South East Europe Rail conference - Norman Frisch


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South East Europe Rail conference - Norman Frisch

  1. 1. How GSM-R becomes an integral part of afuture proof rail telecom infrastructure
  2. 2. 1R&D centerHuawei HeadquartersTechnical support centerAccounting share centerSupply center & HubTraining centerBiding center (Planning) 150,000+ employees worldwide 14 regional HQ, 140+ branch offices 23 R&D centers, 45 training centersGlobal Presence• A FORTUNE 500 Company• One of the 5 most innovative companies in the World by FastCompany*• “Corporate use of innovation” by Economist• "Green base station innovation“ awards with Vodafone, BT andTalkTalk by Global Telecoms BusinessAwards and HonorsHuawei: A Global Company with local presenceArgentinaMauritiusMalaysiaRomaniaChinaIndiaHungaryBrazilMexicoHollandUAEBahrainGermany* The Top 5 innovative companies in the world by Fast Company: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and Huawei
  3. 3. 217 years in railway…11 years in GSM-R2000 2004 2008 2012 20161996widest in-houseportfolio in railsectorStartHuawei delivers first railwaysolutions• C&C08 ,Lanxin railway Line•Transmission Zhegan railwayGrowHuawei concentrated onrailway private communicationsolution•1st GSM-R line in operation•Transmission Breakthrough ofChina railway Backbone and HSL•1st Softswitch R4 IP coreAscendComprehensive Service for railway ICT• 1st GSM-R with CTCS3 (ETCS2) inoperation (Guang-Shen-Gang)•1st LTE for Rail project ShuoHuang rail• Award of Sochi line (ETCS L2) in Russia•Contract awards TCDD and Turkmenistan•Contracted GSM-R (ETCS L2) in UAE•CCTV, Call Center …• Product Launch GSM-R / LTE multimode• First GSM-R contract in Southern Africa• Total of 13.000km of GSM-R awardedStart GSM-RportfolioEnters globalrailway market200220092010Wireless Broadbandfor Rail launch
  4. 4. 3Future of railway industry - embracing the digital ageOperation communication Reliable design for dispatchcommunication and traincontrol Platformed, flexible wirelessnetwork for interoperabilityand sustainabilityPassenger service Multi-service network forconverged data, voice,and video Train-to-groundbroadband for on-boardservicesSecurity surveillance Flexible access to network fordifferent location Intelligent monitoring platformfor video surveillance,management, and storage
  5. 5. 4Functional Requirements from Railway OperatorsOperational Voice & DataTrain Control PIS & Video surveillanceBroadband and high performance networks improve operational safety, efficiency andpassenger satisfaction.Travel update to passengers• Guidance, transfers, tickets…Entertainment• Weather, TV, AdvertainmentVideo Surveillance• Real-time CCTV to and from thetrainTrain control• Improved operational safety• Improves operational throughput• Reduced headways• Improved energy efficiency• Reliable wireless datatransmission, end-to-end QoSguaranteeCommand & Dispatch:• Efficient operationalcommunication• Railway defined voice functions• Priority and pre-emptionmanagement• Robust infrastructure with nosingle point of failureOnboard ServiceOnboard business• Data/VoIP meeting, e-mailOnboard entertainment• Internet access, multi-mediabrowseBYOD support• Bring Your Own Device
  6. 6. 5Huawei Intelligent Railway SolutionsCoordinationCoordinate WorkOperation & Public CommsAFC PISTransportation ManagementGSM-R & Dispatching Security SurveillanceDispatching CenterBackhaulSurveillance CenterIntegratedService CenterCall Center/Message/PortalAFC Center PIS CenterMetroSwitch CenterMobilePhoneDigitalStationSolutionVehicle-GroundCommunicationIntelligentTrainSolutionStation SurveillanceBackboneTicketingSystemServiceCenterStationPISTelephone OAConferenceDispatchingStationApplicationCenterLANWIFIEquipmentSurveillanceOnboard ServiceMobile PaymentOnboardSurveillanceOnboard ATIOnboard Unit AP
  7. 7. 6Sustainability rail is all about integrated communicationBrain of the intelligent rail (Data Center), Cloud ComputingPredictive analytic toolsAsset Management:Passenger reservation systemsPassenger Information SystemsCCTV with analytical toolsCommunication network connecting: Internet & “Internet ofThings”M2M terminals/gateways :Command CentreTraffic ManagementAsset AssignmentsEmergency command center (ECC) …..Sensing activities for Rail transportSmellFive senses - Sensing layerNeural network - Network layerBrain - Platform layerBehavior - business applicationVision Hearing Touch TasteInternet of ThingsInternetCommunication networkInformationconvergenceApplicationconvergenceInformationprocessingIntelligentanalysisNerve ending of the SMART Rail: sensor network, ETCS, Balises, CCTV, Passenger Counting…1) EnviroDomemonochrome or colour for wallmountingAutoDome kit including:Colour Camera 470 TVL with Digital Zoom 6,25xand wall mount bracket 230VAC/mounting plateWhite housing/Clear bubble ENVC230WAutoDome kit including :Monochrome Camera 550 TVLand wall mount bracket 230VAC/mounting plateWhite housing/Clear bubble ENVM230W
  8. 8. 7WirelesseCNS 300(MSC+MGW+HLR)SGSN9810GGSN9811BBU3900(DBS3900)RRU3004(DBS3900)BTS3012AE(outdoor)BTS3012(indoor)R660 R960CN RAN HandsetNetworkAC6605 AP6310OSN7500/3500/1500/550 OSN8800/1800 RTN 910/950 NE40E-X8/3 S5700/3700/2700AR 3200/2200/1100MSTP WDM MW Router Switch WLANRailway Portfolio – expansive product span and depthITTecal RH1285/2285 Tecal E6000ServerCCE USG 2000/5500 SNV 2000/5000SecurityStorageCCSUC&CeSpaceSoft terminaleSpaceIP phoneVideo conferenceUnified communicationIPCVS-IPC-H12PEncoder DVS/DVRTP3118VS-DC-D24F/H21FeSpaceIPC5701-PVS-EC-D24R/H29RS2200T S2600/5500TContact centerUAP 3300/2100EnergySite power UPS Data center power systemHybrid powerUPS2000 UPS 5000 UPS 8000TP48200A IDS1000TP48300/A PowerCube S/D/G IDS2000 V2/3BSC60001stPanoramicTelepresenceKeyperformanceIndex NO.1Market sharesranking No. 2Performanceof NASIndex NO.1Market sharesranking No. 3IndustryFirstDual-modeMarket sharesranking No. 1Industry FirstgeographicredundancyIndustry FirstfrequencysharingKeyperformanceIndex NO.113 KeyperformanceIndex NO.115 KeyperformanceIndex NO.1
  9. 9. 8Fast track your business with Huawei Railway SolutionHuawei OperationalcommunicationSolution1Huawei SecurityVideo SurveillanceSolution2Huawei Digitaltrain Solution3HuaweiPassenger ServiceSolution4Network InfrastructureIP NetworkTransmission NetworkNetwork InfrastructureUnified Communication& Collaboration Cloud-based IT infrastructureGSM-RLTEUCVC/TPCloud CCIVSVDI1.38 laps around the world and going forth at full speed!Data CenterServer StorageMobileSecurityxDCSecurityData LossPreventionNetworkSecurity
  10. 10. 9Huawei Smart Railway Solution Serves TCDDTurkish State RailwaysTürkiye CumhuriyetiDevlet DemiryollarıEskisehir – Kütahya – Afyon – BalikesirAnkara – EskisehirPehlivanköy- Uzunköprü-Border From 2009 to 2023, Turkish RailwayAdministration plans to newly construct orupgrade 20,000 km railwayTCDD: Turkish State Railways is Bridgebetween Europe and Asia, owns andoperate public railways in TurkeyOur solution Full end-to-end GSM-R solution including BSS, dispatch systems,voice recording systems and cab radio equipment to coverEskisehir – Kütahya – Afyon – Balikesir; Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) solution consisting of cameras,servers, data storage devices, analytical video processing tools forAnkara – Eskisehir; Reliable DWDM transmission network for Ankara – Eskisehir line; SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) transmission systems onPehlivanköy- Pythion and Ankara-Sincan line .Benefits High Reliable ETCS L2 train control system; Realizing the first Intelligent VideoSurveillance in Turkey’s high speed railway. reliable DWDM/SDH transmission networkto support the high bandwidth requiredbusiness.
  11. 11. 10LTE for Rail builds on mature GSM-R functions and experienceLTE inherits operational voice and data functions from GSM-R•MSC Server•MGW•IWF•ATCA HLR•ATCA SGSN•PGP GGSN•CS Core andVoIP (LTE)•ATCA HLR•HSS•MME•S/P-GW•G/L BTS•Co-Module•GSM-R BSC•GSM-R BTS•GSM-R BSC•BTS(eNB)•VoIP (LTE)•HSS•MME•S/P-GWOnly GSM-RGSM-R/LTECoexistWe are here! Natural EvolutionBeforeLTE for Rail
  12. 12. 11How to achieve long term stability of portfolioShared Platform & Chipsets / own manufacturing into chip levelUnified Communications& Collaboration VC/TPCloud CC IVS VDIEnterprise NetworkInfrastructure IP Network Transmission Network Wireless NetworkCloud-basedGreen Data Center Server StorageEnterprise InformationSecurity Mobile SecurityxDC Security Network Security Data Loss PreventionGovernment &Public Sector Energy & Electric Power Transportation Finance SMBCorporateUCData Center NetworkUnifiedManagementEnergy
  13. 13. 12Voice Trunking Capability perfectly fixed Railway businessOpen & extensible interface, without 3GPP standard modification.Push To Talk over LTEAdvanced Features All GSM-R voice functions are inherited, more enhanced features. PTT application based on smart terminal system (as Android). LTE module can be integrated into Cab Radio.VGCS/VBSPriority CallDynamicgroupLDA location baseddispatchingFA function baseddispatchingRailwayEmergency CallAccess MatrixGroup user IDTerminalswith PTTbuttonCab radiointegrated LTEmoduleIPPTT ServerDispatcherIP IPExternal networkEPCeNode B
  14. 14. 13 QoS with different priority, satisfy different transmission requirements. Flexible parameters configuration to ensure stable transmission of critical data.QoSTTI DL GBRUL MBRQCIDefaultbearDL MBRUL GBRARPLevel 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5Train ControlDataVoiceDispatchingRemote VideoOther Businessbased on TCP/IPReal-timeapplicationMultiple-level QoS to Guarantee Real Time Data Service
  15. 15. 14Shuohuang Heavy load Railway - World’s 1st LTE for RailwayOverview: Shenhua was ranked 293rd on the Fortune Global 500, 2011, own 1500kmShuohuang Railway for coal transportationChallenges: 250 million tons of the coal reserved need to be transported to outside each year,require to increase transportation capacity train control, train dispatching, and video surveillance in one networkSolution: 1.8GHz TDD LTE, DL 14.4Mbps, UL 3.6Mbps @ 5 MHz Broadband, low latency for multi-locomotive synchronization control toimprove transportation efficiency Full redundancy ensure higher reliability Real-time video surveillance to ensure higher safetyBenefits: Improve Transportation capacity from 100 to 350 million tons per year Bring 900M USD profit per year for Shenhua Railway.World’s firstLTE for RailMulti-Locomotivesfor heavy loadFull Redundancysolution
  16. 16. Copyright©2012 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.The information in this document may contain predictive statements including, without limitation, statements regarding the future financial and operating results, future productportfolio, new technology, etc. There are a number of factors that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the predictivestatements. Therefore, such information is provided for reference purpose only and constitutes neither an offer nor an acceptance. Huawei may change the information at any timewithout notice.HUAWEI ENTERPRISE ICT SOLUTIONS A BETTER WAYNorman FRISCHBusiness Development Rail Solutionsn.frisch@huawei.combe smart
  17. 17. 16Overview Link the biggest cities of South Africa: Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng 1200km of track with 120km/h design speed, ETCS L2 Replacement of MTP1327(analog system) construction 15 years agoChallenge Long distance coverage, geography redundancy Interoperability requirements for long term phased roll-outHuawei Solutions Most reliable solution with both Core and Access fully redundant Distributed infrastructure across Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng for geographicredundancyBenefits First ETCS L2 line in Africa to increase line capacity Connects 3 main cities of South Africa: Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng withreduced journey timesSouth Africa PRASA – First ETCS2 Line in AfricaAfrican First ETCS2 lineConnect to 3 differentSignaling systemE2E fullRedundancy
  18. 18. 1718,731 km – World’s longest DWDM of railwayRussian Railways TTC Patented SuperWDM solution for theworld’s longest DWDM of railway 10 hops without regenerationextending to 1,000 kilometers, withthe longest section reaching 1,700kilometers Reduced construction cost by 30% Russian railways owned TransTeleCom’s DWDM construction 18,713 km in total, linking Europe and east Asia