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Massive Action Plan pdfs.

Massive Action Plan pdfs.

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  • 1. Massive Action Plan!Confidential and Proprietary | Page
  • 2. Solavei Is Simple 1   Connect 2   Prepare 3   ShareConfidential and Proprietary | Page 2
  • 3. 1   Connect Within  your  first  12  hours,   First 12 hours plug  into  a  team  call/webinar     and  learn  from  the  pros.   YOU Start Date ____/____/____ ID# _________________ User Name ___________________________ Direct Sponsor: Ph. Team Leader: SOLAVEI Social Media Member Support Websites 1-866-SOLAVEI Live Chat THE NETWORK (See time postings at Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 9:00am PST FAQ Call 6:00pm PST 6:00pm PST 6:00pm PST Team Huddle Solavei Spotlight Training Webinar Interview WebinarConfidential and Proprietary | Page
  • 4. 2 Prepare Want  to  build  with  MASSIVE   First 24 hours action?    Get  12  people  and     help  them  get  12  people,  too!   MAKE YOUR LIST 1. _____________________________________ 7. _______________________________________ 2. _____________________________________ 8. _______________________________________ 3. _____________________________________ 9. _______________________________________ 4. _____________________________________ 10. _______________________________________ 5. _____________________________________ 11. _______________________________________ 6. _____________________________________ 12. _______________________________________ LEARN THE BASICS …..Solavei 101 Trio = SET YOUR GOALS …What would an extra $1000/month mean to you? 1st 7-Days 1st 30-Days 1st 90-Days GET A TRIO GET YOUR FAB THOUSANDAIRE ☐1st FAB ($50) 1.  ____________ ☐2nd FAB ($100) ☐ 6 Personal NetworkTrios 
 2.  ____________ ☐3rd FAB ($200) ☐ 20 Overall Network Trios 3.  ____________ ☐4th FAB ($300) 
 ☐Got it! $650 
 ☐Got it!Confidential and Proprietary | Page ☐Got it!
  • 5. 3 Share By  now,  you  may  have  received   First 48 hours Your  phone  or  SIM  card.    Be  sure     to  ACTIVATE  your  SIM   and  join  a  TRIO.   INVITE • Contact your list and set a time to follow up. • Load your list into Outreach Manager (email) • Choose a video and send FOLLOW UP “What did you like most about what you saw?” • Track your list (Contact Tracker) • Choose another follow-up tool, if necessary • Continue to do this till they are ready to enroll ENROLL ( • Check coverage (use full address) • Choose a device or SIM Card • Become a memberConfidential and Proprietary | Page
  • 6. Ready…Set…   Trio!   This Solavei, LLC Presentation (this “Summary”) is the confidential information of Solavei, LLC, a Delaware corporation (“Solavei”). By accepting a copy of this Summary the recipient agrees (1) to hold this presentation and all information set forth in this Summary strictly confidential; (2) not to copy or disclose this Summary or any information set forth in this Summary to any third party without the prior written consent of Solavei; and (3) to return to Solavei this Summary and all copies, if any, in the recipient’s possession promptly upon the request of Solavei. The following are trademarks of Solavei: Solavei, the “Powered by Relationships” tagline, and the Solavei logo. All discussion of earnings potential is for illustrative purposes only and cannot be relied upon. Any ability to generate revenue isConfidential and Proprietary | Page 6 100% based on your own skills, abilities, and efforts.
  • 7. Name Phone Email Video 1 Video 2 ResultConfidential and Proprietary | Page 7
  • 8. Name Phone Email Video 1 Video 2 ResultConfidential and Proprietary | Page 8
  • 9. Massive Action Plan!