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  1. 1. Celebrate Summer: Plan An Outdoor Pig Roast For Your Next Event The summer weather is fast approaching, bringing with it ample opportunity to get outside and celebrate. Whether you're planning a major corporate gathering or an intimate soiree with an inner circle of friends, the warmer temperatures not only offer the chance for extensive physical and social activities, they also ring in the time honored tradition of outdoor barbecues. While there's nothing wrong with standard barbecue faire at everyday gatherings, certain events warrant something a bit more exciting than just hamburgers and hot dogs. If you're looking for a great way to add a little something extra to your warm weather festivities, an outdoor pig roast can provide the perfect solution. An Outdoor Pig Roast Is A Perfect Party Choice For Any Occasion One of the best things about an outdoor pig roast is that it can prove a perfect party choice for any event, occasion or milestone. Whether you're looking to enhance a holiday celebration like Memorial Day or the 4th of July or hoping to show a special dad just how much he means to you, a pig roast can prove far more than just a meal. From birthday celebrations and family reunions to laidback Sunday evening suppers, treating your guests to an outdoor rotisserie delight can deliver a fun and memorable party vibe. What To Look For When Choosing Your Catering Partner Yes, summer is the perfect time for a pig roast; however, it's important to keep in mind that not every catering company makes an ideal vendor for your gathering. As with any provider, it's important to do your research to ensure that you've found a true partner that can help make your summertime gathering the place to be. When researching potential caterers it's crucial to keep in mind some specific considerations to help streamline the selection process. Always look for:
  2. 2. Specific catering experience: Hosting a professional pig roast requires extensive experience and specific culinary skills; always look for a catering firm that specializes in this distinctive cooking approach to ensure you'll get the meal you're hoping for. Diverse menu options: Yes, it's no secret what the main attraction of this meal is supposed to be; however, in order to cater to your attendees' specific tastes and preferences it's important to partner with a vendor that offers a wide range of delicious menu options. Onsite meal preparation: In order to truly enjoy the entire pig roast experience, it's crucial to have all the cooking done at the venue where it's being served. Beyond adding a festive vibe (and aroma!) to your engagement, having the meal prepared onsite delivers undeniable proof that everything you're about to devour is as fresh as possible. Before and after services: Additionally, always look for a catering company that will not only deliver a delicious meal, but will also manage a wide range of before and after services as well. Finding a provider that offers services such as pre-event setup, party rental options and included cleanup services can make all the difference in how much time you get to spend enjoying your party with guests!