Personality adjectives
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  • Setup/Preparation: Open PowerPoint template and choose the outline tab at the left hand side. Change the questions and answers to what you want. How to Play: Divide class into two teams. Each team chooses a player which selects a question. If the team gets the question correct, they receive two points or three point. (If team chooses correct answer without getting help, they get three points , if they get answer but used help from a team mate, the team only gets two points .) You will have to manually have to go on scoreboard and add points when team gets question correct.
  • On this slide you are able to go back to the question that is missed and select again for correct answer, or review.


  • 1. All-Star HoopDreams
  • 2. Grant Hill Yao Ming Scottie PippinKobe Bryant Kevin Garnett Shaq O’Neal Alonzo Mourning Home VisitorRobert Horry 0 0 Lebran James Jason Kidd Allen IvesonDennis Rodman Tracy McGrady Tim Duncan Rasheed Wallace Nick Van Exel Gary Paton Hakeem Olajuwon Michael Jordan Latrell Sprewell
  • 3. Slam Dunk
  • 4. 1. What do you call a child whobehaves badly because they’re given everything they want?A) Ambitious Need team mateB) Sensible to blockC) CharmingD) Spoiled
  • 5. 2. What do you call a personwho is happy one minute and sad the next?A) Sociable NeedB) Selfish team mate to blockC) MoodyD) Jealous
  • 6. 3. What do you call a personwho you can trust or depend on? A) Reliable Need team mate B) Sensible to block C) Sensitive D) Manipulative
  • 7. 4. What’s the opposite of clever?A) Intelligent Need team mateB) Stupid to blockC) KindD) Outgoing
  • 8. 5. Which one is the opposite of SELFISH? A) Inselfish Need team mate B) Unselfish to block C) Disselfish D) Imselfish
  • 9. 6. What do you call a person who likes giving orders to others?A) Independent Need team mateB) Dependent to blockC) CompetitiveD) Bossy
  • 10. 7. What do you call a personwho shows he loves or likes people very much?A) Affectionate Need team mateB) Manipulative to blockC) SpoiledD) Charming
  • 11. 8. What’s the opposite of GENEROUS?A) Outgoing NeedB) Stingy team mate to blockC) HardworkingD) Friendly
  • 12. 9. What do you call a person who is friendly and enjoy being with others?A) Charming Need team mateB) Selfish to blockC) SociableD) Sensitive
  • 13. 10. What do you call a personwho wants to be successful in life?A) Ambitious Need team mateB) Jealous to blockC) SelfishD) Reliable
  • 14. 11. What’s the opposite of SHY? A) Stupid Need team mate B) Quiet to block C) Clever D) Outgoing
  • 15. 12. What do you call a person whounderstands other people’s feelings or is easily hurt or offended?A) Sensitive Need team mateB) Sensible to blockC) MoodyD) Jealous
  • 16. 13. What do you call a person who thinks that someone loves anotherperson more than him or wants what other people have? A) Ambitious Need team mate B) Jealous to block C) Selfish D) Manipulative
  • 17. 14. What do you call a person who always wants to win?A) Aggressive? Need team mateB) Spoiled to blockC) SensibleD) Competitive
  • 18. 15. What’s the opposite of IMAGINATIVE?A) Disimaginative Need team mateB) Unimaginative to blockC) InimaginativeD) Irimaginative
  • 19. 16. What’s the opposite of INSECURE?A) Self-confident Need team mateB) Stingy to blockC) KindD) Patient
  • 20. 17. What do you call a person whohas common sense and is practical? A) Sensitive Need team mate B) Sensible to block C) Sociable D) Honest
  • 21. 18. The opposite of SENSITIVE is… A) Insensitive Need team mate B) Unsensitive to block C) Dissensitive D) Imsensitive
  • 22. 19. What do you call a person who gets other people to do what hewants cleverly and even unfairly? A) Aggressive Need team mate B) Charming to block C) Manipulative D) Competitive
  • 23. 20. What do you call a person who uses force to succeed and may fight or argue? A) Manipulative Need team mate B) Bossy to block C) Selfish D) Aggressive
  • 24. Citations•••• Created by: Bridget Schimara - Robinson Intended for educational use only.