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  • 1. A Review on MI3102 Pat Tester & Fluke T140 VC Tester This 'All-in-One' combination tester from Metrel is one of the best precision electrical test equipment available in the market. This particular product from Metrel is light weight, small, feature packed and has everything that an electrician would ever need in testing equipments.Here's a short product review of the Metrel MI3102: Measurement Functions: This indigenous electrical test equipment can measure DC insulation resistance, can perform PE conductor continuity test and measure Line and Loop resistances. The tester comes with an on-line voltage monitor and can perform a number of other tests as well such as voltage current meter tests. Product Features: 1. The Metrel MI3102 comes with a built-in internal memory that can store up to 500 measurement results and will let you refer to them at your convenience. 2. It incorporates an advanced earth resistance measuring method that eliminates stray currents while you take measurements. 3. The tester provides a reliable and superfast loop resistance measurement. 4. Its online voltage monitor can display voltage levels for all kinds of measurements such as L-L, L-N and L-PE. 5. Measuring sequences can be quickly measured with the help of a Multilevel Trip Commander 6. The tester set comes complete with a rechargeable battery along with a charger. 7. The Metrel MI3102 makes use PC software Eurolink, a software compatible to MS windows. Fluke T140 Voltage Continuity Tester: This tester is easy to use, cost effective and is perfect for voltage, phase rotation and continuity testing. Fluke T100 series is a perfect solution for electricians looking to get a feature packed continuity tester for a small price. The T100 series of testers are designed to be used in rough conditions and come in an ergonomically formed casing for great handling. T140 is a top of the line tester from fluke and comes with a number of extra features such as a back lit LCD Display that can indicate high voltages and resistance up to a level of 1999. Product Features: This fluke tester can perform accurate continuity tests, can perform integrated single pole test for the purpose of phase detection, is capable of switching automatically between voltage and continuity, has a unique torch function to enable experts to work in poorly lit areas, is GS 38 compliant and comes with a probe tip protection system in order to help avert injuries.
  • 2. Other Specifications:The tester comes with a 1/2 digit, LCD display (1999 Digit) with an LED bar graph and backlight. It can measure up to 12 - 690V AC/DC, continuity from 0-400 KΩ, Phase rotation from 100- 690 Volts and Resistance up to 1999.