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  • 1. Installing a Computer Network Name: ________________________________________________________________ Introduction: Installing a home network is about sharing: sharing files, Internet access, printers, and other peripherals. Learn what hardware and software you need to network computers together and how to install a network into your own home. Quiz: 1. What hardware do you need to network two computers together? a. Cable and NICs b. NICs and a router c. Router and a server d. Server and a hub 2. You can tell the difference between a phone cable and an Ethernet cable because the: a. phone cable is thicker than the Ethernet cable. b. phone cable splits into two separate wires. c. phone cable has a larger connector on the end. d. Ethernet cable is thicker than the phone cable. 3. What version of Microsoft Windows has a wizard to help you automatically set up your network, including the sharing of communication (Internet) resources? a. ME b. XP c. 98 d. 2000 4. Which is a disadvantage of wireless home networks? a. the cost of Network cards and routers b. infrared interference c. the difficulty and expense of running wires d. connecting PCs in remote locations in your home 5. Which should you do AFTER you start-up the networking wizard? a. Install all NICs, modems, and cables. b. Give each computer on the network a unique name. c. Turn on all PCs. d. Connect to the Internet. 6. Before running the Windows XP Networking Wizard, you need to complete which of the following steps? a. Turn off all the computers that will be connected to the network. b. Install all the network cards, modems, and cables to all the computers connected to the network. c. Install broadband Internet access on all computers connected to the network. d. Install Windows XP on all computers connected to the network. 1
  • 2. Installing a Computer Network 7. Installing a home network allows you to share which of the following resources? a. Internet access b. Scanners c. Printers d. All of the above 8. Data is more secure if you are connected via a wireless network. a. True b. False 9. A _______________ is needed to allow two or more PCs to share a high-speed Internet connection. a. router b. DSL/cable-ready router c. wireless network d. hub 10. Write the letter of the best definition on the right next to the term on the left. (There will be extra definitions left over.) I. RJ45 ____ a. Standard speed in Mbps for a network interface card b. Type of Ethernet cable II. CAT 5 ____ c. Type of connector used on Ethernet cable III. NIC ____ d. The interface card that must be installed in each computer to join a network. IV. Router ___ e. Software allowing network communication V. 10/100 ____ f. A device to join more than two computers in a network g. Average speed in Kbps of internal router communications 2
  • 3. Installing a Computer Network Projects: Different kinds of connections Task: If you want to network more than two computers together, you need a hub or router. What is the difference? Assignment: a. Look up the definitions for LAN, hub and router at or a similar source and answer the following questions: • What is a LAN? • What are the 3 types of hubs? • What are gateways? • Which one will only let you connect computers together on the same network? _______________________________________ • Since the Internet is one network, and your home computer network is another, separate network; which hardware, a hub or router, will allow you to join your home computer network to the Internet? __________________ b. Compare the cost of a 4-port Ethernet hub with a regular 4-port Router and a wireless 4-port Router Make Model Details cost 4-port NETGEAR DS104 4-port 10/100BASE-TX $44 Ethernet hub Fast Ethernet unmanaged hub 3
  • 4. Installing a Computer Network 4-port router wireless 4-port Router Resources: Investigate at your local retail computer store, ads in the local paper or shop online at any computer retailer such as:,, or 4
  • 5. Installing a Computer Network Compare networking with other systems Task: Not everybody uses Windows computers! Most Apple computers come with a built-in AppleTalk network interface and an Airport (a wireless network interface). They are all ready to connect. If you should need to replace a defective card, Apple computer supplies movies on its website, similar to our Sound Bytes, as well as manuals describing how to install or replace parts. Assignment: View the movie on how to replace the Airport for an Apple Power Mac G4 cube. List the missing steps required to replace the wireless network card. c. Touch bare metal to discharge static electricity d. Unplug power cord e. Pull core from enclosure f. ___________________________________________________ g. Pull plastic tab to release card h. ____________________________________________________ i. Insert Airport into connector j. ____________________________________________________ k. Insert core into computer l. ____________________________________________________ Do you think this is something the average computer user could do _________________________________________________________________ Resources: Apple Computer Support Power Mac G4 Cube Airport replacement movie 5
  • 6. Installing a Computer Network Having fun with your network Task: Find out more about how networks allow you to interact. According to HomePCNetwork: “network-capable games (that is, games that you can play with other people across a network) were once a rarity. Now, game reviewers mark against games if they don't offer good network game play.” Assignment: Review a game that can be played across a computer network. • What game did you review? • Who makes it? – • What is it about? • Do you think it would be fun to play with others? Resources: Games are big business! Search at any popular computer user site for current game reviews!,,, 6
  • 7. Installing a Computer Network 7