Airport IT&T 2013 Panel Discussion

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  • 1. Panel Discussion: The Role of Technology in Increasing Operational Efficiency and Reducing Operating Costs Moderator by: Dr John McCarthy, Cyber Research Fellow, Cranfield University UK Defence Academy & Vice President of Cyber Security, ServiceTec Global Services Panellists Include: Antoine Rostworowski, Director, Industry Relations, Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) Dr Dominic Walker, Product Manager, Northrop Grumman Airport Systems Dominic Nessi, Deputy Director & Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group Doug Wilson, Account Manager, Convergint
  • 2. Dom Nessi Deputy Director/Chief Information Officer Los Angeles World Airports AIRPORT IT&T 2013 Copenhagen Airport o Denmark
  • 3. LAX’s New Bradley Terminal “a personalized air travel process in which the traveler has control is crucial to the enhanced passenger experience of the future.”
  • 4. Social Media Technology Greater Demand More Stress convergence
  • 5. Ticketing Common Use Kiosks Baggage Check-in Flight Information Display Boarding gates Information kiosks Traditional Airport Systems
  • 6. Hi-speed networks Wi-Fi Cell coverage Mobile devices Infrastructure Systems
  • 7. Near-field communication Digital activation Wallet on a phone Device tracking Augmented reality Internet of Everything (IoE) Digital Kitchen New Technologies
  • 8. Blending the traditional passenger systems with new technology Improving the experience by reducing stress Reducing stress by putting the passenger more in control Integrating the passenger experience with the systems
  • 9. Interactivity between the passenger and the systems Remove the one direction approach to passenger information Moment Factory The LAX Approach
  • 10. Building new alliances between:  Airport  Airlines  Advertising/Media operator  Concessionaires  Wi-Fi and communication providers The LAX Approach
  • 11. Wi-Fi – robust bandwidth Plentiful electrical outlets Strong cell coverage Ample telecom closets and data connection Fiber, fiber and more fiber Infrastructure needed
  • 12. Interactive media features at LAX Putting the control in the passengers hands and giving them an experience to remember Moment Factory
  • 13. Branding the Most Misunderstood City in the World By Digital Kitchen  Travelers don’t seek spectacles from facilities but are very open to surprise and delight  Visions created in Barcelona, Bangkok and Seoul  Travelers observe the world not in discrete scenes but in surreal remixes of experiences, memories and poetic personal interpretations  The BUILDING IS THE BRAND The LAX Approach
  • 14. Branding the Most Misunderstood City in the World By Digital Kitchen  With the multi-screen storyboard feature, several scenes can play out at once in nonlinear form, creating a dream-like experience that captures the magic and memory of world travel The LAX Approach
  • 15. Branding the Most Misunderstood City in the World By Digital Kitchen  The Destination Board features custom animated brand sequences for each destination city and generative art created from real flight data using our SITA AODB The LAX Approach
  • 16. By Digital Kitchen
  • 17. • Blending flight information with the terminal journey • Integrating flight information, concessions, traversing security • Increasing passenger convenience and shopping and dining opportunities • Adding value to the passenger experience Moment Factory
  • 18. • • • • Traversing customs from the Aircraft to the custom hall Monitoring cell device movement through Wi-Fi Using Video Analytics to find bottlenecks Managing flow through use of flight information and passenger counts • Provides wait times to passengers
  • 19. Concessions • • • • • Efficient routing of foot traffic Coupons and sales sent to mobile devices Immediate purchasing through digital wallet Automatic shipping to home or destination Connected to mobile devices
  • 20. Dining • • • • • Efficient routing of foot traffic Coupons and sales sent to mobile devices Ordering in advance To go packaged for the trip Connected to mobile devices
  • 21. Moment Factory Digital Kitchen
  • 22. The LAWA Process – Moment Factory
  • 23.  FIDS on your mobile device – no worrying about getting the correct information  Personal way-finding plus wait times  Enhanced location features for dining and shopping  Communication from curbside to boarding for personal and business use and  Taking the content with you Digital Kitchen The future …is now
  • 24. Custom airport app        Flight information Download media and art content Wayfinding Linked to Airline loyalty programs Linked to airport loyalty programs Wait times in security Concession location  Coupons  Paying  Delivery options  Dining locations  Ordering  Paying  Delivery options  Ticketing  Baggage Information The mobile device
  • 25. Digital Kitchen From welcoming the passenger…
  • 26. Moment Factory … adding to their relaxation while waiting …
  • 27. Moment Factory … through the journey down the concourse …
  • 28. … to saying Good-Bye Digital Kitchen
  • 29. Questions
  • 30. Thank You THE IEMS TEAM:
  • 31. Moment Factory