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Brand Presentation on Nirula's

  1. 1. Ecstasywelcomes “Uncle Foodie”
  2. 2. I am not satisfied… I love to eat, eat &There is something still eat… I am crazy for missing. Give me food!!! But… more…
  3. 3. Welcomes you all to Brand Fest
  4. 4. Food & Beverage Industry• Remains under constant pressure to meet the changing demands of today’s consumer• Need to ensure quality and compliance• Keep pace with product lines
  5. 5. Food & Beverage Industry• Challenges such as – aging workforce – line optimization – supply chain management – Fulfilling the need for proficient maintenance and operational personnel
  6. 6. Food & Beverage Industry• Nirula’s –9% market share
  7. 7. About the Company• Navis capital bought Nirula’s from its founders for Rs 90 crore in 2006• Facility upgradation• Total investment of 50 crore on modernization
  8. 8. The Game Plan• Increase employee engagement• Increase profitability in a structured and sustainable manner
  9. 9. Execution• New pay-for-performance components at all supervisory levels in the organization.• Salary reviews for all employees were based on a Balance Score Card performance evaluation process• New reward program named ‘Thoda Action Ho jaye’
  10. 10. Execution• Delivery Order call centre• Team of internal auditors created to assess performance, report non- conformance and highlight opportunities for improvement• POS (Point of Sale) system• Currently ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  11. 11. Mission Statement To give joyful moments togenerations through delicious and affordable, Indian andInternational choices in fun-filled and friendly environment byinnovative and passionate people
  12. 12. Vision Statement To improve the quality of life ofour workforce, their families, our local community and society at large
  13. 13. Goals• Responsibility & ownership• Belonging and caring• Passion to excel and advance• Customer centricity• Integrity and fairness
  14. 14. Present Strategy Relishing food the Indian way…• Message : Its desilicious• Promotions - Radio, Print, POPs• Promote new stuff more like Thali & Kebab• Spicier tadhka bites from Nirulas by April, 2011
  15. 15. Target Audience Sec A & A+, 25 – 40 yrs, Men & Women• 25 yr old single man• Modern in his outlook but a desi heart• First job• Often eats out with friends & family• Always seeks something different• But quick & tasty• Loves the ambience of international chains but craves for the desi taste
  16. 16. Consumer Concerns One man two sides
  17. 17. …“I am today’s king, value my time or go away”“ I want my tummy to be full, without getting bankrupt”
  18. 18. … “I have an appetite for faces that smile”“Wahin quality jab kam daam pe miley, to koi yeh kyun le… woh na le!!!”
  19. 19. Brand Trends India’s pioneering quick serve restaurantCatering to Indian palate for 75 years Market Share : Ξ 9% Diverse range of menu
  20. 20. Environment Variables• Government – Quality norms – PFA – Provision of Food Adulteration – Taxation effects
  21. 21. …• Technology – More Energy efficient – ‘Thorning Process’ to meet standards – Machine Oriented – Man Oriented
  22. 22. …• Economic Trends – Growing disposable income of individuals of 25yrs – Higher spending power – “Value for money”
  23. 23. …• Socio-Cultural Trends – More Outgoing – Likes spending time with near & dear – Health & Hygiene conscious
  24. 24. …• Ecological Trends – Rising concern for Environment – Eco friendly approach for waste disposal
  25. 25. Product : Different Levels• Core benefit – Hunger Solution• Basic – Choices (desi + western)• Augmented – Good taste• Expected– Quality & hygiene• Potential – Frozen food
  26. 26. Product Lines Family Style Restaurant sPastry HotelsShops Nirula’s Ice Cream Potpourri Kiosks Pegasus Bar
  27. 27. • Pricing –Fair price –Wide range• Factors affecting Pricing –Technology –R&D –Transportation
  28. 28. • Place –Delhi / NCR, Panipat, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Meerut and Pathankot –Malls, transit locations, highways and large commercial complexes making the brand more accessible for consumers
  29. 29. • Promotion – Complementary b’day gifts – Ice Cream of the month – Nirula’s Coke Combo khao, daredevils ke saath Bali jao• People – Address orders as quickly as possible – Proper Uniforms
  30. 30. • Physical Evidence –Décor is simple –Cleanliness is maintained• Process –Food processing process visible to customers
  31. 31. Positioning
  32. 32. Competitive Environment Target Insight Benefits Values &Discriminator Essence Personality Reasons to believe
  33. 33. Competitive Environment• All quick service restaurants, cafes and traditional Indian snack/mithai shops• Mostly in self service segment• Offering home delivery
  34. 34. Target Group TG• Brand : Young adult in his mid 20’s• Creative : – 25 yr old single man, modern yet traditional at heart – Eats out with family & friends – Loves ambience & International taste but craves for desi taste
  35. 35. Insight“I love the desi taste, because nothing tastes better”
  36. 36. Benefits• Biggest quick service menu in town• Taste of North Indian kitchen• Quality of products at affordable prices• Including al time favorites such as HCF
  37. 37. Values & Personality• Values –Tradition, trust, time honored, quality, inclusive, affordable• Personality –Modern desi, young, contemporary, friendly, extrovert
  38. 38. Reasons to believe• India’s pioneering quick service restaurant• Range of Indian snacks & meals• Internal quick serve items with a difference• Displaying understanding of contemporary India & Indians• Catering to Indian palate
  39. 39. Discriminator• Understands the Internal taste and offers Indian & International food items
  40. 40. Brand EssenceRelishing food the Indian way
  41. 41. Positioning• Initially – based on choice• Now – based on taste & consistency USP - “Its desilicious ”
  42. 42. PLC
  43. 43. Brand Analysis
  44. 44. Strengths– Very old name in hospitality industry– One of the biggest quick service menu in town– Quality products at affordable prices– Strong presence in Northern India, especially NCR region– Caters to the needs of many– Ambience– Hygiene– Tie ups & CSR
  45. 45. Weaknesses– Undefined product positioning– Unable to target the customer well– Limited promotion– Ambitious Expansion– Names like Potpourri, Pegasus alienates– No Brand Association– Dissatisfied home delivery
  46. 46. Opportunities–Increase in consumer purchasing power–Exploring markets in Haryana, Punjab, and North East–Increasing need for good quality food
  47. 47. Threats– Entry of multinational & local players in the market– Wide range of Competitors– Aggressive players in different segments– Competitor known for his “specialty”– Consumer inclination not easy to change
  48. 48. Competition Analysis
  49. 49. • Major Competitors – Haldirams – Bikanerwala • Minor Competitors – McD – CCD – Dominos – Barista – Gianis – Nathu’s – B&R – Local Restaurants – Home Cooked food
  50. 50. Competitive Mapping Specialist • McDonalds •Pizza Hut •Dominos • CCD •Subway •BaristaLocal International • Nathu’s • Nirula’s • Bikanerwala • Haldiram’s Variety
  51. 51. Positioning Map High Food Quality • McD • Haldirams • Pizza Hut • Nirula’s • BikanerwalaLow Variety High Variety Low Food Quality
  52. 52. Quick food • McD • Nirula’s • B&R • HaldiramsIndian choices International choices • Pizza Hut • Dominos Slow
  53. 53. Family restaurant • Haldirams • Nirula’sLimited Variety Good Variety •Pizza Hut • McD •Dominos • B&R Hangout
  54. 54. Major Competitor Analysis
  55. 55. Strengths–High Brand awareness–High quality image–Good taste–High Market Share–Packed and cooked food
  56. 56. Weaknesses–Seen only as Family restaurant–Limitation of non-vegetarian food–Failed healthy menu/ low fat products–Less promotional offers–High Price
  57. 57. Opportunities–People preferring more Indian food–Increased spending power
  58. 58. Threats–Increased Competition from various Industries–Health Conscious Consumer Trend–Value-Conscious Consumer Trend–Price War Business Practices
  59. 59. Positioning Required Customer perception - Nirula’s offer a choice of Indianand western food, with a unique desi taste “Its desilicious” Customer Perception – Nirula’s specialist in junk food, taste is satisfactory
  60. 60. The Gap Brand desiredpositioning doesn’tmeet the Customer Perception
  61. 61. How to goabout it ?
  62. 62. Research & Insights• Focused Group discussions• 15 respondents• Age – 18–40 yrs• SEC A
  63. 63. Insights Insights• Lack of Customer Loyalty• Ice Creams-the main charm of Nirula’s• Miss desi taste in other food joints i.e. can’t consume that on regular basis• Health conscious consumer trend• Value conscious consumer trend
  64. 64. Marketing Marketing Problem Problem• Lack of “Customer Loyalty”• Considered as a family restaurant only• People still unaware of the Menu options
  65. 65. Marketing Marketing objective Objective• Increase market share in Delhi/NCR• Influencing new users• Building loyalty of present users• Increasing Awareness
  66. 66. Communication Objective• Create emotional connect via desi food• Promote Specialties
  67. 67. Strategy Promotion
  68. 68. Internal Areas• Problem Area – Consistency• Solution – Work Upon it• Result – Increased Customer Loyalty
  69. 69. “Customer s & Locations should go hand in hand”Strategic Locations – Malls,Amusement Parks & Colleges Major TG Minor TG
  70. 70. Colleges Amity International IIPM IIT Delhi IIFT Affluent StudentsN’s - Meets their StandardsWant for Indian - desi food
  71. 71. Malls Select City Walk Sahara Mall TDI, Rajouri Garden Centre Stage Mall Shipra MallTo target Family & Youth
  72. 72. Amusement Park -Adventure Island -World of WondersTo target Family & kids
  73. 73. Tie Ups with Offices for in-delivery parcels Videocon Tower Promotion Schemes Office People
  74. 74. Promotion“Its good to have many things, but it is important to promote the specialty”
  75. 75. Radio & Print Ads• Promote HCF so that it develops a brand association • Working on Communication StrategyBonding HCF with people over times
  76. 76. Budget• Radio Channels• Radio Mirchi Rs.1,20,000 Red FM Rs. 1,44,000 Newspapers HT City Rs. 50,00,000 Delhi Times Rs. 56,00,000
  77. 77. Internet Why ? Target office going youth - Create HCF Community- Uncle N’s Game - Suggestion Earn Points, get discounts
  78. 78. Advertorials• Highlighting Nirula’s burger as low fat junk & desi food as ‘healthy and diet food’
  79. 79. Outdoor Ads• Creatives –HCF –Its desilicious• Place –IGI Airport, Saket, Def Col, South Ex, North Campus, Rajouri Garden
  80. 80. Outdoor Ads• Delhi Metros –Hand rests present throughout the Metros –Elevators
  81. 81. BudgetLocation CostIGI Airport Rs. 5,00,000Saket Rs.4,00,000Defence Colony Rs.4,50,000South Extension Rs.8,00,000North Campus Rs.4,00,000Rajouri Garden Rs.4,00,000Delhi Metro Rs.1,50,000
  82. 82. Event 1 • Places - Malls Only • Contest - “Foodilicious by Heart” • Central Idea – Indians are foodie by heart & Nirula’s caters to all • Award – 50% Off on menu thrice a month for the familyObjective – Promote Nirula’s specialties Familiarize the tagline
  83. 83. Event 2 “happy times with Nirula’s” “Hottie-licious + Heart-ilicious”• Places - Malls• For Couples• Ask unexpected questions related to partner’s food habits• Award – One free Date at Nirula’s
  84. 84. Uncle N • Promoting Brand symbol • Sole attracter • Outside every Nirula’s outletObjective – Attract Children
  85. 85. Telephone Marketing Personalized messages Regular Through Customers DatabasesObjective – Inform about discounts Increase Awareness
  86. 86. Total Budget Medium Cost Incurred• Radio Rs.2,64,000 Newspaper Rs. 1,06,00,000 Outdoor Rs. 87,50,000 Total Rs.1,96,14,000 Savings: Rs. 3,86,000
  87. 87. Uncle Foodie has now goneHavent u???? foodie-licious & crazy-licious
  88. 88. Sandeep Nagarke Madhulika AtriPriyanka Gandhi