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    Yourspeechistoxic Yourspeechistoxic Presentation Transcript

    • Y o rs ui sp ee ch t o x icFlickr: Strep72 by Chiara Ojeda
    • Communication is a universal human trait. Flickr: Elsie esq.
    • Everyone communicates.Flickr: ohhector
    • Verbally VerballyFlickr: Tayrawr Fortune
    • Flickr: Shandi-lee non-verbally
    • Flickr: qthomasbower Visually
    • MusicallyFlickr: oldschoolrocker
    • Flickr: star5112 Gustatorily
    • Kinesthetically Flickr: andriux-uk
    • Yup. we’ve communicated...Pretty much since the dawn of time. Flickr: The Adventurous Eye
    • Yet, communication is also one of the most poorly cultivated human traits.Flickr: tanakawho
    • The single biggest problem in communication...Flickr: j / f / photos
    • ...is the illusion that it has taken place. (George Bernard Shaw)Flickr: Joaquin Villaverde Photography
    • s ay s”, y o n e unicator! Ev rreat comm eg “I a maFlickr: Stefan
    • Flickr: ~Oryctes~ But, take it from me. most of us are not*.
    • *Note: Unlike the average presenter, clowns are actually great communicators!Flickr: ~Oryctes~
    • They engage &move others. Flickr: YOGURINHA BOROVA
    • They areaudience-centered. Flickr: YOGURINHA BOROVA
    • They ar e risk-t akers. Flickr: Tati Fontes
    • According to Nancy Duarte,86.1%believe that of executives surveyedstrong communicationdirectly impacts their success. Flickr: the|G|™
    • Yet, only 25.2% practice for more than2 hoursfor a “high-stakes” presentation. Flickr: the|G|™
    • We have created a Communication drought.Flickr: foshydog
    • How do we cultivate great Communication?Photo © 2011 J. Ronald Lee
    • ALL First, learn that communication is “high stakes”. (Nancy Duarte, slide:ology)Flickr: mike r baker
    • Communicate as if every Susan NYC kevin dooleyConversation MeetingPresentation Class jurvetson Sterling College is high stakes.
    • Five tips for` communication growth
    • tphets Wonderlane1. Understand your audience BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
    • tphets Wonderlaneadapt to audience feedback. BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
    • tphets Wonderlaneemotion moves audiences to action. BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
    • tphets Wonderlanewithout an audience, there is no resonance. BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
    • tphets WonderlaneBe selfless, not selfish. BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
    • Flickr: Hryck.2. Vision trumps all other senses Flickr: Angelo González
    • bullets kill.(So do clip art, Comic Sans, and the fire animation.) Flickr: Hryck.
    • Pair one image with one clear idea. Flickr: Angelo GonzálezHelp your audience retain more information longer.
    • Compfight and Flickr Are your friends. Flickr: J D Hanco ckChoose Creative Commons; show attribution.
    • Brandon Christopher Warren anyones ghost3. prepare and practice
    • Devote sufficient time to communication.Flickr: Brandon Christopher Warren
    • 36-90 hours for aanalyze generate ideas & storyboard Designaudience research ideas visuals Donnay Andrea Collet Anant N S WA State Library 1 hour presentation with 30 slides. (Nancy Duarte, Slide:ology)
    • Don’t wingyour speech.EVER!(Being unprepared leads to presentation anxiety) Flickr: anyones ghost
    • Practice like TEDsters do. jurvetsonThe shorter the talk, the longer the rehearsal time. (Nancy Duarte, Duarte Blog)
    • 4. Empathize with your audience. Flickr: Juliana Coutinho Flickr: Verano y mil tormentas. Flickr: Verano y mil tormentas. Flickr: Pink Sherbet Photography Flickr: Sebastiaan ter Burg Flickr: cinnamon_girL
    • Your audience is a friend, not a rival. Flickr: Juliana Coutinho
    • [W]e must realize that we are alldifferent in the way we perceive the world Flickr: Verano y mil tormentas.
    • and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. (Tony Robbins)Flickr: Verano y mil tormentas.
    • Focus on making a difference for others. Flickr: Pink Sherbet Photography
    • Sir Ken Robinson, “Schools Kill Creativity” One empathetic talk = 13.4 million viewersFlickr: Sebastiaan ter Burg
    • Don’t give a presentation you Wouldn’t want to sit through. (Nancy Duarte, Slide:ology)Flickr: cinnamon_girL
    • 5. continuously grow your skills.Flickr: Zach Klein
    • pamhule Johan Larsson katerharead subscribe followNote: this is only a small sampling of resources!
    • read A new way to present
    • read Content & Delivery
    • read Visual design
    • subscribe Phil Presents & Ethos3 Blog
    • subscribe Six Minutes & Creating Communication
    • FollowEmpowered Presentations & Slides that Rock
    • Follow JesseDee & Emiland
    • Follow David Crandall & Mars Dorian
    • It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives,Flickr: zachstern
    • but the one most responsive to change. (Charles Darwin)Flickr: zachstern
    • Flickr: JD HancockTweak yourspeech &change the world.chiara.ojeda@gmail.com@The_Bombadier on Twitterhttp://tweakyourslides.wordpress.com