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  1. 1. How To Find The Right Small Business Phone System For Your Company When starting a small business, choosing the right phone system can either help the company succeed or contribute to its failure. Costs, functionality, ease of set up, and other factors should be considered. Compare business phone systems in order to select the best match for a particular workplace. Automated Attendant First impressions are crucial for a small company. Customers want to receive information in a professional, courteous manner when they call. If they have to go through too many automated options or must repeat themselves many times because the system didn't understand their words, they will likely get frustrated and call another service provider. Compare business phone systems to receive the best automated attendant services. Also known as a virtual receptionist, this function allows callers to be transferred to a particular extension without the necessity of an operator or a receptionist. A caller will hear the recorded greeting first, and then be prompted to make the correct selection to talk to the desired person. However, some systems do allow a caller to talk to a live operator by selecting '0' or another number. Many small business phone systems include a simple menu such as, 'For sales, press 1, for service, press 2.' Most providers include the automated attendant in their services at no additional cost. Simple Set-up Another important factor remains to be the complexity of set up. Entrepreneurs and executives hold their time as form of commodity and do not want to waste it. Making a profit is not achieved by waiting for hours or even days for a technician to come and install a small business phone system. Looking for providers that offer simple set up without any additional hardware needed will save lots of time and money.
  2. 2. Many small business phone system vendors allow managers to buy online with easy, secure purchasing. Followed by a set up that takes just a few minutes, these types of services can increase productivity very quickly without hassle or complicated steps. Free Trials To compare business phone systems, take advantage of many companies' free trials. Some of these offers let a user practice with the system for a limited time, while others maintain the trial for as long as needed. Trying before buying provides a way for potential customers to make sure the system is easy to use and that it offers all the features their company requires. Included Features Or Extra Add-ons Office telephone systems can come with virtually hundreds of features for switching calls and directing traffic. However, some companies only need a few of the features, but don't want to have to pay an additional fee for each feature they add to a basic plan. Some of the most common aspects of a small business phone system include voice mail, music while on hold, and conferencing. Shop around and compare business phone systems to locate a vendor that charges a low monthly fee without any extra costs for features. This will enable you to avoid a large surprise bill at the end of the month. Simple To Use No one wants to deal with the hassle of a small business phone system that requires hours of training or days of being on hold with a help-desk associate because the software is too complicated. Compare business phone systems to find one that functions similar to a Web 2.0 style browser-based interface. These services tend to be as easy to use as email. Managing these types of systems also allows a manager to add and remove users in seconds. Also, many of these products work seamlessly with multiple types of supported phones, such as a desk, mobile, or softphone on a laptop.
  3. 3. Voicemail To Text Imagine how much time could be spared, if voicemail could be read instead of listened to again and again. Some small business phone systems offer voicemail-to-text transcription to make this a reality. The system answers the call by forwarding all voicemail to the user's email account as an attached audio file with a written transcription of the message. Additional Useful Features Other facets to look for in a small business phone system are intelligent call routing, unlimited long distance service, and web widgets that allow customers to click on the company's web page to automatically call the correct person. These features ensure that office executives will never miss another call while away from the office. They also don't incur additional fees with plans offered by some providers.