Geotab Go5 Fleet Management


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Geotab Go5 Fleet Management

  1. 1. 5 ™ advanced telematics platform w w w . g e o t a b . c o . z aMember of The Gerber Goldschmidt Group
  2. 2. w w w . g e o t a b . c o . z a GEOTAB Geotab™ was formed in 1998 and has been primarily involved in the Fleet Management industry since then. A member of the Gerber Goldschmidt Group of companies we are financially stable and enjoy a reputation of being the supplier of choice with a number of global corporates. Geotab™ has local representation in some 32 countries including; North America, Australia and various countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. As our products have been met favourably around the world we continue to expand our international footprint. With over 350, 000 vehicles monitored by Geotab™ we are recognised as being an established force in our industry. Corporate offices are located in Johannesburg, Toronto, Cape Town and Durban. Authorised distributors, dealers and fitment centres continue to be established to facilitate our rapid growth. With the advent of GO4™, GO5™, GO Recover™ and Mobile Witness™, Geotab™ has been able to expand our area of focus to include the measurement of Driver Behaviour alongside our legendary Fleet Management. You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure With an enviable reputation for both the accuracy of data, and virtually unbreak- able hardware, Geotab™ has become one of the leading providers of electronic fleet management worldwide. Our success can be attributed to an obsession-like commitment to quality. We pride ourselves in the quality of our device installations. Ongoing development of hardware is strictly controlled ensuring that in-vehicle failure remains well below 1% of installed units [calculated cumulatively since inception in 1998]. Our mantra: You can’t manage what you don’t measure sums up our attitude to Fleet Management.s tat i c a n d m o b i l e a s s e t m a n a g e m e n t
  3. 3. ™ GO5™ GO5™ is a sophisticated plug-and-play telematics device that caters for exact trip and driver behaviour monitoring as well as detailed accident reconstruction. Geotab™ offers a unique feature – the ability to supply a focused, state of the art telematics device that does not require splicing into, or cutting of the vehicle’s wiring loom.TRIP & ACTIVITYOur legendary Trip & Activity data ismanaged by X-Act™, our patentedpositioning technology. This technol-ogy, developed by Geotab™, allows for DRIVER BEHAVIOURpeace of mind when it counts. The dataavailable in Checkmate™ is irrefutablein nature and has stood up in Courts of Driver Behaviour is quickly becoming ENGINE MANAGEMENTLaw on numerous occasions. the new standard in Fleet Manage- ment. GO5™ measures driving habitsIn our opinion it all comes down to using a sophisticated 3-axis acceler- All our Fleet Management hardwareaccuracy. With trip data accurate in ometer, in this way movements in the platforms can read engine data directlyexcess of 99.9% of the actual distance X, Y & Z axis are used to determine the from the host vehicle’s on-board diag-travelled [measured independently] G-forces exerted on the vehicle, high- nostic computer [OBD], this is protocolwe believe we can honestly say that lighting harsh driving habits. dependent.all our hardware platforms stand in aclass of their own. As all three axes are measured, Each time the vehicle ignition is Checkmate™ reports on Harsh Accel- switched off the vehicle offers dataIn brief, X-Act™ is a complicated eration & Harsh Deceleration [X-Axis], from the OBD which is read by GO5™algorithm that is both reactive and Dangerous Lane Changing [Y-Axis] as and transmitted prior to initialization ofpredictive in nature. As the vehicle well as Severe Vertical movements the shutdown phase of GO5™.moves, constantly changing parame- [Z-Axis].ters within the algorithm are breached,creating accurate log points as thevehicle moves. GO5™ does not support external auxiliary devices and consequently does not come equipped with Driver Identification. GO5™ is designed for fleets where there is a single vehicle – single driver configuration. The Checkmate™ User interface
  4. 4. w w w . g e o t a b . c o . z a CHECKMATE™ The software suite of choice From the simple, yet vitally important trips and activity of your vehicles, through the more complex measurement of driver behaviour, predictive engine manage- ment and essential accident data management, Checkmate™ handles the data in a seamless, easy-to-manage method. Our logic is simple and even the most challenged computer operator quickly learns their way around Checkmate™. Risk Management Reports and Driver Ratings Driver risk management reports and tools are available within Checkmate™, our proprietary software suite. The reports illustrate a complete view of a driver’s profile, and drivers are assigned a score based on their driving habits. This caters for a fully automated process that identifies risky drivers; the reports include top speeds, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, sharp turns and more. The Checkmate™ Risk Management Reports and Driver Ratings Dangerous Lane Changes and Braking State-of-the-art built in accelerometers in GO5™ ensures exact g-force monitoring that allows for the monitoring of Driver Behaviour, with a twist – a built in buzzer alerts the driver to infractions, allowing for the driver to actively adjust their driving habits as they drive! Identifying aggressive on-road behaviour which is often evident in dangerous, sharp lane changes and harsh braking, will help you profile hazardous driving hab- its, allowing for training and coaching that will minimize the risk of collisions and accidents before they occur. Putting a stop to poor driving behaviour will help you achieve safety with your drivers, and other vehicles on the road.For more detailed information about Geotab Products This brochure is printed on FSC certified paper. All logos are Copyright © of there respective companies. please scan the QR Code above
  5. 5. Comprehensive mapping options - OpenStreet, Bing, Bing Hybrid and Google Street ViewAccident Recording and Instant NotificationsIf an accident occurs, be one of the first to know and take timely action steps.With Geotab’s unique algorithm, you will receive a detailed view of the last 100minutes, broken down into second-by-second detail of the event. This will help youunderstand what lead up to the accident, and allow for accident reconstruction.Additionally, if a vehicle is hit while parked, it would prove no-fault on the driver.If a collision should occur GO5™ will automatically download accident data, insecond-by-second resolution, allowing for a full and comprehensive investigationto be carried out by the relevant personnel in your companybureau serviceGeotab™ offers a fully supported bureau service to assist clients in managing theirfleet management solution. Initial setup includes the definition of all customer-identified parameters for the vehicles under our control and requires closeinteraction between Geotab™ and our customer.Custom-tailored reports are e-mailed daily, weekly or monthly, guaranteeingconstant accurate and uncorrupted management data. s tat i c a n d m o b i l e a s s e t m a n a g e m e n t
  6. 6. s tat i c a n d m o b i l e a s s e t m a n a g e m e n t GEOTAB (Pty) LtdBlock 12, Thornhill Office Park, 94 Bekker Road, Midrand Switchboard +27 (0) 11 564 5400 0861 GEOTAB After Hours +27 (0) 83 389 1403 w w w . g e o t a b . c o . z a