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Advice_SNR_ Delivery_Rollout 1C3 Replacement.doc

  1. 1. 02571258 23 February, 2005 Dear School Nominated Notebook Representative To ensure efficient change over of notebooks for the current rollout of replacement notebooks we would appreciate your support in the change-over process. This document outlines the steps involved: 1. The delivery of notebooks 2. Notebook image installation 3. Return process. Please note: (i) The notebooks will be delivered with the image pre loaded. (ii) There is also a security patch that needs to be run immediately. You are advised that you must run a security patch prior to distribution of notebooks to any school staff. The file is available from %20Notebooks/R51fix.exe (iii) School nominated representatives/technicians should ensure they follow the image instructions provided. The R51 recovery image DVD will be sent to technicians and schools shortly. (iv) The notebooks must be returned to the Lessor within 2 weeks of delivery of the new units – school holidays excepted. This document includes 4 attachments: Schedule 1: A schedule of tasks associated with the notebook transition process. Schedule 2: R51 Installation Instructions Schedule 3: Delivery of New Notebooks Schedule 4: Processing Notebooks for return Please ensure that teachers receive their nominated option. The options are: • IBM Option 1 = ThinkPad R51 model NBDET26 (1830-RM 6) DVD/CD read only • IBM Option 2 - ThinkPad 51 NBDET25 (1830-RM 5 DVD read CD read/write). • Apple Option 1 iBook G4 Power PC with bonus iPod • Apple Option 2 iBook G4 Power PC with bonus Digital Camera Recipients of replacement notebooks must accept the terms and conditions of the Notebook Agreement. This process must be completed by end of Term 1.
  2. 2. Failure to complete the agreement by the due date will result in the reallocation of the replacement notebook. It would be appreciated if you would remind recipients to undertake this action immediately they are given their replacement notebook. Thank-you for your valued support throughout this process. Queries If you have any queries concerning the above, please contact Notebook Administrator Information Technology Division
  3. 3. Schedule 1: Checklist of tasks for transition of notebooks Please find below a list of required activities which will assist in the scheduling of the Replacement Program. This list can be used as a guide in coordinating the change over of notebooks allocated to recipients in Round 1 Cycle 3 of the program. Note – recipients should not receive their replacement notebook until their old notebook is returned and processed. Prior to testing the operation of the notebook to be returned (as per the online DE&T Notebook Check Lists) please make sure that the battery has been charged and that the unit operates under its own power. Transition Process - Round 1 Cycle 3 Notebook Recipients PROCESS DATE TASKS RESPONSIBILITY Notebook Delivery Feb/March Receive and sign off Goods Office staff Notify School Representative Office Staff Store new notebooks in secure area TSSP/SNR/Tech Develop schedule for notebook setup SNR Notify round 1 recipients SNR Setup New Notebook Add network Client TSSP/SNR/Tech Add school based licensed software TSSP/SNR/Tech Create new image if required as unit comes TSSP/SNR/Tech with image preloaded Run and apply security patch R51fix.exe TSSP/SNR/Tech Detail Old Notebook Deliver old notebook Recipient Complete the online Equipment Checklist SNR Rollout 1 Cycle 2 IBM and Apple notebooks. Backup data if needed Recipient/TSSP/SNR/Tech Remove all software other than OEM from TSSP/SNR/Tech notebooks if notebook purchased by teacher or other personnel. Migrate - New Notebook Restore recipient data TSSP/SNR/Tech/Recipient Allocate to recipient TSSP/SNR/Tech Complete online Acceptance Form Recipient Recipients to receive email outlining the process. Must be completed by end of Term 1 2005. Deliver Old Notebook Complete the online ‘DE&T Notebook TSSP / SNR / Tech Checklists’ Pack securely for pickup TSSP / SNR / Tech Store in secure area TSSP / SNR / Tech Complete online ‘DE&T VIC Notebook TSSP / SNR / Tech Returns Form’
  4. 4. Note: This process must be completed by end of Term 1 2005.
  5. 5. Schedule 2 IBM R51 Notebook School Notebook Representative’s DE&T Image Installation Instructions Microsoft Windows XP Revision 2 – 22/02/2005
  6. 6. INSTALLATION INTRUCTIONS Please note that the notebook comes from IBM with a preinstalled version of the DE&T Windows XP image. You do not need to load a new image from a DE&T Supplied DVD. 1. When the notebook starts it will go straight into setting up Windows XP for use. In Windows XP mini-setup you are asked for the Administrator password. You CAN specify a new Administrator password at this prompt. The default password for the R51 image is blank (there is no password). The notebook will automatically reboot at the end of this mini-setup. 2. Log on as the Administrator and the password you set in Step 1. 3. IMPORTANT: Obtain a copy of and run R51fix.exe. You can get a copy from the following link if you don’t already have one. 4. Go to Control Panel and create a new user account for the User. Ensure that this account is a “Computer Administrator”. 5. Log out of Windows XP and login using the new User account you just created. 6. You DO NOT have to copy over any existing user profile. All existing programs should work without needing to copy over an existing profile. 7. Although Norton AntiVirus is already installed it is recommended that it be installed as a managed client. The shipped install is in unmanaged mode so updates will not happen automatically. Should you need to add another user to the notebook please ensure you log on as administrator and please ensure you follow steps 4 to 6. If for any reason a standard shutdown of the notebook will not work you will need to turn off the notebook by pressing and holding the power button until the screen goes completely blank (around 6 Seconds). The notebook will Suspend after a period of inactivity. To resume from Suspend please press the “Fn” button at the lower left of the keyboard.
  7. 7. DVD RECOVERY INTRUCTIONS The following procedure should be followed to recover the DE&T Image from the DVD. 1. Turn on the notebook and quickly hit the “F12” key to choose boot device. 2. Open the DVD drive, place the installation DVD into the drive, close DVD tray. 3. Select the DVD device on the screen. 4. The notebook will now boot from the DVD. When prompted press any key to delete all partitions. When prompted to confirm press any key to continue. If you want to cancel before deleting all partition remove the DVD from the drive and press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart the computer. If asked to confirm partition sizes press ALT and Y for Yes to continue and then Yes again to proceed with disk load. 5. It will take approximately 25 minutes to copy the image from the DVD to the notebook. 6. When the image load is completed you will be returned to a DOS prompt. Please eject the DVD and restart the Notebook by holding down the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” keys simultaneously. 7. You can now continue using “Installation Instructions” .
  8. 8. Schedule 3 DELIVERY OF NEW NOTEBOOKS Delivery Schedule Delivery of the new IBM notebooks is scheduled to commence on 25 February, 2005.The delivery of APPLE notebooks is scheduled to commence around the third week of March, 2005. It is anticipated that the delivery of both IBM and Apple notebooks will be completed by the end of Term 1, 2005. The despatch courier TNT will provide the delivery service to schools on behalf of IBM. Star Track Express will provide delivery of service to schools on behalf of APPLE. As the School’s Nominated Representative could you please notify the appropriate office staff of the pending delivery of notebooks for the current replacement round. Could a representative from the office or yourself please sign the delivery advice when the units have been delivered to your school and retain a copy of this document for future reference. If the numbers of items delivered does not match the number of items on the delivery docket do not accept the delivery and advise immediately. You need to be advised by the office that the delivery has been made if you are unable to accept the delivery due to prior commitments. The IBM notebook models can be identified by their Model Number on the label attached to the box containing the notebook:  M/T Model NBDET26 (1830-RM 6) DVD/CD read only R51 ThinkPad  M/T Model NBDET27 (1830-RM 5) DVD read /CD-RW read/write R51 ThinkPad All Apple G4 notebooks will include the teachers name on the label attached to the box. Store the new notebooks in a secure area for processing. Documentation on the procedures for the change-over process is attached as Schedule 1. Please do not allocate the new notebook to teachers until the change-over process is completed. Recipients who were successful in joining the Notebook Program for the first time should receive their notebooks once any school required network configuration has been completed. Recipients who currently have a Rollout 1 Cycle 2 notebook must return the unit for processing prior to receiving their replacement notebook.
  9. 9. What is in the box IBM ThinkPad R51 Delivery Package Check List • IBM ThinkPad R51 Notebook • Power cord • AC adapter • Battery pack • Carry bag • Telephone cord (modem use) • 1 spare TrackPoint cap • Windows XP Home quick start guide • ThinkPad R51 setup guide • Device and Troubleshooting guide • 128MB memory key Note the memory is not required to be returned at the end of the lease period although is it expected that should the notebook re returned to the school or DE&T for reallocation to another teacher then the memory key will also be passed on to the new user. Apple Notebook – Checklist • Apple Notebook • Power Supply • Power Cable • Power Plug • Modem Cable • VGA Display Adaptor • Carry Bag • 1 x·Image Recovery DVD • 3 x iBook Software Restore CD’s • 2 x iBook Mac OS X Install CD’s • 1 x World Book 2003 Edition CD • 1 x Blank CD-R • 1 x Apple Hardware Test CD • Manuals and Other Documentation • 1-2-3 Service & Support Document and On-site Warranty Terms & Conditions • Apple Software Proof-of-Purchase Coupons • Apple Software Licence Agreement for Mac OS X • Apple Stickers Note that Apple units will also come with a bonus offer. Option 1 has a 20Gb iPod and Option 2 has a Cannon Digital Camera. These bonus offers should be handed to the teachers. The iPod and the Digital Camera are not required to be returned at the end of the lease period. hes
  10. 10. Schedule 4 PROCESSING NOTEBOOKS FOR RETURN Current Rollout 1 Cycle 3 notebooks that are not being purchased by staff need to be processed for return to the Lessor as soon as possible after receipt of delivery of the new units to schools. Please note the following: 1. De-imaging the current notebooks You are not required to delete the software image on the current notebooks that are being returned to the Lessor. Arrangements have been made with the Lessor to complete this task. However, notebooks that have been purchased by staff must have all software removed with the exception of the Operating System for reasons of copyright. 2. Check that the current notebooks are fully operational and that all accessories of the old IBM or Apple notebook have been given to you for return. 3. Notebook users should ensure that their notebooks are fully functional and able to boot from battery. 4. The Acceptance Agreement signed by current notebook recipients indicates that they will be liable for costs associated with the repair of the notebook and/or the replacement of missing accessories. 5. The return and check list process is to be completed on-line. PACKING AND COLLECTION OF NOTEBOOKS Packing All Rollout 1 Cycle 2 notebooks to be returned must be packed in individual cartons in a secure manner. Recipients were asked to retain the original packaging and this should be used where possible. However, if the original packaging is unavailable a sturdy cardboard box as close in size to the original should be used. Unboxed notebooks will incur a packaging fee payable by the recipient. Please ensure that: • all accessories together with the notebook are carefully stored in the carry case; • suitable packing material (e.g. newspaper, foam, bubble wrap etc.) is used in the box to cushion the unit while being transported (where original packaging is not available); • the consignment note lease number is attached to the correct notebook for return • the box is firmly secured with packing tape; • the packaged notebooks are stored in a secure area ready to be picked up Instructions for on-line ‘DE&T notebook returns‘ process: Step 1 Access Log in using the school’s EduMail log-in (i.e. S999901, where 9999 is your school’s entity number) and the password for the school’s EduMail account.
  11. 11. Click on the text ‘DE&T Notebook Returns’. The ’DE&T Notebook Returns Form’ screen appears which includes your school’s details and a select button to be used for the selection of the school’s ‘Nominated Representative’. The Department is using this on-line selection of the school’s nominated notebook representative to ensure that the information provided is both timely and accurate for future communications with the school’s notebook representative. To move to the next stage of the return form process a school’s nominated representative must be selected. Please ensure that the school’s notebook representative has a valid Edumail account. If the details displayed in this section of the form are correct i.e. the name displayed is the current school’s notebook representative go to Step 3. Otherwise select another staff member as the School’s Nominated Notebook Representative. Step 2 Click on the ‘Select’ button highlight the notebook representative’s name by placing the mouse pointer over the name and clicking the left mouse button. Click on the ‘Save’ button – the ‘Representative Updated Completed’ message should appear in red text at the top of the form. Click on the ‘Return’ button to return to the ‘Notebook Returns Form’. Step 3 The ‘Notebook Returns Form’ should now include the Notebook Representative’s name and a list of current Rollout 1 Cycle 2 Recipients and the model of their notebook to be returned. It should be noted that the checklist process has now been built into the ‘Notebook Returns Form’. You are required to complete the checklist prior to submitting the form to action the notebook pickup/s. Step 4 Completion of checklist Click on the ‘Add Checklist’ button for a particular Teacher. This launches the checklist for that teacher. (a) Where the unit is a straight return click on the relevant check boxes where you require a TRUE and a tick will appear. For example, a  next to ‘Visible Damage’ indicates that there is visible damage while a  next to the ‘Carry Case’ indicates that the carry case has been returned (leave blank if not true). Go to Step 5. (b) If a recipient’s notebook has been returned for repair through the relevant helpdesk please check ‘Returned for Repair’ and enter the help-desk job reference number in the section of the form titled ‘Reference:’ All other check boxes become irrelevant. The relevant help-desk will be advised to return the notebook to DE&T for processing. Go to Step 5. (c) If the notebook has been purchased only the ‘Purchase’ and ‘De- imaged’check boxes are to be selected. (The Purchase box cannot be altered at the school level. We receive purchase information from Macquarie Bank and this is automatically placed onto our system). Go to Step 5.
  12. 12. Step 5 Click on the ‘Save’ button to return to the ‘Notebook Returns Form’ The ‘Add Checklist’ button should be replaced with 2 radio buttons under the Boxed heading. If the courier (Star Track Express) is required to pack the notebook for transport click on the radio button ‘no (Paid by School)’ the school will receive a tax invoice for each request for packaging (cost to be determined). The default setting for Boxed notebooks is ‘yes’ this assumes that the notebooks are packed ready for collection. Step 6 Click the check box that precedes the recipient’s name under the heading Return. This confirms that the recipient’s notebook is ready to be returned. Failure to activate the return check box prior to selecting the next recipient will result in the following windows message, “Please select which notebooks are being returned by placing a tick in the box preceding the record”. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for all recipients. Step 7 Click the ‘Request Pickup’ button – The ‘Notebook Returns form confirmation’ screen will appear. When the 'Request Pickup' button is activated an email is automatically sent to Star Track Express requesting the pickup of unit/s. Step 8 Click on the ‘Return to List’ button – the Notebooks Returns form should be displayed. Please note recipient’s names should be with the text and the lease number “Awaiting pickup” following their names. You may at this stage wish to edit a checklist click on the ‘Edit Checklist’ button as required. Step 9 Click on the ‘Menu’ button to return to the school’s Notebook Administration page. Exit your browser software. This completes the online notification of notebook pickups for your school. Step 10When the request for pickup has been activated, Star Track Express will email the school’s notebook representative. The email will contain attached consignment note labels with barcodes to be affixed securely to each boxed notebook being returned by the school. Please ensure that each notebook is packed securely in a separate box with consignment labels firmly attached to the correct box. When returning Rollout 1 Cycle 3 notebooks through Star Track Express (couriers) it’s imperative that the correct consignment note label is attached to the correct notebook. All labels sent by email to the school’s Nominated Notebook Representative will include a Lease Number. The lease number is the unique identifier used to track the owner of a particular notebook.
  13. 13. To assist in identifying which lease number belongs to which recipient we have included in the online Notebook Returns Form the lease number for each recipient. Print this form and use it as a guide to ensure that the correct Connote (identified by the sample connote below i.e. Senders Ref:0RP6) is attached to the correct notebook box for return to the Lessor. Connote : RBV477004063 SYD *Return* LESLEE YOUNG, CRAIGIEBURN Phone: (03) 93081228 Senders Ref : 0RP6 (Lease Number) Product Code : Return Reason : LEASE EXPIRY Receiver Ph : 1800 732668 Carrier: STAR TRACK EXPRESS RA Number : Service: EXP Ver: LblGen 1.0.1 MACQUARIE BANK LIMITED REBOOT PC LOGISTICS UNIT T1: REGENTS PARK ESTATE 391 PARK RD REGENTS PARK (NSW) AUSTRALIA 04/06/2003 NSW 2143 Item 1 of 1 Label No: RBV06RY
  14. 14. The Department has received feedback from notebook representatives suggesting that the email received from Star Track Express is not easily identified by its subject content or the sender’s detail. A sample image of a view taken in outlook should help representatives to identify the incoming email. Note, the email heading should read From: ASSETSERVICES@REBOOT-LOGISTICS.COM and the Subject: Controlled Return Labels for Connote RBV____________ Step 11When the school’s Notebook Representative has affixed the Connote labels to the boxes for return and completed The Return Summary Report – Driver’s Copy phone Star Track on 132345 to arrange the pickup of the notebook/s by Star Track Express. As part of this pick up process the school will be issued a reference number that should be recorded for future inquiries if required. Please provide: • Contact name • School Address • Phone Number • Consignment number on labels received We have been advised by Star Track Express that metropolitan pick ups will occur the same day if the courier is notified by 1:00pm. In country areas the pickup will occur the next day. If there are any queries relating to pick ups please contact 132345 and quote the original pick up reference number received when arranging the pick up by phone. Store the notebooks in a secure area in the Administration office ready for the impending pickup and advise office staff accordingly. During the previous return of notebooks the Department received queries relating to the failure to receive the email of consignment notes from Star Track Express. All requests to resend consignment note information must be sent to please provide the school’s four digit number ands include in the subject heading ‘Request to Resend Consignment Label for Rollout 1 Returns’