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Participants List

  1. 1. Participants List Name Organisation Mr. B.S. Parsheera India, Ministry of Environment and Forests (NCB Chair) Dr. JR Bhatt India, Ministry of Environment and Forests Ibu Wahyu Indraningsih Indonesia, Ministry of Environment Ibu Diah Indrajati Indonesia, Ministry of Home Affairs Ibu Nur Hygiawati Rahayu Indonesia, BAPPENAS Mr. Mohamed Zuhair Maldives, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Water Mr. Adam Shareef Maldives, MFF Programme Officer (NCB Chair) Mr. Ahmed Saleem Maldives, NCB Representative Ms. Marie Saleem Maldives, NCB, Representative Mr. Denis Matatiken Seychelles, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (NCB Chair) Mr. W.R.M.S. Wickramasinghe Sri Lanka, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (NCB Chair) Ms. Jayanthi Dissanayake Sri Lanka, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Mr. Nissanka Perera Sri Lanka, NCB Representative Dr. Sonjai Havanond Thailand, Ministry of Marine & Coastal Resources Dr. Noparat Bamroongrugsa Thailand, Prince of Songkhla University (MFF consultant) Dr. Kobkun Rayanakorn Thailand, Chiang Mai University (MFF Consultant) Dr. Donald Macintosh MFF Coordinator Dr. John Poulsen IUCN, MFF Indonesia Mr. Michael Dougherty IUCN, Regional Communications Coordinator Ms. Minna Epps IUCN, Communications Officer Ms. Li Hanying* IUCN, MFF Secretariat Ms. Marcia Kran UNDP RCB (RSC Co-Chair) Mr. Sergio Feld UNDP RCB Mr. Gernot Brodnig UNDP RCB Mr. Preeti Soni* UNDP India
  2. 2. Name Organisation Mr. Budhi Sayoko* UNDP Indonesia Ms Elaine Slammet UNDP Indonesia Ms. Aminath Shooza UNDP Maldives Mr. Roland Alcindor* UNDP Mauritius Ms. Phansiri Winichagoon UNDP Thailand Ms. Tharuka Dissanaike UNDP Sri Lanka Ms. Aban Kabraji IUCN ARO (RSC Co-Chair) Mr. Kent Jingfors IUCN ARO Dr. Ranjith Mahindapala IUCN Sri Lanka Mr. Shamen Vidanage IUCN Sri Lanka Mr. Ali Raza Rizvi IUCN ELG-2 Ms. Maeve Nightingale IUCN ELG-2 Mr. A. Hettiarachchi IUCN MFF Sri Lanka Dr. J S Rawat IUCN MFF India Mr. Ben Wandago IUCN EARO Dr. Janaka De Silva IUCN Thailand Ms. Shiranee Yasaratne IUCN RBBP Ms. Patti Moore IUCN RELPA Mr. Peter Shadie IUCN RPAP Mr. Jerker Tamelander IUCN GMP representative Dr. Muhammad Musa* CARE Regional Director, Asia Mr. Nick Osbourne CARE Sri Lanka Country Director Mr. Greg Chapman CARE LINK Programme Director Mr. Kashio Masakazu FAO Mr. He Changchui* FAO Mr. Keith Forbes FAO, MFF Consultant Mr. Surendra Shrestha* UNEP Ms. Dechen Tsering* UNEP Ms. Serena Fortuna UNEP Ms. Emily Corcoran UNEP WCMC, MFF Consultant Mr. Bhujang Dharmaji UNEP, MFF Climate Change Consultant 2
  3. 3. Name Organisation Ms. Marie-Jose Vervest* Wetlands International, Netherlands Mr. Knut Olav Krohn Laksa Adviser, Norad, Norway Mr. Trond Lovdal Department of Environment, Norad Mr. Lasse Nymoen* Embassy of Norway, Bangkok Mr. Anders Granlund SENSA, Embassy of Sweden, Bangkok Ms. Johanna Palmberg* SIDA, Stockholm, Sweden Ms. Saima Baig MFF Consultant Mr. Patrik Ronnback* MFF Consultant Mr. Tim Greenhow MFF Consultant Prof. Olof Linden MFF Consultant Mr. Tim Boyle MFF Consultant Ms. Laura Meadors MFF Consultant Mr. Glenn Dolcemascolo UNEP-PCDMB, Geneva Mr. K.A.I. Ajith Silva* Director-Policy Planning Dr. J Samarakoon MFF Consultant Dr. Amaratne Yakupitiyage AIT, Bangkok (MFF Consultant Coordinator) * Not attending as of 18 April 2008 3