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Broadband saves


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Broadband saves

  1. 1. ENTERTAINMENT Clearwire: For Tech Support Call:Sick of paying hundreds of dollars for your cable (877) 956-4056bill? You may have heard that you can watchmovies and televisions shows online using yourinternet connection. Here are a few services youcan access that may substitute for cable: Connect Your Community1.) Netflix.com ($8 / month) Partners  A monthly subscription service giving access to TV Shows & Movies that you (216) 236-3CYC (3292) can stream online.2.) Hulu.com (Free)  A website offering online streaming current season’s TV shows for free3.) HuluPlus.com ($8 / month)  A monthly subscription service giving access to TV Shows & Movies that you Broadband can stream online.How do you connect your computer to your TV? SavesSearch YouTube.Com or Google.Com andresearch some guides you can follow.You can also use Game Systems such as Xbox,Playstation, or Wii to stream these services A guide to how you can save money by doing things online, now that you have Broadband Internet Access Date of publication
  2. 2. Congratulations if you have purchased your COMMUNICATION With Google Voice, your landlineinternet service through Connect Your won’t need: Is your Landline phone bill more than $30 aCommunity’s Mobile Citizen Program! 1. Long Distance month? Cut your Phone Bill in half using a freeThrough this program, you will be guaranteed internet application to manage your Phone! 2. Voicemail / Answering MachineBroadband Internet service offered through 3. Call Waiting Use Google Voice to manage your phone service! 4. Caller IDClear wireless for one year. Ingredients 5. Three Way Calling 6. Call Blocking/ScreeningBroadband Internet Access is becoming Google E-mail Address (G-Mail) 7. Call Forwardingincreasingly important as we are moving into Google Voice Phone Number 8. Automatic Call Back Landline Phonethe future. The access to information, job Computer with internet connection Basically, you won’t need ANY extra features onopportunities, entertainment, and Best results with Google Chrome Browser your phone. Remove all those extras and see yourcommunication possibilities are a few of the Setting up Google Voice Number: phone bill shrink, and use that extra cash to paymany benefits the Internet can offer. 1. Establish a G-Mail account for the internet service to manage it!However, like any other utility – gas, electric,  Visit http://www.gmail.comphone – it does require a monthly payment,  Create an Accountwhich varies based on availability at your 2. Reserve a Google Voice Number PAYING BILLS  Visit http://voice.google.com (sign in ifhome. you need to) Do you that you can pay bills online through your  Click on Upgrade My Account >>> I Want bank, and save money on things like checks,After your first year, you will have to make a a New Number or Pop-Up offering you a money orders, and postage?decision on internet services. You can Phone Numbercontinue with Clear, or you can choose  Choose by Area Code Check with your bank – they can walk you throughanother carrier. What will remain constant,  Choose by Text how to set up your secure, online account and  Enter PIN & Confirm (make sure to writehowever, is the monthly payment. it down!) schedule bill payments – all for free!  Enter Landline Phone Number to ForwardThis guide will assist you in finding ways you to ANYTHING ELSE?can save money by doing certain things on  Google Voice will call your Phone: Enterthe internet, so the cost will be much easier the Verification Code provided on the Visit http://www.getconnectedtoday.com for Screen on your Phone’s Dial pad more tips to save money online. Keep track ofto bear, once you get comfortable with the  Google Voice is now set up!internet after your first year. everything you save, so you can justify the cost of 3. Install Google Voice & Video Plug-in 4. View tutorials at http://voice.google.com to broadband a year from today! find out how to place calls and texts from your computer!