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E Learning Kickoff
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E Learning Kickoff


A short tutorial about how to add some variety to an online classroom

A short tutorial about how to add some variety to an online classroom

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Today’s Menu
    eLearning Update – Rick
    Faculty Projects
    Kaidren Sergienko: Video
    Mike Murphy: Elluminate
    Leon Chickering: Drupal
    How to Spice up your ANGEL Classroom.
  • 2. eLearning Update
    80 sections; 1600 students online
    ANGEL Integration
    More control
    Elluminate Training
    More offerings this year (not sooo much ANGEL)
    Training Cohorts for ANGEL
    Emergency Preparedness
    eLearning Central
  • 3. How to Spice things up in your Online Classroom!
  • 4. Unfulfilled Student = Bad!
    The online environments allows us to easily present information in different ways.
    The more different ways we find to engage students, the happier they’ll be.
    Happy Student = Good!
  • 5. Three ways to add variety to your classroom:
    a. Groups
    b. WIKIs
    c. RSS
  • 6. The Advantage of Groups in ANGEL?
    The same as for F2F courses!
    Communication is easier when scale is smaller.
    Students bond and develop more “buy in” for the course.
    Yields a wider variety of results from your activity.
  • 7. How to create groups (teams):
    1. Go to the Manage Tab.
    2. Click on the Teams link.
    3. Add a Team.
  • 8. Once you’ve created teams, you’ll have to add members. Angel will do this automatically for you, or you can choose members yourself.
    Just tick the box, and that puts the student in that group.
  • 9. Let’s go take a look at how this works in ANGEL!
  • 10. Questions?
  • 11. Wikis are web pages that anyone can edit!
  • 12. Collaborative Lecture Notes
    Intro to Linguistics
    Intro to Linguistics
    • What is Grammar?
    • 13. What is Grammar?
    People often think of grammar as a matter of arbitrary pronouncements (defining 'good' and 'bad' language), usually negative ones like There is no such word as ain't or Never end a sentence with a preposition. Linguists are not very interested in this sort of bossiness (sometimes called prescriptivism). For linguists, grammar is simply the collection of principles defining how to put together a sentence.
  • 14. Let’s go take a look at how this works in ANGEL!
  • 15. Questions?
  • 16. Really
    RSS is a great way to create rich content in your classroom, without having to do a lot of extra work! It’s automatic!
  • 17. How do I get one of those into my ANGEL classroom?
  • 18. 1. Find a blog or website that has content you want your student to see. Copy the location of the RSS link.
    Web of Language Blog
    2. Find a news widget that suits your needs. We’ll use yourminis for this feed.
  • 19. 3. Edit the widget by changing the title, adding your feed, and adjusting the size.
    4. Then, copy the embed code to put in your ANGEL classroom!
  • 20. 5. Create a page to hold your RSS Feeds.
    Remember to toggle the Source buttonto enter the embed code!
  • 21. Let’s go take a look at how this works in ANGEL!
  • 22. Questions?
  • 23. Rick McKinnon, Ph.D.
    eLearning Support Manager
    South Puget Sound Community College
    Website: elearn.spscc.ctc.edu
    eMail: rmckinnon@spscc.ctc.edu
    Phone: 360.596.5490