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Collaboration Tools And Wireless Networking

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  • 1. Collaboration Tools and Wireless Networking
    Manager’s strategic view
  • 2. Why managers must understand networking and collaboration tools
    Collaboration is essential for getting closer to customers when:
    Launching a new product
    Identify issues
    Improve products or services
    Networking is essential to get together employees, business partners, shareholders, and customers around the world by
    Virtual meetings
    Delivery of distance learning trainings
    Mobile commerce
    Anytime anywhere
  • 3. IBM’s Innovation Factory
    Supports highly competitive companies
    By help managing the innovation process from the idea’s incubation through commercialization
    Its goal is to accelerate innovation by enabling collaboration among employees, partners, and customers through online communications
  • 4. IBM’s Innovation Factory
    It includes social networking such as:
    It is a collection of software and services from IBM to support the innovation process from start to put into practice.
  • 5. Sprint Nextel: An Example of a Communication Provider Company
    It is a global provider of voice, data, and Internet services.
    Mobile data, walkie-talkie capabilities, and wireless networks.
    IBM’s innovation factory
  • 6. Collaboration Tools: Electronic Collaboration
    Bulletin Board
    Desktop sharing
    Instant Messaging (IM)
    Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
    Shared Workplaces
    Web conferencing
    Collaboration tools are based on
    Web 2.0 technologies, which are:
    A combination of computing platforms that supports software applications and the sharing of information between users.
  • 7. Bulletin Board
  • 8. Bulletin Board
    Support discussions among different groups
    Allows users to leave messages and read public messages about specific topics
    Capture comments, issues, and suggestions at the time of the discussion
    Yahoo! Bulleting board
  • 9. Blog
  • 10. Blog
    Allows to share images, links to other blogs and web sites, and its readers can leave comments.
    Provides informal updates on products and projects
    Capture customer opinions and feedback anytime
    Blogdigger, Feedster, and Technorati are search engines for finding blog contents
  • 11. Calendaring
  • 12. Calendaring
    Determines resource availability
    Schedule people for meetings and events
    Identify open time slots of participants
    Notifies and reminds participants
    Google Calendar, IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and Now Up to Date & Contact from Novell Group Wise.
    You can create automatic event reminders, including mobile notifications.
  • 13. Desktop sharing
  • 14. Desktop sharing
  • 15. Desktop sharing
  • 16. Desktop sharing
    Provide technical support and product demos for customers
    Supports virtual meetings among employees and business partners
    It includes a number of technologies and software to allow remote access and remote collaboration on a person’s computer.
    Remote log-in and real-time collaboration are the most common forms of desktop sharing.
    Remote log-ins allow users to connect to their office computer while away from the office. It includes:
    Desk top remote control
    Data backup
    File sharing
    Remote systems administration
    On-demand customer support
    Certified technicians can perform setups, training, diagnosis, and repair.
    It is related to Web conferencing and to second life
  • 17. Instant messaging (IM)
  • 18. Instant messaging (IM)
    Offers real-time, informal communication based on rapid exchange of messages
    Provide timely updates
    Link key resources to address a problem
    It is less formal than e-mail
    It is considered less intrusive than phone calls
    It can send a link to a URL, electronic attachments such as documents or spreadsheets
    It can include web cams
    It is vulnerable to hackers
    Business should install security software to monitor and inspect all IM traffic.
  • 19. Podcasting
  • 20. Podcasting
    Enable digital content such as training material, company announcements, and music to be distributed over the Internet for playback on a portable media player like the iPod and personal computer
    It is a digital media file distributed over the Internet
    PodcastAlley and Podcast.com index and facilitates the finding of and the subscription to podcasts according to subject matter, source, and other criteria.
  • 21. Really Simple Syndication
  • 22. Really Simple Syndication
  • 23. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds
    Enable people to receive automatically new posting to their favorite blogs or Web sites
    It is a data format that help people automatically receive feeds anytime there are new postings to their favorite blog sites, updates in the news headlines, or new information posted on a specific Web site.
    BlogStreet, myRSS, NewsIsFree and Purple Page, Syndic 8.com are sites that offers RSS feeds
  • 24. Shared workplaces
  • 25. Shared workplaces
  • 26. Shared workplaces
    Provide ease of access to documents
    It is an area hosted by a Web server in which project members and colleagues can share documents, models, photos, and other forms of information to keep each other current on the status of the projects or topics of common interests
    Reviewers can access a shared team workplaces to view and to post comments
    Over the course of few days, the reviews can go through all applications and even vote to choose the most appropriate interacting by instant messaging.
    It is a restricted server that ensures privacy and control access to the applicant and associated data
    It cuts traveling expenses and speed up projects
    All the comments are done during a specific time session. There can be more comments in other time defined sessions.
    It is more formal than Wikis.
  • 27. Web Conferencing
  • 28. Web Conferencing
    It conducts live meetings or presentations over the Internet
    Each participant sits at its own computer and connect to other participant via the Internet.
    To connect, each participant either download an application or link to an on-line address.
  • 29. Web Conferencing
    Its features can include:
    Rich media presentations
    Live video via Webcam
    Panoramic video
    Personal recordings
    Whiteboard with annotations, which allows the presenter and the attendees to highlight or mark items on the slide presentation
    Text chat for live questions and answer sessions
    Polls and surveys, which allow the presenter to pose questions with multiple choice answers to the audience
  • 30. Webcast
  • 31. Webinar
  • 32. Web Conferencing
    It is a presentation of information in only one direction
    It is a presentation in two directions. The audience can ask questions to the presenter in an interactive way, usually at the end of the presentation.
  • 33. Web Conferencing
    Public services for the connection:
    GoToMeetings, Live Meeting, Netviewer, SkypePro, WebEx, and Yugma
    Usually, they charge in a per-minute basis
    Software to install in a private server:
    Adobe Acrobat Connect,Genesys Conferencing, GoToMeeting, Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Unyte, and WebEx.
    Time connection is free this way.
  • 34. Wikis
  • 35. Wikis
    It is a collaborative Web site that allows users to create and edit Web page content freely using any Web browser.
    Wikipedia is an example. Not all the opinions found there are made by experts in the topic.
    It reduces e-mail traffic by publishing a document to be review by all its participants.
    Wikis can allow sharing documents such as spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents, Power Point, PDFs, and anything that can be displayed on a Web browser.
    • Comments to the documents can be made anytime by the people involved.
  • E-mail
  • 36. E-mail
    It allow attachments of documents
    It is a one direction at a time communication tool
    It is one of the first communication tools invented and still used today.
    It allows to send the same message to a group of users at the same time.
    It allows to manage contact information.
  • 37. Wireless Communications
  • 38. Wireless Communications
    Communications Fundamentals
    Cell phone services
    Wi-Fi Solution for Local Area Networks
    Wi-Max, a solution for Metropolitan Area Networks
  • 39. Biobliography
    Reynolds, G. W., Information Technology for Managers, Boston: Cengage Learning 2010.