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  • 1. VISUAL-SPATIAL INTELLIGENCEPRESENTADO POR:•Apaza huisa, tsai susan•julca begazo, jessica•Smi 09
  • 2. What is Visual-Spatial intelligence? Its the ability to hold It refers to the the world visually in ancient hunter- your mind "the way a It gives yougatherer ability to sailor or pilot the ability to navigates the large represent spatial world, or the know where the outer world way a chess player or you are ininternally in your sculptor represents a mind. more circumscribed space spatial world". Spatial intelligence predominates in the arts and in science
  • 3. Spatial intelligence is the ability to comprehend three-dimensional images and shapes Visual spatial intelligence activities include putting together a puzzle or sculpture.This type of intelligence stems from the right side of the brain, and injuries or strokes to this part of the brain may diminishits ability to identify where a person is. Although they can still see the person because vision is usually not impeded, the persons location in space is blurred because of the brain’s blockage of spatial intelligence
  • 4. Usually found in
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  • 7. Visual Spatial Intelligence characteristicsLikes art, drawing, sculpture, painting.Good at directions, reading maps.Can visualise or imagine easilyRemembers in pictures (photographic memory).Appreciates colors.Uses metaphor .Often found doodling.Thinks in pictures.Tends to look at the “big picture”.Likes to watch the video when listening to songs.
  • 8. Exercises to strengthen visual-spatial intelligenceDo mind-mapping.Visualize scenarios and goals you want to attain.Create and watch videos.Take photographs.Practice orienteering with maps.Highlight info with color.Make a relation art with other subjects.Make diagrams and maps.Estimate distances.Imagine looking at yourself from above, below, very close up,far away.Visualize geometric structures, rotate them in your mind, sitinside them, give them colors.
  • 9. Leonardo Da VinciAmong the qualities that makeLeonardos work unique are theinnovative techniques that heused in laying on the paint, hisdetailed knowledge of anatomy,light, the way in which humansregister emotion in expressionand gesture.
  • 10. GRACIAS