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  • 1. A Forex Robot That Made 3,101% Net Profit and Turned $50,000 Into $1.6 Million on Autopilot Forex robot is a piece of software that is attached to an MT4 platform chart. This piece of software than monitors the market round the clock, only trading when the conditions that are programmed into it are met. To write this piece of software you need to learn MQL4 programming language. Many successful traders team up with experienced programmers to turn their proven and tested manual trading systems into automated trading systems. Many good forex robots have been released to the market in the recent months. The problem with most of them is that their developers talk about very good backtesting and forward testing results but never talk about live trading results. Backtesting is done with historical data. Past market performance of a robot is no guarantee that the robot will work under the present market conditions. To overcome these problems, many developers issue updates to their robot periodically. This is a good solution. What you need to look in a robot is the live trading results. There is no substitute for the live trading performance. A major problem most these robots face is from the brokers. You see most of these brokers are unscruplous with their clients. When they see a robot winning too much, they start playing tricks with their price feeds so that the robot ends up making losing trades one after the another. What you need is stealth mechanism in your robot that can hide it's trades from the broker so that the broker cannot make excuse of slippage and other factors. Meet David Fields. David Fields is a professional forex trader who eventually was able to develop a winning forex robot that made 172 winning trades one after the another without the broker being able to do anything about it. David Fields was able to develop a winning forex robot that exploded his bank account by 3,101% and turned his $50,000 into $1.6 million. Talk about back testing and forward testing. David Field is giving live trading results of his robot. You can try his Forex Automator Pro robot on your demo account RISK FREE for 60 days. Although remember this demo account performance is never a guarantee of a live trading performance. The reason being on the demo account the price feed is real but the trades that get executed on it might not get executed under live conditions due to slippage. So, there is no substitute for the live trading results and David Fields gives the live results of his Fore Automator Pro robot!