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Shopservations 20121101

  1. 1. Shopservations { What we saw
  2. 2. Full disclosure:I brought my boyfriend with me because we thoughtit might be fun to check out the shops together.
  3. 3. I had no idea NR had rolly carts. I checked and they really do roll! Although the ceilings aren’t too low because the store’s so huge, their height, along with their office building inset light style felt pretty warehousey.Our first stop was The real shocker:Nordstrom Rack. Of all the places weIt’s a strange entry with went, including the modern Apple store,separate sets of doors on when I asked mytwo almost edges of the boyfriend which he’dsame corner of the building. store he’d like his house to be like, he said the I couldn’t believe I hadn’t Rack! Because it was noticed the security entrance the lowest pressure! sensors before !
  4. 4. Sloth animal in front of modern art piece. Totally unrelated. This is My boyfriend noted thatFuego creeped me out they used vertical space just how Ibecause it had my number. and none of the other decorate! Really pretty freaky. IMy boyfriend’s impression stores did. feel so marketedwas: cluttered! My feeling to.was, ooo, pretty here, The interior was cozy with I can’t believepretty there, pretty, cool, an emphasis on warm anything atand interesting wood tones. I felt invited Fuego is $149 !everywhere. and free to wander.
  5. 5. Only one store in the mall dared not to post it’s name above. Apple.I was surprised to find that our Apple store’slighting looks like film sprocket holes! I also hadn’t realized that, like AT&T, Apple employs a fulltime, in uniform security officer.The interior was minimalist when it came to He wouldn’t let me take his picture.product, but packed with employees...who How had I missed him all this time?were just milling around.
  6. 6. Sunglass Hut isn’t a shop either of us frequent…. Neither of us had much of an impression of it. My boyfriend felt its vast emptiness made it unapproachable. I guess I felt like something should be going on in there.They did have a rotating-brand central display, but beyond all that space,it felt……………unapproachable…………….Their idea of impulse buys was eyeglass cleaner…. Not very exciting. This store struck me as conservative and doomed to fail, especially right after visiting Apple.
  7. 7. The antiquey and out of place valances,the severely worn floors, and the aboutbusiness attitude of the staff atBath & Body Works made it clearenough to me that this business was in it for the veryshort term or at least needed a serious makeover.
  8. 8. It’s notreally ashop, butthen weheadedto ourfavoritelocalJapanese restaurant, Koji.We’ve been coming here for years, but Inoticed all sorts of things! There’s a shelfbelow the ceiling, The ceiling lights arespaced differently. The ceiling lights arerecessed. The interior paint is dark peachand…dark ocean green! The display inthe case on this counter is ALL sake! Bythis point, my boyfriend was doneplaying because it really was myhomework, but I was having a blast!
  9. 9. But once we got outside, I wasfull and relaxed and forgotabout observing, but myboyfriend didn’t. Look what hesaw! A bank with…a craneinside it!! Those are two thingsyou don’t normally puttogether! People were in thebuilding working on it as wewalked by.After that, and this last partblew my mind, we saw threehotel security guys chasing aguy in a green Adidas jacket.Hot and heavy pursuit! I didn’tget a picture. I was too shocked.Things like this just don’thappen in Portland!! I’ve neverseen it before. But…apparentlythey do. They ran right past us.Couldn’t miss it.Crazy night! Thanks for makingus get outside to look aroundand witness it.