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Macintosh OSX.doc

  1. 1. Macintosh OSX.3 PANTHER Activity Sheet Prepared by Karen Urgitis/Educational Technology Specialist/LEARN Getting Started See how many of these tasks you can complete on your computer. Take notes on the worksheet. Use any resource for help, including colleagues, OSX.3 Help, web sites, hardware or software manuals, or course instructor. Place a check mark in column one when complete. Open a folder. Launch an application. Make a new folder on the desktop. Make an alias of a folder on the desktop. Rearrange items in the Dock. Move a document from one folder to another. Copy a document from one folder to another. Rename a folder. Page 1 Macintosh OSX.doc
  2. 2. Add an application alias to the Dock. Remove an application alias from the Dock. Where can you go to get help for these tasks? Describe what happens when you click the white button at the top right of a window. What is the difference between Save and Save As - when should you use each? Where is the default location for saving a file in OSX? What is the function of the Home folder and what does it look like? How do you properly shut down this computer and how does that process differ from the same process in previous operating systems? Do you know another way to properly shut down? Page 2 Macintosh OSX.doc
  3. 3. A Little More Challenging Try your hand at these slightly more challenging tasks… Where do you access OSX preferences? How do you change the time? Where can you change the alert sounds? How do you change the view of files in a folder from showing their icons to showing a vertical list by name or in columns? Open a folder that contains another folder. What happens to the first open folder when you Option- Double-Click the second folder? How do you turn off the empty trash warning? What is the difference between Empty Trash and Secure Empty Trash? How do you hide a document? How do you hide an application? In the Dock, what is displayed under an icon (or on the side, if the Dock is located on the side of the Page 3 Macintosh OSX.doc
  4. 4. screen) of a program that is running? What happens when you hold down on the mouse button on the icon of a program that is running? How do you turn off the Empty Trash warning? “Are you sure you want to empty the trash?” How does the Dock compare to the Launcher in OS9? To Apple Menu in OS9? To Finder in OS9? If your Dock is located at the bottom of your screen how do you move it to the left side? What is the function of the dividing line in the Dock? What are function keys? Name a new function of OSX.3 that is associated with F9? How do you customize the tool bar? Describe three different ways of moving files to the trash. What is an advantage of looking at a file in column view as opposed to icon view? How do you change the Page 4 Macintosh OSX.doc
  5. 5. width of the columns in column view? How do you add comments to files or folders and how is this function helpful? How do you create “favorite places” for saving files? How do you search for a file or folder? How can you quickly go to your Applications folder? What is meant by “spring- loaded” folders and how would you use them? How do you take a picture of a full screen? Of a part of the screen? Where does the operating system place the clipping? What software in your computer handles the playing of video clips? What software in your computer handles the playing of audio, including music cd’s and mp3 files? How do you know if your num lock key is on and what is its function? How much memory (RAM) is in your computer? What other information is displayed in the About This Computer dialog box? What does the computer Page 5 Macintosh OSX.doc
  6. 6. keep track of in Recent Items? Scavenger Hunt Search for these new applications and features of OSX What software in this OS will open and display .pdf documents? What third party (non-Apple) software performs the same function? In playing Chess against the computer, what color are your players? What keys are used to operate your craft in Deimos Rising? What peripheral device can be added to this computer to facilitate playing this game? What is the function of the Font Book, new to OSX.3 ? What menu item in AppleWorks was not present in AppleWorks for OS9? In a running application, where is the Quit command and compare this location to the same software in OS9? What is the difference between the return key and the enter key? (Hint, open an Appleworks document and try it) What is the browser software Page 6 Macintosh OSX.doc
  7. 7. that is new to OSX and created by Apple? What is the function of Image Capture? What version of iMovie is installed on this computer? What is the main function if the iPhoto software? What is the main function of iSync? What is the main function of Sound Studio? What software in OS9 is like TextEdit in OSX? What magazine, in electronic format, is featured in Zinio Reader? Apple’s Web Site for learning OSX How to deal with common OSX.3 problems Panther OSX.3 tutorials Apple’s overview of OSX.3 Page 7 Macintosh OSX.doc
  8. 8. Page 8 Macintosh OSX.doc