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N's sketches

N's sketches



Sketch concepts for our Connect and Combine project.

Sketch concepts for our Connect and Combine project.



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    N's sketches N's sketches Presentation Transcript

    • This is my mostsports-likeconcept, though itinvolves 3 items: 1couch and twoweight workout balls(unless they tookturns, which couldwork, but wouldn’tbe as fun).Rules: Your hind endcan’t be more than6 inches from thecouch’s seat. You’reallowed to try toswing your hips toget your opponentto sit, but don’t loseyour balancebecause the firstperson to sit loses.
    • This one could be a bitdangerous. It involvesa thick, but short pilecarpet and the twist-off handle of a broomor a mop, whichbecomes a pole.Rules: Two peoplemove and spin thehandle, though theymust keep it on theground and not justram it at the jumper.The jumper can nevertouch the pole. If thejumper touches thepole, they sit down andmove the pole and theperson who has waitedlongest gets to go.
    • This is more of agame. It requirestwo larger, same-sized rubber bandsand a good sizedmarble.Rules: Your kneesmust be 30 degreesapart. Hook yourrubber bandbetween yourthumbs and shootthe marble at youropponent. If youshoot past theirrubber band andthrough their legs,you score.Goooooooooooooal!!
    • This is a game, too. Eachperson gets a chopstick andthen there’s one bao (Chinesebun with whatever filling youlike, but I’m imagining bbqpork). Could be played withmochi, too.Rules: Put the chopstick inyour mouth, skinny end out.Somebody skewer the bao.Transfer that bao successfullyto your partner. Assumingyour have other pairscompleting, whichever pairsuccessfully passes their bao(no dropping it) the mosttimes wins.
    • Another game. Thisone involves a widecarpenter’s penciland a smallermarble or a metalball.Rules: Roll the ballback and forth onthe unsharpenedlength of the penciland…don’t drop it.Whoever rolls themost lengths wins.
    • You may’veguessed thatsports aren’t reallymy thing. Art is.So I knew we’d getthere. This projectrequires chocolatesyrup and platesor, better, meltedchocolate andwaxed paper.Rules: Grab anempty plate anduse the syrupbottle (or meltedchocolate on aspoon) to draw apicture. In casethis doesn’t getmessy enough,blindfold yourchocolatista.
    • Yes, another art project. Thisinvolves paper, brushes,paint, and tape (SO over thelimit), but it seemed fun (tome), so I included it, anyway.Rules: Put up however manypieces of paper you like onthe wall (better paper thewall around the papers, too).Everyone gets a brush andgets to pick a different colorof paint. Paint whatever youlike, but do it fast. A timergoes off every 3 minutes(adjust time period to yourliking) and then you have toswitch to the next painting,augmenting whatever theprevious painter did. Do thisuntil there’s a consensus thatyour work is done. Expectthat not everyone will last tilthe end.