Rubedo 2.2 : features list


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Rubedo 2.2 implements a new e-commerce module to complete its multi-site functionalities.
From product management to order management, Rubedo Commerce provides a collection of blocks to manage multiple online stores.

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Rubedo 2.2 : features list

  1. 1. Rubedo 2.2 : features list All Rubedo modules listed below are integrated and out-of-the box.
  2. 2. Multi-site Management Rubedo 2.2 Centralized management of multiple websites in the same back-office Administration/contribution rights can be granted for each website individually or transversally for several websites Site builder wizard capable of creating websites from scratch or using an existing website as model Multi-website content distribution Multi-website distribution of digital assets and documents Access protocol (http / https) management Multi-database mode form managing websites on separate databases
  3. 3. Website structure and pages Rubedo 2.2 Page creation and editing Structure management through drag and drop of sections and sub-sections in the pages tree Page SEO metadata management Multi-device preview Page mask attribution Visibility restrictions through workspaces
  4. 4. Back-Office customization Rubedo 2.2 Personal desktop Intuitive and productive ergonomics Customizable graphic themes Customizable interface language (English/French/Spanish) Desktop favorite icons managed through drag and drop Multi-window environment Choice of interface mode (Desktop or Application) Personal profile
  5. 5. Layout and Design themes Rubedo 2.2 Layout – Page layout (mask) editor – Page mask library for each site – Mask duplication – Creation of reusable layout elements – Content display layout editor – User display layout editor Design themes – Each website can use a different theme – Predefined themes pack – Theme editor
  6. 6. Search engine Rubedo 2.2 Multi-website centralized search Real-time indexing of contents, digital assets and documents Full-text document search Auto-complete Navigation through auto-generated facets Displayed facets settings Settings for logical facet behavior (AND/OR) Settings for field by field indexing Back-Office search engine Result filtering by rights Large data volume support Extensibility of search to other data sources
  7. 7. Search engine Rubedo 2.2 Numerous result sorting criteria Search saving Unlimited creation of specific search engines (constrained by content types, taxonomy, workspaces, sections …etc.) Simple search block Advanced search block Autocompleting
  8. 8. Maps Rubedo 2.2 Clustered display of contents on a map Facet based navigation coupled with the search engine Zoom level and behavior settings Places search User geolocation
  9. 9. Syndication and Social Networks Rubedo 2.2 Mailing and sharing of pages and contents on social networks and through features like AddThis Follow, AddThis Share, and DisQus : twitter, Gmail, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, viadéo, … etc. Twitter block : tweets from an account and favorites RSS block (Extension) Social Networks push (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter - roadmap)
  10. 10. Emailing and Newsletters Rubedo 2.2 Mailing list management, Email layout management Email template management Subscription and unsubscription tracking Email previewing and sending traking Newsletter(s) subscription bloc Unsubscription block
  11. 11. Statistics and Other Front-Office blocks Rubedo 2.2 Statistics – Google Analytics integration for each website Other Front-Office blocks – Contact block – Twig block (developers) – Zend controller block (developers) – Newsletter subscription block – Menu block – Languages block – Data visualization block –D3 Script
  12. 12. Contents Rubedo 2.2 Creation and editing of customized content types on the fly In-context contribution/editing in the front office Using fields as search facets Multi-dimensional hierarchized classification using taxonomy Content geolocation Content and taxonomy import tool Activation of user comments (DisQus) on content types Content query builder wizard in back office Content list block Content detail block Carousel block Calendar block
  13. 13. Contents Rubedo 2.2 Google Maps block Simple text block Rich text block RSS block (Extension) (NEW) Behavioral targeting (Magic Queries) (NEW)
  14. 14. Publishing and Workflow Rubedo 2.2 Publishing – Deferred publishing (on a date range) – Offline and online mode – Draft saving – Versioning and version restoration Workflow – Simple editorial workflow (one validation level) that can be activated or deactivated on each content type – Email notifications
  15. 15. Multilanguage Rubedo 2.2 Multilanguage interfaces Multilanguage contents Multilanguage Sites / Pages Multilanguage search Large choice of languages (over 50) Localization strategies (only contents translated in the current viewing language or also contents in the website default language), user language detection
  16. 16. Digital Asset Management Rubedo 2.2 Creation and editing of customized media types on the fly Image, sound, video, and document management Integrated taxonomy Advanced image editor (Photoshop-like) Customizable metadata Thumbnail generation Mass upload Media query builder wizard in back office Directory-based display and classification system Facet-based display Image block Image map block
  17. 17. Digital Asset Management Rubedo 2.2 Audio block Video block Image gallery block Media list block Resource download block Protected resource download block External media block (YouTube, Dailymotion, viméo, slideshare, … + over 25 external sources)
  18. 18. SEO Rubedo 2.2 W3C compliant code Title, meta, description tags Structuration of code and tags H1, H2, H3, ... Automatic / or manual friendly URL and vanity URL generation, No content duplication (canonical URL) Site map bloc Breadcrumbs block
  19. 19. Accessibility Rubedo 2.2 W3C compliant code High contrast back-office mode activation WYSIWYG editor is accessible to screen readers Alternatives and description management for digital assets, tables and links Keyboard navigation and RIA support activation
  20. 20. Users Rubedo 2.2 User types management User account creation and management Front-end user sign-up and sign-in Users directory (facet-based) User profile page Authentication block Password recovery (NEW) User import
  21. 21. Rights management Rubedo 2.2 User group management Assigning rights to groups Private workspaces management Read/write restrictions by site/page/content type/media type/content/digital asset/taxonomy
  22. 22. E-commerce Rubedo 2.2 Multi-shop management Product catalog management – Product catalog import – Unlimited products – Unlimited configurable product properties – Product variation configuration – Special offer and discount management – Stock management – Product category management – Product availability management Search : – Facetted search – Autocompleting
  23. 23. E-commerce Rubedo 2.2 Shipping : – Automatic delivery fees and taxes – Unlimited configurable shipping methods – Shipping rates per country, shipping taxes, flat rate or per-item rate Cart and checkout: – One-page checkout – Persistent carts – Recap / receipt generation Client : – Account creation – Personal data management – User orders history – Order tracking – DisQus comments
  24. 24. E-commerce Rubedo 2.2 Order and payment management: – Back office order management – Order status tracking (payment / shipping) – Payment means management (Paypal, Credit card, checks, credit transfer, …) Other features : – Ability to restrict viewing of certain product categories to certain user groups – All of the functionalities of Rubedo Personnalization : – Magic queries deliver in real-time the right content or product or media to the right person at the right time
  25. 25. Performance Rubedo 2.2 Large data volume management Heterogeneous data management High traffic management Built-in file management High availability architecture Simplified upscaling Real-time search and indexing Bulk indexing (with Zend Server Professional or Enterprise Edition) CDN URLs for static content
  26. 26. Security Rubedo 2.2 Centralized rights implementation on the data access layer All data is stored in the database including files Invulnerability to SQL injection (NoSQL database) and separation of filters and queries. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) protection on all managed websites. Advanced HTML filtering. CSRF protection across the back office. Centralized roles, groups, rights, user accounts and credentials management. Secure password storage through encryption.
  27. 27. Operation Rubedo 2.2 Software version display Automated database update Indexing management
  28. 28. Behavior driven content and commerce Rubedo, open source CMS & E-commerce with Behavioral targeting @Rubedo_project #Rubedo