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  • 1. Education System in Europe and Asia
    Li Chun Tung 08209172
    Pang Pik Yu,Ruby 09010246
  • 2. 2010/11/9
    Li Chun Tung 08209172
    What is the goals?
    • East:
    • 3. Pass the imperial examination
    • 4. become the highest rank in the society
    • 5. West:
    • 6. To praise the GOD
    • 7. Provide pragmatic skills and professional to the state
  • Li Chun Tung 08209172
    How They Run?
  • Li Chun Tung 08209172
    What they taught?
  • Li Chun Tung 08209172
    How they judge the students and teachers
  • Li Chun Tung 08209172
    Some others characteristics
    • East:
    • 25. Huge amount and Diverse
    • 26. Rural Area Students are not full time (Agriculture)
    • 27. West:
    • 28. Students are come from different parts of Europe
    • 29. Different schools have different advantages
  • Li Chun Tung 08209172
    Did they Clash?
  • 30. Li Chun Tung 08209172
    Church School
    Adopt the Soviet Model
    Rise of China  Rise of Traditional System?
  • 31. Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    Globalization and the right responses in Education Reform
    Do you know that:
    Three million students worldwide now study outside their home countries—
    A 57-percent increase in just the past decade
  • 32. Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    Integration of Asia and West
    In the West
    -The ultimate aim of
    education is to
    develop fully the
    potential capacity of
    -Emphasis on
    Critical thinking:
    Individualistic Nature
    East Asia education:
    -Beliefs that teachers are superior and always right
    -Knowledge is not to be made here and now, but exists externally
    -Emphasis on Harmony Society :
    Collective Nature
  • 33. Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    Interflow of Ideas
  • 34. Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    Internationalization of curriculum
    Integration of a global perspective to curriculum development:
    Does not arise out of a single cultural base but engages with global plurality in terms of sources of knowledge
    • Liberal Studies
  • Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    Think Globally
    Think Critically
    Think Diversely
  • 35. Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    A Trend of Cross-border Education
    • More and more educational materials have moved off of campus firewalls
    • 36. self-learning
  • 37. Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    • Encouraging/ Increasing Student mobility: Study Tour, Academic Exchange
    • 38. Create elite international networks
  • Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    India and China are likely to continue to be the world's leading single-nation exporters of students
  • 39. Pang Pik Yu Ruby 09010246
    Conclusion: More and knee competitionBetter to equip ourselves to be world talents “Think globally and Act locally”
    The End