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RTPI 2013 Phil Young

  1. 1. Meeting & Exceeding Customers’ Digital Expectations for Real-Time Phil Young Head of Online Transport for London
  3. 3. Digital strategy putting customers first Customer needs, staff needs two sides of the same coin Mobile the great disruptor Open data for transparency, innovation and economic benefit Integrated experiences making it easy for customers The end goal where this all leads Overview 3
  4. 4. Context • The digital world is changing, customer expectations are rising for realtime passenger information • As transport providers we have fallen behind customer expectations • We have focussed on delivering services and not always considered the customer who moves between our services • We have not always delivered for customers • We have lacked Digital Strategies which tackle this problem effectively
  5. 5. What our customers want What we stand for Customer Experience • Reliable services and information available allowing for a smooth journey • Consistent delivery day-to-day and across all areas • Personalised service delivered to each individual customer to attend to their specific needs • Safe, secure and accessible Value for Money • Get the service they pay for: – Either services live up to their cost/fare-value – Or feel what they pay is being invested in improving their future journeys • Confidence in ticketing/fare system (Oyster accuracy and ‘fair’ fare increases) Progress & Innovation • Believe TfL is continuously innovating, investing and working to improve their journeys and to make their lives easier; and making progress Trust Trust us based on: • Good customer experiences, value for money and our investment in improvements & innovations to help them • Belief in what TfL does and stands for, and a feeling that TfL lives up to this • Strong ‘offer’ that they can buy into • One-stop-shop for travel in London • Care - about them, heritage & future of London, our reputation; and proactive transparent communication 5 “Every journey matters”
  6. 6. This is about our whole organisation 6
  7. 7. A ‘connected’ business Our customers want information delivered in ways that suit them. This drives how we: • do business and how our customers do business with us • work, collaborate, harness and share knowledge internally to support our customer strategy • deliver the experience that our customers expect • deliver savings and efficiencies • help preserve transport investment and improvements in our services in a difficult economic climate • improve our reputation Customer and staff digital experiences as good as the best retail and service companies 7
  8. 8. SOME INSIGHTS Putting some numbers on the dizzying disruptions in the consumer landscape. 8
  9. 9. London is changing Londoners use the internet. It is seen as being ubiquitous and expected to be available. of Londoners use TfL’s website. use the internet for maps or directions. GROWING GROWING 9
  10. 10. Our customers are going mobile of Londoners own a smart phone. of Londoners use the internet on their mobile every day. use TfL’s site via a mobile. of Londoners use apps. growth in tablet use of adults now use one. HUGE GROWING 10
  11. 11. And becoming more social of Londoners use of social media 83% of these use Facebook 18 – 24 year-olds spend on average on social networks 30% of these use Twitter GROWING 11
  12. 12. TfL is changing Our staff must be equipped to deliver excellent customer service. During the London Games, our staff were equipped with mobile devices. 2,350 iPads 850 iPhones We are entering the next phase of mobility with demand for 200 mobile apps for thousands of staff 12
  14. 14. What customers demand Delivering ‘Every Journey Matters’ through digital Customers and stakeholders can easily find the people they need to help them Tasks are made simpler, to save customers time TfL as a single, integrated authority is mirrored in the tools and services customers use A personalised service with easy access to ‘my TfL’ – organised for them. Only login once ‘Any place, any device’ access to all the tools and services customers need Leads to Customer experience reflects Every Journey Matters Structured information is easy to find and controlled so we always get the right version Customers mostly self- serve Staff can fix customer problems easily 14
  15. 15. What our staff need Helping staff deliver Every Journey Matters through digital Staff can find the people they need to work with and share anything they need to be more productive Tasks are made simpler and more consistent so we can get more done TfL as a single, integrated authority is mirrored in the tools and services staff use A personalised workspace with easy access to everything staff need ‘Any place, any device’ access to all the tools and services staff need Leads to Staff are enabled to deliver ‘Every Journey Matters’ Structured information is easy to find and controlled so we always get the right version Staff can fix customer problems easily 15
  16. 16. Six overlapping themes 1. Web – mobile, tablet and desktop World-class digital services for customers, fully integrated across all devices and services. Digital information displays and kiosks. 3. Employee digital tools Staff digital services and tools integrated across all devices. Mobile digital transforms how staff deliver services more effectively, benefitting customers. 2. Open data and Apps Free and open data is the default. Proactively work with developers. Apps developed by the market. Apps developed by TfL only where market cannot deliver business objectives or required security. 6. Digital Marketing Digital channels fully integrated with traditional media wherever relevant to the target audience. 4. Social Multi-way engagement for service information, customer service and marketing, using relevant ‘off site’ communities where necessary. ‘Social business’ to realise benefits of internal networking across TfL. 5. Value for Money Simplified, integrated sites and services avoiding duplication across: development, hosting, content management, analytics, security. Revenue generated from digital advertising, partnership, sponsorships. 16
  17. 17. The transformation journey • Fixed locations • Fewer devices • Rarely changing needs • Individually served • Paper or phone based • One size fits all • Highly mobile • Multiple devices • Rapidly changing needs • Self service for customers • Digital based • Personalised and localised To Staff From Customers • Fixed locations, desk bound • Desktop devices • Rarely changing needs • Individually serving customers • Paper based • One size fits all • Highly mobile • Multiple devices • Rapidly changing needs • Self served • Digital based • Personalised and localised 17
  18. 18. Responding to the challenge •Thinking ‘user centred’ – Get insight, prepare concepts and propostitions, validate with customers before you spend •Involve customers – use beta sites, feedback, blogging, social and all forms of available engagement to gain buy-in •Investing in digital – While some fixed and printed assets will always be required, personal digital is the future and requires investment •Developing agility – In the new world cycles are days, weeks and months – not years •Building ‘mobile first’ – mobile is and will increasingly be the dominant device. Ignore it and become irrelevent •Open data can help – leverage developer community and focus on core assets
  19. 19. THANK YOU 19
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