Marketing Sem002 Gp C


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Marketing Sem002 Gp C

  1. 1. HTM 2121TOURISM ANDMARKETINGSEM002Group CLAU Ellen 11302520DMak Ka Tik, Roy 11317559DNg Wing Chung, Witty 11367431DWang Huihan, Freda 10834481DZhang Xi yue, Everlyn 10813412D
  2. 2. Today’s presentationExternal environmental analysisOpportunities and threatsCompetitor analysisObjectiveTarget marketMarketing Mix strategies and programs (4Ps)Implementation MilestoneMarketing BudgetMarketing controls
  3. 3. External environment analysis
  4. 4. Demographic trends Chinese females travel consumption amount Growth rate of household consumption in China Salesof premium chocolate 129% in past 5 years
  5. 5. Ecological tendsSustainable chocolate production trend Utilize organic cocoas -little pollution -Ensured qualities
  6. 6. Technological trends Health-conscious consuming trend New technology to produce reduced-fat & fat-free chocolate items Multi use trend Innovative technology to produce chocolate cocktails chocolate cosmic chocolate hotpots
  7. 7. Political-legal trends Issue: Use of child labor and slaves in cocoa farmse.g.15,000 children were workingin the chocolate farms of Cote dIvoire Establishment of a industry-wide labor standards System for monitoring the industry
  8. 8. Social-cultural trends Double side trends: Criticism: high-fat milk chocolates – threaten healthPopularity :contain antioxidant flavones- associated health benefits Pursuit for ‘healthy chocolates’-Low fat-Nutritious-Organic
  9. 9. Opportunities and Threats
  10. 10. Opportunities Satisfaction for ‘diet ’ trend- Low fat and calories Satisfaction for ‘healthy and fit’ trend- Organic materials with rich nutrition Best choice as souvenirs- Hong Kong as an attractive tourism destination- Specialty of Hong Kong-Chinese chocolate brand Cooperation with hotel chains- Special promotional tool- Concentration on target market
  11. 11. Threats Competition from other matured companies (e.g. Godiva) Existing market share Loss of potential Recognizable brand customers Powerful promotion Imitation of brand concept - ‘Organic and Diet chocolate’- Diminishing uniqueness
  12. 12. Competitor analysisA new market Current Competitor Godiva ( similar image and services at similar prices)
  13. 13. Competitor analysisPRODUCT -Two production methods (enrobing and shell- molding ) -Made by fine chocolate and high quality ingredients -Two types of chocolates: Gold collection and Piece by Piece PLACE -15 stores in Hong Kong -Luxury product shopping mall
  14. 14. Competitor analysis PRICE Piece-by-Piece: HK$140 per 100gm. Gold Collection 8/15pcs: HK$150/$280 Gold Collection 25/32pcs: HK$450/$580. PROMOTION Cooperate with Town gas Cooking Centre Chocolates School for making chocolates class.
  15. 15. Competitor analysis Strength High quality product Global brand Leader Complete sales net in the worldwide Weakness Godiva chocolate’s price set on a high level
  16. 16. Competitor analysis Opportunities Luxury image and positive brand name Close interaction between Hong Kong and Mainland China Threats Keen competition E.G: Agnes B operated its own chocolate shop these years.
  17. 17. Our Objectives... To become a famous brand in Hong Kong 5% Market share in Hong Kong market
  18. 18. Market share of choclatiers in China 30% Foreign chocolate brands 70% LocalAccording to Marbury (2009), foreign chocolate brandshave captured 70% of the Chinese chocolate market.
  19. 19. Become a famous brand HOW?  A high quality materials  Well-planned strategy  An environmental friendly way and sustainable development policy  High quality
  20. 20. Target customer Mainland traveler in Hong Kong aged 26-45 Financially independent
  21. 21. Target customers analysis Chinese traveler is a big group of potential customers High demand of product and purchasing power Our product can satisfy their wants  Healthy  Psychology  Purchase pattern
  22. 22. Marketing Mix strategies andprograms (4Ps) Positioning Mainland female traveler in Hong Kong aged 26-47 Luxury brand Main competitor - Godiva Trailer made chocolate for Mainland female Hong Kong based company Cater cultural need
  23. 23. Marketing Mix strategies andprograms (4Ps) Products French woman Sophisticated Independent Stylish and modern
  24. 24. Marketing Mix strategies andprograms (4Ps) Products AUSTRALIAN VITAMINS CSR Organic cocoa bean low-fat ingredient
  25. 25. Marketing Mix strategies andprograms (4Ps) Chocolate bar Chocolate Gift box
  26. 26. Marketing Mix strategies andprograms (4Ps) Seasonal design
  27. 27. Marketing Mix strategies andprograms (4Ps) Price Femme Godiva Moderne
  28. 28. Marketing Mix strategies andprograms (4Ps) Place Business and leisure 5 stars chain hotels
  29. 29. Marketing Mix strategies andprograms (4Ps) Promotion Free chocolate desert for the hotel restaurant Hotel staff promote our chocolate Free chocolate gifts for hotel guests on their birthday
  30. 30. Sales forecast(Unit=1,000 HKD) Cost will exceed sales in the first year Profitable in long term
  31. 31. (Unit=1 HKD)
  32. 32. Marketing controls  Questionnaire
  33. 33. Marketing controlsCorrective actions Services Ensuring staff quality meets standard Lessons for improving service attitude Food Consider another cocoa supplier to enhance higher quality Develop more products that can attract different customers
  34. 34. Marketing controls Corrective Actions Promotion Decreasing the budget of the least effective channel. Cut the budget of the most effectiveness promotion channel and uses it to other new channels in order to test the market. Remain one or two highest effective channels instead of multi channels if the promotion cost could not provide expected sales.
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  38. 38. END