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  1. 1. 301 Redirects: What They Are and Why Your New Website Needs Them A large number of business owners find that there comes a time when they need to change their website. It can happen for any number of reasons. Suddenly your name or your business model changes. Maybe a better domain comes up. Or maybe you discover that there is a better way to present yourself online with a new URL and a new layout. Before you start with a web design company, create that new website and start new internet marketing and SEO efforts from scratch, you should be considering 301 redirects. Your local SEO company can help you do that and any SEO company worth dealing with will tell you that a website transition strategy needs to include 301 redirects. What is a 301 Redirect? The 301 code in programming speak refers to a permanent move. Instead of people clicking and finding an old site, or worse, dead links...a 301 redirect directs old visitors and old web traffic to your new site. And very importantly, it helps you retain any SEO link juice you've already gotten. Don't Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater... Even though your new SEO and marketing strategy could work a whole lot better than what you've done so far, why not continue to capitalize on that old traffic? Even if you were not actively working on SEO and your old website needed a lot of work, if that website is established, it has value. With 301 redirects, when someone clicks a link on another site or in the search engine results cache who linked to your old site, that traffic still gets to you. Starting Fresh with a New SEO & Marketing Strategy When you start a new website, there are a lot of related activities that are needed to make it really work for you. What about the efforts you took on your old site? It would take a lot of effort to change everything you did online including online profiles, digital signatures, blog commenting, article directory linking, press releases, and other marketing activities that drive traffic to your site. Yes, you may want to create new social media accounts, create new online profiles, and organize a link building campaign. With 301 redirects, the work you previously did could still continue to bear fruit for you. Need help with a new website? WordPress websites are an excellent and affordable way to appeal to your desired customers and a phenomenal way to succeed at SEO. WordPress is built for SEO and if you work with a skilled search engine optimisation company that knows how to make WordPress SEO work for you, you could see a dramatic increase in your traffic levels.
  2. 2. If you have an old website, a reliable SEO company can apply 301 redirects so that your previous link juice and SEO stays in tact and then apply proven WordPress SEO principles to a new site that could help you: get more traffic, boost your rankings, and capture real leads from your website.