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Installing the Drumlin PDF reader software
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Installing the Drumlin PDF reader software


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Installing the Drumlin PDF reader software Quick install The Drumlin reader program is installed by running the setup.exe file illustrated below, which is accompanied by the DrumlinSetup.msi file (a Microsoft Windows Installer file). Please see the end of this document if you do not have Windows Installer software on your PC (i.e. if the setup.exe program will not run correctly). Drumlin should run without problems on all Windows PCs with Windows 98 or later versions and on Apple Mac computers running Windows emulation software (see also, System Requirements section, below). The process is fully automatic and in most instances completes within a couple of minutes. Once installed simply run Drumlin from the desktop icon or from the Start menu, Programs list. Uninstall is provided via this menu if required. For Apple Mac users a separate “Drumlin for Mac computers” link is provided. This simply starts the standard Drumlin program with a command line argument “-mac”. We recommend that Mac users read our Apple Mac web page first: In most instances (unless you have a special kit for stand-alone installation) you will be asked to register the Drumlin reader software. Follow the instructions provided and you will be registered and then able to read and authorise .drmx files as well as .drm files, and to publish you own files in these secure formats if you wish – please see the Welcome document for full details. Proxy servers If your site uses a Proxy server you will need to select the File menu, Proxy… option or use the Proxy... button on the registration form, and specify the details shown on the form below before registering: Drumlin Installation, Aug 09 Page: 1
  • 2. On the Drumlin website, FAQs page, FAQ #4 relates to Proxy server issues: FAQ #4: When I try to install the reader I get a message "Proxy authentication required..."; or When I fill in all required fields of the registration screen and press the OK button, I get the error message: "The request failed with HTTP status 417: Expectation failed." A: The current software includes a File menu item, Proxy... to allow you to input the proxy server details. If this feature is not available please install the latest version of the kit, and retry. The Proxy facility is also accessible from the Registration form. The second example occurs on some proxies that don't support "100 continue" expectation. Please can you consult your system admin about this. File types and extensions The Drumlin PDF reader opens standard PDF files (with extension .pdf) and Drumlin is required in order to view the special Drumlin PDF files. These files have the file extensions .drm or .drmx – if you cannot see these file extensions when you look in Windows File Manager then use its Tools menu, Folder options... item and select the View tab to ensure the file extensions can be seen. The screenshot below illustrates sample settings you may choose. Use the menu item File, Open to open and view special PDF files. You can also double-click on a .drm or .drmx filename and the Drumlin reader will automatically open with this document selected. For .drmx files you will be asked for an authorisation code before the document can be opened. The Help menu item includes registration and free automatic update options. System requirements and DotNet2 A pre-requisite for this installation is that your Windows PC (OR Apple Mac with Windows OS support) is compatible with the Microsoft DotNet2 (.NET2) framework, a piece of free software from Microsoft that may well already by installed on your computer. If you do not have .NET2 installed the program will detect this and try to Drumlin Installation, Aug 09 Page: 2
  • 3. retrieve the required installation program from the Internet. If you have a fast Internet connection this will happen automatically, the installation of the Microsoft components will take place, and then the Drumlin components will be installed. If you run the setup.exe program and .NET2 is not installed it will advise you and then attempt to download the relevant file from the Internet. The file it requires is approximately 20Mbytes in size and if you do not have an active Internet connection you will receive an error message of the type shown below: If this occurs, and you cannot provide a suitable fast Internet connection, press the Cancel button and install the .NET2 framework using the installation file you have separately downloaded or has been provided to you on a CD (dotnetfx.exe). Simply double-click this file to run this installation program and follow the instructions provided. This process is illustrated in the screen shot from a sample CD-based kit below: The installation may take a few minutes and requires quite a bit of disk storage – typically about 80Mbytes. When it finishes you we see a message of the form shown below: Drumlin Installation, Aug 09 Page: 3
  • 4. If this process fails, ask your local system support advisor for assistance – in this instance you will not be able to install the Drumlin reader until your problem has been resolved. Note that Microsoft state that Internet Explorer V5 or later must also be installed on a PC for .NET2 to operate correctly. As soon as you have a successful .NET2 installation simply run the Drumlin setup.exe program again, as described in paragraph 1 above, and the program will install very quickly and you will be ready to run the program and read standard PDF files and the special PDF documents that have .drm and .drmx extensions. You can check if you have .NET2 installed on your PC at any time by going to the “Control Panel”, “Add or remove programs” icon, and seeing if the .NET2 software is installed. You should see a list entry something like that shown below. In this case the .NET2 framework is installed and exists alongside Microsoft’s earlier .NET1 framework. As you can see, the .NET2 software occupies about 88Mbytes of disk space: For more details on .NET2 see the Microsoft web site, or the full link provided below: 8edd-aab15c5e04f5&displaylang=en This Microsoft web page provides the following specification information: • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3; Windows 98; Windows 98 Second Edition; Windows ME; Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista Drumlin Installation, Aug 09 Page: 4
  • 5. Business; Windows Vista Business 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Enterprise; Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Home Basic; Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Home Premium; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Starter; Windows Vista Ultimate; Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition; Windows XP Service Pack 2 • Required Software: Windows Installer 3.0 (except for Windows 98/ME, which require Windows Installer 2.0 or later). Windows Installer 3.1 or later is recommended. The current release is 4.5 and can be downloaded from: 8b56f-60b6-4412-95b9-54d056d6f9f4 IE 5.01 or later: You must also be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later for all installations of the .NET Framework. Technical support and Help First: use the Help menu in the program for off-line and online help and FAQs if you have an internet connection (or access a computer with an internet connection and go to and check through this document and the welcome document provided with the installation. Second: if you have technical problems with installing or running the software, first ask your local PC, Apple Mac or network support specialist; problems with document content (including Viewing and Printing restrictions) should be addressed to the supplier of the documents; unresolved technical problems can be directed to If you do contact our support team you need to provide: (i) a very clear description of the problem; (ii) what PC/operating system you have; (iii) how much free disk space you have; (iv) confirm that you have .NET2 installed; (v) assuming Drumlin is installed and has been run, locate the directory C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataDrumlinSecurityDrumlinlogs where <username> is your username on the PC and attach the drumlin.log file to your email – we will do our best to reply to your query as soon as possible. There is a facility on the Help menu, About form, to send the log file to us automatically. For Apple Mac computers the log file is located in the directory: C:Program filesDrumlin SecurityDrumlin Readerlogs Drumlin Installation, Aug 09 Page: 5