Ruma Market Insight Introduction


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Ruma Market Insight Introduction

  1. 1. RUMA MARKET INSIGHTIntroduction to RUMA Market Insight 2013 PT Rekan Usaha Mikro Anda (RUMA)
  2. 2. Agenda2  About Ruma  RUMA Market Insight
  3. 3. This is where many of your consumers shop for groceries..3..but connecting to these shops hastraditionally been a challenge
  4. 4. RUMA builds a network of shops and connects them with large companies4 RUMA builds a network of ..equip and empower ..and connect them with small shop owners.. them with technology.. large companies Telcos Technology Solutions Payments & Financial Services FMCGs
  5. 5. RUMA NetworkRUMA empowers a network of 4,000+traditional warungs with technologicalsolutions to provide value-addedpayment and information servicesalongside fast moving consumer 5goods
  6. 6. We have grown rapidly..6 Agent Recruitment History # of Active Agents 3,831 3,715 3,339 2,823 2,714 2,415 2,216 1,908 1,704 1,756 1,598 1,646 1,569 1,619 1,491 1,491 1,399 1,408 1,404 1,265 1,297 1,277 945 766 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 Active Agents: Agents that had conducted transactions in last month
  7. 7. ..and have big aspirations7 • Expansion to be done by replicating core functions in current HQ to Zones 5 • Each zone manages 25 branches Zones • Each zone would be situated nearby a big city • Each branch has 1 branch head, 5 DMs and 5 Field Officers Ruma 157 Branches • Five branches can cover a small city and its suburbs • Responsible for recruiting, servicing, and 751 Dealer collecting from dealers Managers and • Typically college graduates who are trained in RUMAs management trainee program Field Officers • Each are paired with Field Officer who services the agents • Each have 10-20 agents 8,852 Dealers Partners • Responsible for collecting from agents • Often provides term of payment to agent • Bigger shops or distributors 201,509 Agents • Each shop can cover an area with over 200 households
  8. 8. RUMA has assembled top-caliber leadership and team from reputed institutions8 Leadership Aldi Haryo- Ben Elberger Aussie Haryono Salma Desenta pratomo Bus. Market Insight Transaction Svc. CEO Development  BCG  Kiva  BCG  BCG  Kiva  Stanford Univ.  Columbia Univ.  IBM  Harvard Bus.  ITB School Team  Kiva  Stanford University
  9. 9. We’ve gained recognition in international and national forums (1)9 1st Prize at Harvard’s Pitch for Runner Up at Global Social Venture Change – Social Enterprise Award Competition World Economic Forum’s Ernst & Young – Indonesia Endeavour Globakl Young Global Leader Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist High Impact Entrepreneur
  10. 10. We’ve gained recognition in international andnational forums (2)Coverage by Straits Times & Coverage by Warta Ekonomi Coverage by Majalah SWA Jakarta Globe
  11. 11. Agenda11  About Ruma  RUMA Market Insight
  12. 12. RUMA is uniquely positioned to address Marketing / Sales questions for Bottom-of-Pyramid segment12 We have direct access to our Advanced survey technology Primary Research + Strategy network of trad shops for speed & accuracy Capability  Direct experience & operations  Proprietary survey tool using  Experienced cross-disciplinary in distribution & sales in BOP tablet team • Via our airtime & • Developed with Grameen • Background from top transaction business Foundation & Qualcomm global strategy consulting, market research and FMCG  Pre-existing relationships and  Quicker & accurate result access to trad retailers through electronic capture  Primary research capability • Thousands of RU agents • Embedded QC & logic • Robust design, field and millions of their check deployment and QC customers • No need for data entry • Enables rapid pulse check  Strategic perspective & high through trad retailers quality deliverables • On par with global consultancy firms • Yet, far less costly
  13. 13. We have direct access to our network of trad shops13 Rapid Deployment In-Time, Insightful Results Example result from Internal Study on beverage retail Among RU w/ warung, 72% have fridge Only 8% has only box cooler 5 72% of warung has fridge 100% 100 90 19% 80 70 60 53% 50 Fridge more common with larger warung 40 But sizeable number of smaller warung also has fridge 30 20% 8% 20 6 RUMA can immediately call up 5000+ shops 10 0 No Cooler Box cooler Fridge cooler Both Total # of warung owner’s cooler ownership by income within Ruma’s network (only) (only) 25% 51% 24%Indication that warungs are migrating from 100% 8% non-electricCooler No cooler 15% 20% 6% Box Cooler Source: RUMA’s RU who have warung (n size: 329) 42% 10% Fridge Cooler Trusted relationship with Ruma 8% Both Geographically spread; penetrate deep to 5% 67% 54% 53% 39% kampung / villages Rapid & reliable way to gather information 14% 20% 19% 19% Empowering micro-entrepreneurs to improve <200k 200-500k >500k Total Warung Daily Sales Source: RUMA’s RU who have warung (n size: 329) livelihood via survey
  14. 14. We leverage advanced mobile technology14 • Video & GPS Capability • Embedded into tablet survey tool • Especially useful for ads testing • More Accurate and Faster • Survey app automatically validates answers • Completed forms immediately sent to server • Reduce data entry needs • Proprietary Technology • Survey forms will be deployed using Android tablets • Ruma & Grameen Foundation USA’s proprietary survey technology
  15. 15. We will help you address your Marketing & Sales questions to the Bottom-of-Pyramid15 We specialize in Bottom-of-Pyramid segment We can help you address various marketing & sales questions New product development Post launch monitoring Ongoing Product Diagnostic • Product testing • Brand awareness / top of mind / trial / •Brand penetration • Price sensitivity testing regular use •Share of wallet/warung • Response to product design / • Recognition, recall, and reaction to •Usage and behavior (in category or features advertisement campaign with product) • Importance of various product • Brand perception assessment •Competitive usage/comparisons features • Customer responsiveness •Consumer demographics • Identifying product strength & • Product & promo material availability •Association of attributes with brands weakness • Sources of information •Brand perception testing (e.g., word • Point-of-sale behavior associations)
  16. 16. We also provide real-time & granular competitive BI report for Telcos16 • Real market share across all operators collected via wide-raching pulsa distribution network • Drill-down regional breakdown to kabupaten and kecamatan level • Real-time tracking of market share trends; enables insight to be acquired rapidly Rich, actionable insight to drive strategic and tactical decision making Actual Data of reload sales of RUMA agents Coverage Area includes: Jabodetabek, Serang / Cilegon, Cirebon
  17. 17. We bring you the best team with strong experience in consulting and market research17  Aldi Haryopratomo, CEO / Co-Founder of Ruma Aldi is co-founder and CEO of Ruma, Bottom-Of Pyramid expert at the Boston Consulting Group. Extensive microfinance experience in SE Asia. Technical advisor to Tsunami Reconstruction Body in Aceh. Southeast Asian Microfinance Partnerships Coord. for (2006-2007). Senior Consultant for Ernst and Young (2004-2006). MBA from Harvard Business School (2009-2011) and BS in Computer Engineering from Purdue Univ. (2000-2004)  Ben Elberger, GM of Business Development Ben brings microfinance and business dev. expertise as one of early employees at Kiva, a leading global microfinance lender. Director for Strategic Initiatives (mobile/ICT, higher education lending, agriculture) at (2011). Regional Director for Anglophone Africa and South Asia at (2006-2010). Stanford University Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy.  Aussie Haryono, Head of Market Insight Aussie had extensive business dev and management consulting experience in strategy, marketing, sales, and operations for telco and FMCG clients. Prior to Ruma, Aussie was VP Bus. Dev. at PT Amstelco Energy & Resources (2012), Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group (2008-2012), and Analyst at Argus Information & Advisory Services (2006-2007). Aussie holds a MA in Statistics from Columbia Univ. (2007-2008) and BA in Mathematics-Economics & Psychology from Wesleyan Univ. (2002-2006).  Tita Ardiati , Research Manager – Market Insight Tita brings statistical and market research expertise across multiple sectors. She was previously Sr. Statistician on Nielsen’s SE Asia & Greater China Regional Measurement Science Team and Nielsen’s Consumer Panel Service & Customized Research Service Team. Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Universitas Padjajaran  Stevenlie Satryaputra, Research Manager – Market Insight Stevenlie brings strategy consulting and operations experience in retail / FMCG sector. He was previously Jr. Associate at The Boston Consulting Group, and Customer Team Finance Manager at Procter & Gamble Indonesia. World Champion of Danone Trust Business Competition. Bachelor in Economics & Business, Universitas Indonesia
  18. 18. 18 Thank You
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