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Academic Technology Support Procedures (doc)

  1. 1. School of Human Ecology Technology Support DESKTOP COMPUTER SUPPORT PROGRAM The School of Human Ecology (SoHE) works with the DoIT Help Desk to coordinate desktop technical support provided to SoHE faculty and staff by SoHE technicians. All SoHE desktop computer (hardware and software) support requests should be directed to the DoIT Help Desk (4-HELP or 4-4357). The following procedures will be used for processing requests: 1. Call 4-HELP (4-4357) and make the appropriate selection from the phone menu: 1. Campus Network, Learn@UW, My UW-Madison, Web enrollment, WiscWorld, E-mail, ResNet and other Internet questions 2. University Systems – ISIS, SFS, Payroll, 3270, Voice Mail 3. Desktop Applications, Windows or Macintosh operating systems 4. Telephone Repair 5. Computer and Printer Repair 2. Once connected with a DoIT Help Desk Representative: Provide first and last name and (if required) university ID. Identify yourself as a "School of Human Ecology GOLD CUSTOMER”. Indicate whether you are calling from your office or other location. You will be asked whether you are using a Mac or a PC and whether you are on the campus network. 3. DoIT Help Desk handles requests in the following manner: • The agent answering your call will work with you for up to 10 minutes to address the issue immediately. • If the problem is not resolved and can be handled over the phone, the case will be routed to a Help Desk expert who will contact you usually within the hour, but in at most 4 hours. • If not resolved, the case will be routed to SoHE student computer technicians who will contact you for further diagnosis and problem solving in at most a day. • If the problem is still not resolved, senior SoHE computer technicians will respond to resolve the problem. 6/21/2010
  2. 2. School of Human Ecology Technology Support • For Printer hardware problems: A printer technician from DoIT User System Services will be dispatched to your SoHE office for repair. You or your department will be responsible for a time and materials charge by DoIT for these calls. For these problems you should request that the problem NOT be sent to the SoHE techs. 6/21/2010
  3. 3. School of Human Ecology Technology Support What you can do before you call the HELP Desk: • Know as much about the problem as possible. • Determine whether this is a problem with a single application or file, a problem with more than one program, or an network access problem. • Check if others in your work group are experiencing similar problems. • Be able to list the last three things you did on the computer before the problem occurred. Contacting the DoIT Help Desk for all desktop technology support ensures that you receive a quick resolution to common questions, and the SoHE students who are on site for a limited time will respond most efficiently to those issues that require further diagnosis and in-person follow-up. In addition, tracking your problems will help us in allocating SoHE technology resources in the future. 4. Always get a DoIT Help Desk case number: The Help Desk agent should give you a "case number" to facilitate tracking the problem if it is not resolved within the first 10 minutes. (If not, ask the Help Desk agent for a case number.) 5. Response time for the SoHE student computer technicians: Problems will be handled on a first come first serve basis. If SoHE student computer technicians cannot address the problem within 24 hours, they will notify you. The SoHE student computer technicians are instructed not to enter your office unless you are present or you have given express permission for the students to be in your office when you are not present. ROOM 34 COMPUTER LAB If there are problems with the lab, contact the DoIT Help Desk (4- HELP) and report the problem as detailed above. You may also email if the problem prevents the lab from being used for teaching. Students are required to take their files with them when they leave the lab. Files may be deleted from the hard disk of any computer in the lab without warning. Zips are no longer supported in the lab 6/21/2010
  4. 4. School of Human Ecology Technology Support Students should use USB flash drives, burnable CDs or burnable DVD disks. The lab computers have access to the h: drive. This drive allows all students to use files placed on the server by the faculty. To place a file on the h: drive from your office, go to the S: drive on your office computer and go into the lab folder. This is what the students see as the h: drive. Create a folder with your class name on it and place your files inside of that folder. Folders will be deleted after each semester, so you should make sure that you have a backup copy of all files saved in the lab folder. CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY To schedule SoHE audiovisual equipment: Email at least 24 hours before the equipment is needed. The request must contain: the list of necessary equipment, the dates and times when needed, and the length of time the equipment will be needed. We will let you know if there is a scheduling conflict or if the equipment is not available. The individual requesting the equipment will be responsible for picking up, setting up, and returning the equipment in good working order to the A-V Storage Closet, 163. The A-V equipment is in storage closet 163. Faculty/Academic Staff using the equipment on a weekly basis can be issued keys to this room, contact Jonie Bonfield (262-0017 or for key request procedures and forms. For less regular uses, departmental administrators have a key to access storage closet 163. If needed equipment is not available, try HC White Media Center or DoIT Rentals. Room 118 is NOT supported by SoHE technical staff. For access to technical equipment or problems with technical equipment in room 118 contact: Derek Dombrowski (Phone: 265-9697 or Email: 6/21/2010