & Demo
  • Summary Report Card: Leading edge technology versus building design Determine corridor change logic Sector intelligence and data Balance between automation and manual Obtain Stakeholder Sign Off
  • Thank you! Contact: Shane Zbrodoff International Facilities Project, IT Program Manager Calgary Airport Email: Email2: