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Ruairi mc nally engineering

  1. 1. Ruairi McNally Senior Consultant Construction and Engineering Direct Dial: (02) 8222 3012 Mobile: 0413 477 264 Inspire Recruitment Group Pty Limited – ABN: 14 143 238 608Level 4, 10 Spring Street, Sydney NSW 2000 - Phone: (02) 8222 3000 - Fax: (02) 8222 3030
  2. 2. Inspire engineering is a professional and experienced recruitment organisation covering the Construction, Engineering, Power, Rail, Oil and Gas and Mining Sectors. Because we operate in a unique way across vertical markets our consultants are experts within their field. They know candidates, they know clients and most importantly they know their business. Knowing the market place and understanding truly what is going on is imperative in helping our clients achieve their next “great hire”. Our candidate managers spend every day, all day sourcing talent and networking amongst industry professionals to ensure that we get the very best employees for your business.Architecture and Water, Supply Structures, Mining, Oil and Transmission and RailBuilding and Waste Roads, Highways Gas Distribution, InfrastructureEngineering Coastal and and Tunnels Renewable and and rolling stock Dams HydropowerDesign and Construct Design and Construct Design and Construct Design and Construct Design and Construct Design and Construct Commercial  Domestic and  Traffic Planning  Civil and Structural  Substation  Signalling Residential Industrial  Road Engineering  Power controls and Construction and  Electrification Retail  Wastewater  Bridge and Instrumentation Design  Track Work and HVAC, MEP Management Structural  Materials Handling  Turbines Rail Stations and Heritage  Waterways and  Road Rehabilitation  Pipelines  Power Stations Associated Restoration Irrigation and Maintenance  Mechanical  Power Transmission Buildings Interior Contracting  Water Planning  Bridge Design and  Pipelines Maintenance  Treatment  Tunnel design and  Coastal Engineering Construction  Dams  Desalination Phone: (02) 8222 3000 - Fax: (02) 8222 3030
  3. 3. Here at Inspire Engineering we pride ourselves on our straight to the point, honest and direct approach to theway we do business.We all know this is a candidate short market; sure we won’t be able to fill every role withevery company, all of the time.We will work our hardest to source that “perfect” candidate but if for any reason we can’t we are not tooscared to pick up the phone and tell you. We understand the importance of “eggs in baskets” and theconstraints that you are under to fill your rolesWe want to build a working relationship with our clients’ that is beneficial to both parties, we want to take thetime with you to thoroughly understand your needs and do our research before presenting a candidate to you.We believe this is why 85% of our dealings are from repeat business.What sets us apart from the rest? Being able to deliver and managing expectations.Not to be the biggest – but to be the best.We can’t have a solid relationship with everyone - quality not quantity! We believe in building our business byrecommendation and since our inception in 2006 we have gone from strength to strength, demonstrating aninnate ability to find the right candidates for the right roles!Phone: (02) 8222 3000 - Fax: (02) 8222
  4. 4. Ruairi McNally – Senior ConsultantRuairi McNally has 8 years experience within the Construction and Engineering sector in the U.K.Encompassing Commercial and Residential building, Civils, Power, Utilities and Rail – Design, Constructionand Management.A dedicated hands-on Labour Manager with 8 years experience in London and across the UK. His experiencehas covered the Rails, Civils and Highways recruitment environments.With an in-depth knowledge of the Construction and Engineering market along with a thorough understandingof recruitment requirements. Ruairi has the ability to provide a bespoke staffing solution for all clients.Emma Hudson - Principal consultantEmma Hudson has 9 years’ experience within the Construction and Engineering sector both in the UK andAustralia. Encompassing Commercial and Residential building, Civils, Power, Utilities and Rail - design,construction and management.With experience of starting up two brands within the UK market within these sectors and building relationshipswith some of the UK’s largest Blue chip clients Emma embarked on a new challenge in the Sydney Market inearly 2010.In the time that Emma has been working in the Australian Market she has built a strong network of candidatesand clients. With an in-depth knowledge of the Construction and Engineering market along with a thoroughunderstanding of recruitment practice and law. Emma has the ability to provide a bespoke staffing solution forher clients and tailor recruitment campaigns to individual needs and requirements.Phone: (02) 8222 3000 - Fax: (02) 8222
  5. 5.  Design Engineer  Environmental Engineer  Quality Manager  CAD Drafter  Quantity Surveyor  Structural Engineer  Waste Water Engineer  Quantity Surveyor  Services Manager  Quality Manager  Materials Handling Process Engineer  Substation Designer  Drainage Engineer  Electrical Engineer  Tunnelling engineer  Contract Administrator  Project Engineer  Contracts Manager  Construction Manager  Project Manager  Estimator  Site Engineer  Facilities Manager  OH&S Manager, Consultant and Coordinator  Perway Designer  Signalling Engineers  Rail Project EngineersRuairi McNally Senior ConsultantConstruction and Dial: (02) 8222 3012Mobile: 0413 477 264