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Skyranch menu final 6-10


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Skyranch menu final 6-10

  1. 1. ME NU
  2. 2. U MEN App eti z er s Sal ads SKY RANCH NACHOS SOUTHWEST CHICKEN TOSTADA SALAD Corn tortilla chips topped with black beans and smothered with Crisp romaine tossed with fresh salsa, black beans, corn, melted Cheddar and Jack cheese. Finished with fresh salsa, Pepper Jack cheese, avocado and grilled Southwest chicken Cotija cheese, green onions and guacamole. 7.99 breast. Tossed with Sky Ranch Pepita dressing and served With Southwest grilled chicken. Add 1.00 on crisp corn tortillas with smokey black beans. 10.99 With carne asada steak. Add 2.00 Try it with carne asada steak. Add 2.00 MINI CARNE ASADA ‘STREET’ TACOS SKY RANCH WEDGE Four mini crispy tacos stuffed with shredded carne asada A crisp iceberg wedge topped with diced tomato, egg, red onion, steak and topped with Pepita sauce, chopped onions, Bleu cheese, green onions and crisp bacon. Served with choice cilantro and Cotija cheese. 7.79 of Bleu cheese or Sky Ranch Pepita dressing. 8.49 DOUBLE DIPS Our zesty Chipotle queso dip paired with house-made guacamole So up with freshly made corn tortilla chips. 7.79 ‘TRAIL BOSS’ CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP CHICKEN EMPANADAS Thick, hearty and brimming with flavor, a Sky Ranch favorite! 4.99 Mini turnovers stuffed with chicken, cheese, black beans, corn, drizzled with sour cream and served with guacamole. 7.29 CRUNCHY LETTUCE WRAPS Entrees Crispy vegatables tossed with grilled fresh ground turkey in a CHILI TAMALE PLATE light sweet and savory glaze. Served in Iceberg lettuce cups with Cheese and green chile stuffed tamales topped with crunchy wonton strips. 7.79 Ruby’s Chili, Cheddar and Jack cheese, olives and sour cream. Served with fresh guacamole and salsa. 9.99 Sa ndw i ches MAPLE GLAZED GRILLED ATLANTIC SALMON Served with “Refillable” Fries! A grilled Cajun spiced salmon fillet finished with a maple glaze. Served with our Lil’ Baker potatoes and KICKIN’ CHICKEN SANDWICH steamed fresh vegetables. 12.99 Grilled chicken breast on an artisan roasted onion bun with chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion, topped GRILLED RIB EYE STEAK with Hickory Bourbon BBQ sauce and melted 1/2 pound U.S.D.A. Choice aged Rib Eye, grilled with our Pepper Jack cheese. 9.79 special seasoning blend and served over freshly grilled mushrooms and onions. Accompanied by our Lil' Baker SKY RANCH CARNE ASADA SANDWICH potatoes, sour cream, green onions and steamed Shredded carne asada steak grilled with our Southwest fresh vegetables. 14.99 seasoning. Served on a grilled soft RubyRoll with Chipotle mayo, melted Pepper Jack cheese and roasted red peppers. Tender and savory! 9.99 Ruby’s Ultimate Kobe Burger Comb os Super-premium All-American Kobe beef served with “Refillable” fries and side salad. SKY RANCH KOBE BURGER Grilled with our Southwest seasoning and topped with melted Pepper Jack cheese. Served on a grilled soft RubyRoll with Chipotle mayo and roasted red peppers. 10.99 THE ALL-AMERICAN KOBE BURGER THE COBB Simply the best! Melted aged Cheddar cheese, crisp iceberg lettuce, thick sliced tomato, shaved red onion and sundried tomato mayo on a lightly grilled artisan roasted onion bun. 10.99 THE COBB KOBE BURGER THE ‘GREEK’ KOBE BURGER Topped with crisp, smoked bacon, melted Bleu cheese, Topped with melted Feta cheese, crisp iceberg lettuce, thick sliced fresh avocado, crisp iceberg lettuce, thick sliced tomato tomato, shaved red onion, cucumber ‘Tzatziki’ sauce and garlic and sundried tomato mayo on a lightly grilled artisan mayo on a lightly grilled artisan roasted onion bun. 10.99 roasted onion bun. 10.99 THE PORTOBELLO-PROVOLONE KOBE BURGER THE BBQ-CHEDDAR KOBE BURGER Fresh grilled Portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, Smothered with zesty BBQ sauce and topped with melted Provolone cheese and garlic mayo on a lightly caramelized onions, melted aged Cheddar cheese, thick grilled artisan roasted onion bun. sliced tomato and sundried tomato mayo on a lightly A mushroom lovers dream come true! 10.99 grilled artisan roasted onion bun. 10.99 Desser t “COWBOY CUSTARD” FLAN Deliciously creamy caramel custard made fresh daily, served with whipped cream. 3.99 BOURBON PECAN PIE Decadent pecan pie served a la mode and drizzled with sweet Bourbon sauce. 4.99 CARAMEL BROWNIE SANDWICH A rich, hot, chocolate-nut brownie served with caramel and vanilla bean ice cream, topped with hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top! Oeey Gooey Goodness! 4.99