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RTPI 2013 Julie Williams

  1. 1. STREAM A Julie Williams Chief Executive Traveline Information Limited (TIL) Open Data Futures: A Traveline Perspective
  2. 2. Open Data Futures: A Traveline Perspective Julie Williams Chief Executive, Traveline Information Limited
  3. 3. Traveline Information Limited (TIL) Open Data: The Traveline Perspective Objectives: To promote public transport passenger growth and enable the delivery of high quality mobility information across a mix of channels in a way that represents best value to our stakeholders. Values: Customer service Respect for Stakeholder views Value for money Not for profit but trading to cover costs Innovation Accessibility of information Open data and collaborative working Sustainability Efficiency
  4. 4. Traveline is Changing Open Data: The Traveline Perspective New TIL Board : ALBUM Mark Fowles (Chair) PTEG John Henkel ATCO Andrew Varley Department for Transport Nick Illsley CPT Steven Salmon ATOC Chris Scoggins, NRE Passenger Focus David Sidebottom First Group Nick Vane Stagecoach Bob Montgomery Arriva Kevin Hawkins Go Ahead Martin Dean TIL Julie Williams (Chief Executive)
  5. 5. TIL Channels Open Data: The Traveline Perspective National Channels • 0871 200 22 33 call plan • 84268 SMS service • NextBuses.mobi • NextBuses API • Traveline National Dataset (TNDS) • Data provider to Transport Direct Regional Traveline branded Channels • Regional journey planners • Call centres delivering on 0871 200 22 33 • Data creation / data build
  6. 6. Channel Usage (excludes Transport Direct) Open Data: The Traveline Perspective Channel Annual Usage Unit Charge to User Net Cost to TIL Calls 1.9 million Single call, one or many journey enquiries 10 ppm -£400,000 SMS 2 million Single text, single stop enquiry Free or 25p -£36,000 Web 39 million Single timetable or journey plan enquiries, multiple enquiries per visitor Free 0 .mobi 4.7 million Single stop enquiry Free £3,500 API 30 million Single stop enquiry Free to a limit £26,000 TNDS 400 users Free £15,000
  7. 7. TIL Open Data Channels: NextBuses API Open Data: The Traveline Perspective • 3 million + enquiries per month, showing a 25% growth year on year • Connections to 45 third party systems ; 35 real time and 10 scheduled data • Delivers blended scheduled and live departures from stop for the whole UK • Output via a single API using siri sm format • Live since 2009 but with restricted third party use until April 2012 when it became open data • Released under Open Government License, free to user for 90% of users • High volume users charged at cost over a free to user limit
  8. 8. TIL Open Data Channels: Traveline National Dataset Open Data: The Traveline Perspective • Beta TNDS produced in house in 2011 to prove technical feasibility • Funding approved and 5 year contract let in autumn 2011 • All stops and routes for all VOSA registered public transport services in the UK • Announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2011, with the NextBuses API and Rail data, as one of the three government Open Data releases for April 2012 • Delivered on time and to budget in April 2012 • Weekly datasets from 12 regions in TransXchange (TXC) 2.1 format • Imported into one national database • Quality checking and reporting • Weekly output of single national dataset in a single TXC 2.1 format
  9. 9. TIL Open Data Applications Open Data: The Traveline Perspective • Integration into existing travel applications: Traveline regions, PTEs, National Express, Google, Nokia… • New applications: Web services and apps; First Group, Bus Checker, Bus Scout, Moovit… • Accessibility studies : Local Transport Authorities and DfT • Travel planning: Batch journey planning and personalised journey plans; NHS, Job Centre… • Local area and national applications
  10. 10. Open Data Applications: Bus Checker Open Data: The Traveline Perspective
  11. 11. Open Data Applications: Bus Checker Open Data: The Traveline Perspective
  12. 12. Benefits to TIL of making data Open Open Data: The Traveline Perspective • Third parties have developed applications that we would never have thought of • Third parties have developed applications we didn’t know that our customers wanted • Third parties have developed applications that we couldn’t afford to procure ourselves • Improvements to our data quality; crowd sourcing of quality checking • A better understanding of the demand for our data and our customers’ needs (Open Data and Traveline services respectively) • A better understanding of what services can be made available commercially, and equally importantly, those which can’t and need to be funded to ensure inclusion and accessibility
  13. 13. Open Data Integration: Challenges Open Data: The Traveline Perspective TIL faced several issues when integrating multiple data feeds into a single national standard feed/dataset. The following are key, and will apply equally to the use of Open Data by our [industry wide] customers: • System capacity – load and response time (API) • Frequency of Update (API and TNDS) • Non –standard feed formats (API and TNDS) • Different interpretations of standard protocols, eg. TransXchange (TNDS) • Non-standard referencing; operator names, service numbers, stopping points (API and TNDS) • Data complexity (TNDS) • Data quality; how to report problems, see progress, and achieve a fix (API and TNDS) • Change – in IP address, feed format, data content, frequency of update….(API and TNDS)
  14. 14. TIL Management of multiple source data Open Data: The Traveline Perspective • Supporting common stop referencing - National Public Transport Access Nodes database (NaPTAN) • Creating a National Operator Code database, and encouraging its integration into source systems • Managing developer and end user feedback and comments • Data quality reporting and error chasing with source data and/or systems suppliers • Collaborating with other users on the advancement and improvement of national data standards and guidance • Auditing data source for elements that could improve the TIL Open Data offer • Listening to our customers
  15. 15. TIL Futures Open Data: The Traveline Perspective The TIL Board is setting out its 5 year Technology Strategy which, working closely with key stakeholders and the DfT, is likely to include the implementation during 2014 and 2015 of: • A Traveline branded national journey planning web service, with API • A UK wide database of fares for simple day out ticket types • Simplification and further standardisation of the public transport data supply chains, specifically bus and other modes registered with VOSA • More frequent updates to TNDS • TNDS in GTFS format • Extended management function to include regional Traveline services as required • More and better engagement with customers • Development of social media channels • Better integration of accessibility and service disruption data
  16. 16. Any Questions? Open Data: The Traveline Perspective Julie Williams Chief Executive Traveline Information Limited Julie.williams@traveline.info 07973 788398