S P E C I A L            E D I T I O N                              +                   2500 Lives BrightenedSandy Relief ...
NOVEMBER 2012                                                                         ISSUE NO. 2                         ...
NOVEMBER 2012                                                                         ISSUE NO. 2Dare2B AmbassadorsIn Nove...
NOVEMBER 2012                                                                           ISSUE NO. 2Sandy Relief Initiative...
NOVEMBER 2012   Thank you!   After weeks of hardship caused by Hurricane Sandy   families were able to create a memorable ...
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Roxie's Dare2B November Newsletter


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Sandy Relief initiatives, Thanksgiving in NYC and much more.

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Roxie's Dare2B November Newsletter

  1. 1. S P E C I A L E D I T I O N + 2500 Lives BrightenedSandy Relief Initiatives November 2012It has been over a month since Hurricane Sandy devastated Roxie’s Dare2Bour city. New Yorkers have been impressive coming togetherin a multitude of ways to restore the big apple. Brightening lives since 2009 **************************Since the catastrophe, Dare2B has been at the forefront of itall collaborating with evacuation centers, shelters and SELFLESSnonprofits to guide sponsors, donors and volunteers on when,where and how to provide our impacted families with what Dare2B Thanksgiving in NYC Page 2they need most. (Cont’d on page 4) Sandy Relief Initiatives Page 4 CARING Thanksgiving Sponsors Page 2 Welcome Back Khoi Page 2 Dare2B Ambassadors Page 3 Family Fun Day Mobile Kitchen Donations & More En La Escena Page 3 Macy’s Operation Happy Page 3Dare2B Thanksgiving in NYC ChildrenNovember was truly a Dare2B Holiday Event Page 4month to be thankful. ThisThanksgiving numerous INSPIRATIONALselfless acts took place tohelp expand Dare2B’s Dinah Bouchard Page 3annual holiday meals forvictims of Hurricane Sandy UPCOMING EVENTSat the epicenter of Coney Page 4Island and Staten Island.All while continuing it’s originally scheduled event forhomeless children in the Bronx. (cont’d on page 2) Get involved! www.RoxiesDare2B.com
  2. 2. NOVEMBER 2012 ISSUE NO. 2 Annual Holiday Meals From the beginning In 2008, Roxie’s experience in a midtown soup kitchen during New Year’s Eve inspired her to create a special event for struggling families in New York City. Her dream to provide underprivileged families with a sit down gourmet meal, restaurant quality service and fun-filled activities directed theDare2B partnership with St. John’s Bread and Life. The rest is history. Since 2009, the two organizationshave brightened hundreds of lives in alliance with selfless volunteers, donors and sponsors. It’s all about teamworkThis Thanksgiving community members, Dare2B volunteers and ambassadors along with the entire St.John’s Bread and Life team proved that anything is possible when you put your heart into something.During Roxie’s visit to Sandy disaster zones she observed families, many with startled or frightenedchildren beside them, standing in long lines desperately gathering much needed supplies and mealsto go. This prompted Dare2B to expand the annual holiday event to Coney Island and Staten Islandin hopes of providing impacted families with a brief memorable moment. The unity demonstrated bythe communities was absolutely astounding. Thanks to everyone involved Dare2B served 1600 mealsthroughout New York City. In Staten Island residents went above and beyond to ensure Dare2B hadeverything, from meals to tables and chairs, to serve the community. Without their support it wouldnot have been feasible for Dare2B to do this event in Staten Island, where for first time ever the teamserved families in an open area, on the streets of Midland Beach. Special thanks to Robert Servis,founder of Movement for Peace, for authorizing Dare2B’s set up at his distribution center. SponsorsDare2B sponsors for this Thanksgiving Holiday Event wereexemplary. We cannot thank each one enough for comingtogether to help brighten the lives of so many devastated NewYorkers. B. Smith – Recipe St. John’s Bread and Life – Acquiring food sponsor and more Daddy O’s – Prepared meals for Staten Island families Givaudan – Plates and cutlery Goya – Beverages Robin Hood Foundation – FoodWelcome back Khoi Le! Dare2B consists of extraordinary repeat volunteers. Khoi Le discovered Dare2B’s first volunteer opportunity in 2009 after his arrival to New York. Since then, he became a dedicated volunteer participating at Dare2B’s Holiday Event and Children’s Day trips until his departure to California. After three years, Khoi has returned to New York and wasted no time in getting involved again. The day after his arrival Khoi was hard at work assisting Dare2B with meal preparations for families impacted by Sandy. Dare2B is excited to welcome Khoi back on theteam. Stay tuned for lots more on Khoi and his contribution to the Big Apple. Visit our website for video recap and/or photos of all events, www.RoxiesDARE2B.com 2
  3. 3. NOVEMBER 2012 ISSUE NO. 2Dare2B AmbassadorsIn November, the Dare2B family was extended with the new ambassador program. A leadershipinitiative designed to help educate, motivate and inspire individuals to want to make a difference. Dare2B Ambassadors hit the ground running with fundraisers, volunteer recruitment and program management to facilitate the expansion of the annual holiday meals. In the Bronx, Jessica MacFarlane did an extraordinary job managing the event and relationship with HELP USA and the Boys and Girls Club to ensure Dare2B’s service to Jessica MacFarlane children in homeless shelters continued. In Joelina Peralta & Ana Villacus Brooklyn and Staten Island, Joelina Peralta andAna Villacus assisted with meal preparations in East New York and exhibited their leadership skillsmanaging the Midland Beach location.En La Escena Dare2B is excited to welcome Anthony Austin, Founder/CEO of En la Escena, as Dare2Bs new media partner. Anthony instantly became a terrific value add for the families we served by syncing Dare2B with the right contacts to further expand Sandy initiatives in Coney Island and Staten Island. Thanks to this partnership, Roxie was also provided the opportunity to join Mayor Bloombergs New York City media to assess the needs in both ConeyIsland and Far Rockaway. This helped Dare2B identify areas requiring the most support. Stay tunedfor lots more on this collaborative effort focused on strengthening our city.Macy’s Operation Happy ChildrenOn Tuesday, November 27th Dare2B was honored with an invitation to jointhe NYC Department of Homeless Services at the Annual MacysOperation Happy Children. Roxie and fellow volunteers assisted aschaperones for the children of HELP I in East New York. Thanks to Macys,children in homeless shelters had the opportunity to tour Santaland; spenda moment with Santa; select a gift of their choice; and enjoy breakfastwith live entertainment. Dinah Bouchard Inspirational Individual of the Month Dare2B’s ability to impact hundreds of families is owed to our amazing sponsors, donors and volunteers. For the month of November, Dinah Bouchard was a true example of how one can “Dare2B Selfless, Caring, and Inspirational”. Dinah went above and beyond the role of volunteer and donor to help brighten the lives of hundreds in New York City after Hurricane Sandy. Living in Freeport Dinah encountered her own challenges after the catastrophe but Dinah Bouchard with that did not stop her from attending the Dare2B Family Fun Day at husband Samuel Gonzalez York College; sorting donations at St. John’s Bread and Life; gathering much needed supplies (provided by her network); anddropping off collected donations to Nassau Community College. Dinah Bouchard, we cannot thankyou enough for your selfless devotion and willingness to endure severe weather conditions, harshcommutes and long gas lines to assist devastated families. 3
  4. 4. NOVEMBER 2012 ISSUE NO. 2Sandy Relief Initiatives (cont’d from cover page)Dare2B Family Fun Day Dare2B launched the Family Fun Day program on November 3rd to help restore hope in the lives of displaced children in evacuation centers and shelters. Since the catastrophe, children have been scared and confused questioning why they can’t return home. They miss their belongings and the freedom to be a child. In shelters children were confined to one area unable to get a full nights rest. Volunteer, Alexandra Tudose Everyone enjoyed the rooms filled with laughter as Dare2B provided games and activities for children including face painting and balloon animals.St. John’s Bread and Life Mobile Soup Kitchen St. John’s Bread and Life has provided NYC’s homeless and working poor with mobile hot meals for over 30 years. The set infrastructure facilitated moving quickly to disaster areas in Far Rockaway and Coney Island providing more than 400 meals per day immediately after Hurricane Sandy. The organization gathered numerous donations for impacted families that included toiletries, blankets, comforters (donated by Ralph Lauren) and much more. All items were distributed daily to families via the mobile soup kitchen.Donations and more From ground assessment to special events along with gathering, sorting and distributing much needed supplies Dare2B volunteers and donors did it all. Thanks to each individual, organization and company involved we were able to provide help where little or no community support existed. Special thanks to volunteer Alexandra Tudose for connecting Dare2B with Knights of Columbus at American Martyrs Parish and Harbor Seafood, Inc. Esra and Michael provided vans full of donations, gathered through their network, at evacuation centers and our partner organization, St. John’sBread and Life, immediately after Hurricane Sandy.Dare2B Holiday EventThis year Dare2B’s holiday event will be dedicated to children inBronx homeless shelters. The Boys and Girls Club has assisted withoutreach and selecting the families attending this excitingcelebration on Christmas Eve. St. John’s Bread and Lifeenhanced this event by providing gifts for each child through www.RoxiesDare2B.comtheir annual Sponsor Family program. Bus transportation hasalso been provided for 150 families to ensure attendance. Now we need your help in acquiring thenecessary items to make this event a success. Visit our website and check out our Amazon Wish List,as well as, our volunteer opportunities. Gift Sorting Dare2B Holiday Event Get Involved! December 16, 2012 December 22 Team D’s Christmas *Volunteer *Donate *Sponsor St. John’s Bread & Life 9am – 4pm Event in Staten Island RoxiesDare2B@gmail.com 795 Lexington Ave December 23 & 24 www.facebook.com/RoxiesDare2B Brooklyn, NY 11221 Christmas in the Bronx 4
  5. 5. NOVEMBER 2012 Thank you! After weeks of hardship caused by Hurricane Sandy families were able to create a memorable moment in the midst of all the chaos thanks to each of our amazing sponsors, donors and volunteers who made all Dare2B Sandy Relief Initiatives possible. On behalf of our Dare2B family and the hundreds we served during this catastrophe, we thank you tremendously for each of your contributions. www.RoxiesDare2B.com Special thanks to all our contributors of Dare2B’s Thanksgiving Holiday Meal EventSponsors / Donors Sal Cirscuolo Cleidy Torres Perez, AshleyRobin Hood Foundation Yvonne Pagan Cynthia Escobar Perez, EdwinGoya Beverages Marc Schwartz Gloria Rodriguez Perez, MarioB. Smith Restaurant Greg Fosdal Gregory Diaz Perez, TiffanyIsabel Draves En La Escena Gregory Richard ChengDaddy Os BBQ J.I.Starr Erbentraut Richelle MaraStudio 25, Inc Natalie Maniscalco Isabel Draves Rosaria RomanoRichelle and Africa Victor Green Jessica Sal CriscuoloAndrea Muñoz Stan Kelly & Bob Bar MacFarlane - Sandra Milena GaviriaHappy Tea Clown Erbentraut St. Michaels VolunteersSt. Michaels Church Jodie Hirsch Community Africa FernandezBella Napolia Pizza Joelina Peralta Teressa Cali Allixson SilvaContributors Jose Gutierrez Thomas J. Virga Ana VillacusJanette Mercedes Khoi Le Tommaso DOnofrio Aniqa BariAl Diefenbach Kimberly & Veron Venus Nix April MacFarlaneChristy Robb Wilkerson Victor Pacheco Barbara GarciaLouise Hamilton Marc Schwartz William and Billy Marco Bernard JaramilloAntonio Rodriguez Michelle Moy Carolina ZuluagaRobert Servis Monica Sanchez Christina WilliamsMike Debo de Boissiere Natoya Carlies Christine LiPerez, Angela Pache Felton