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Advertising campaign

  1. 1. 3P’s:Chair/Pew Storage Loop
  2. 2. Jettison Works Group Business is abusiness managed and operated constituting six (6) partners. It offers 3P’s Mighty Chair Drum Furniture that is made up of purely recycled materials. We believe in a slogan:“Never refuse to REUSE”, that’s why we start the business. Jettison Works Group Business is aimingat least 60% of our target market from A, B, C class in the office and schools institution segment of the furniture market.
  3. 3. Jettison Works Group Business will usebroadcast media to provide coverage 80% ofthe target market over a six months periodand will reach 60% of the target audience atleast three times over the same six monthsperiod. 3P’s Mighty Chair Drum will use a creativeexecution of the commercial that includes:•Straight sell or factual message•Animation•Humor•And Combinations;
  4. 4. SITUATION ANALYSIS•Introduction3 P’s Mighty Chair Drum FurnitureThe office furniture industry has undergonea great deal of change in this decade. Thegrowth of the office superstores made a fewlarge branches dominant. They producerelatively inexpensive furniture that makescompromises in order to stay at the low pricelevel.
  5. 5. • Industry review, size, growth, trend 2012 Market research report on furniture stores (Philippines)The furniture sector in the Philippinescurrently comprises about 15,000.00manufacturers. The structure of the industryis donated by small and medium sizeenterprises; only 2% are estimated to belarge companies. Employment is estimatedat about 800,000.00 workers includingmanufacturers, subcontractors andsuppliers.
  6. 6. The market research, the furniture industry in the Philippines offers acomprehensive sector in the Philippineproviding data on furniture production and furniture consumption, furniture imports and exports. Factorsdetermining the demand for furniture’s are examined, as well as furniture distribution system and furniture supply structure. The construction industry is also considered. Short profiles are provided for the main Philippine furniture manufacturers.
  7. 7. Philippine furniture imports and exports are broken down by country and product (officefurniture, bedroom furniture, seats parts and parts of furniture). The wood and forestry sector is also considered: Production, imports, exports and consumption data are provided for the main semi- finished wood products.
  8. 8. Identification of Competitors’Workzone Furnishop (Sunset Quay Mall, Manila) Home Depot SM HomeworldMagneto Enterprise ( Sta. Mesa Mla. Phils.)
  9. 9. The four main manufacturers areselling direct to the office superstores and buying discount clubs. This accounts for the main volume of distribution. The office furniture customer seems to be growing steadily more comfortable with the retail buy in the chain store.
  10. 10. Our main competitors use pricing position as a premier provider. They are the best product available, for the most discriminating consumer. Theyintend to maintain separation from the price competition at the lower end of the business. Our competitors plan calls for no significant changes in pricing.
  11. 11. The most important vehicle for sales promotion of our competitor is the direct mail catalog published by the specialty retailer such as Sharper Image and its competitors.
  12. 12. Our main competitoroffers very high quality office furniture designed.
  13. 13. Myla Akiko E. Gimenez President Rowena G. Navarro V. President Corazon Sequina Executive Secretary Janice Versoza Charvee Balaguer Adam Lameda Jobelle Balingit V.P V.P V.P V.PResearch & Dev’t Advertising Marketing Administration
  14. 14. •Jettison Works Group Business offers recyclablefurniture products (3 P’s Mighty Chair DrumFurniture). It is privately owned business operatedand managed by: Myla Akiko E. Gimenez, CorazonSequina, Rowena Navarro, Adam Lameda, JobelleBalingit, Janice Versoza, and Charvee Balaguer .Our business help create pleasant, productiveoffice and home environments with well designedrecycled chair furniture. We always provide thebest possible value to our customers who careabout quality office environments as well ashouses and institutions; we want every peso spentwith us to be well spent. We also create andnurture a healthy, creative, respectful, and funoffice and workshop environment. We seek fairand responsible profit, enough to keep JettisonWorks Group Business financially healthy for thelong term and to fairly compensate owners andinvestors for their money and risks.
  15. 15. A. Demographic Characteristics• Targeting ages 18-35 office employees, students, and households.• The materials that we use are eco-friendly for the environment.• We can use it in your homes, office, etc. in enhancing the beauty of your homes, offices, etc.• Triple purposes
  16. 16. B. Psychographic•Targeting class A,B,C office employees, households and students•Office, Home furniture’s, etc. are designed for the means of easy accessible work and relaxing.•Quality product that can cater class A,B,C.C. Identification of target marketPrimary: Employees and StudentsSecondary: Buyers and users who seek high quality recyclable chair furniture while those who willing to compromise the functionality at the benefit of low prices.
  17. 17. Strengths•Strong process design•New recyclable product design•High quality furniture using recycled materials•Own designer who could help to create better furniture’s design•New in the market and first to be in launch
  18. 18. Weaknesses•More competitors•Limited product range•Limited supply andavailability of uniquerecycled materials
  19. 19. Opportunities•Innovation of recycledfurniture’s•Substitution for woodmaterials
  20. 20. Threats•Quality and design of the furniture needs to be considered very closely as the lifestyle of people is improving.•The company may not be able to attract top management.
  21. 21. -Jettison Works Group Business will use wide range ofmedia strategies to promote our product: “3P’s Mighty ChairDrum”.It will cover:•Our main objective for advertising•Creative strategy we use as a medium for reaching our consumers.•A campaign theme to always remember with our customers.•Jingle;•Creative Executions and;•The “BIG” Idea Furthermore, we tend to justify and implement the best wecan be in the world of advertising in order to provide a goodadvertising record for our business and society at large.
  22. 22. Statement of general objectives Jettison Works Group Business is aiming at least 60% of our targetmarket from A, B, C class. In the officeand schools institution segment of the furniture market.
  23. 23. Creative Strategy•Develop a theme for targeted print advertising > Reach consumers through the use of fliers.  Installations of tarpaulins.  Produce commercials that effectively communicate the central theme of the campaign: “Reuse.. Reuse.. and Reuse Again, just do it again”. Never refuse to reuse..  30 secs. TV CommercialExample: Develop a print campaign to sell 3 P’s Mighty chair drum by using any low cost advertising media available in the local community.
  24. 24. •Partnership and Sponsorship Advertising Target Person Our target person is Ms. Rebecca Tan Yu, 27 years old, employee, single, who is seeking for affordable and quality office chair furniture. Creative Objectives Encouraged and influence office employees and students as well as households to patronize 3 P’s Mighty Chair Drum that is the alternative for buying expensive chair furniture.
  25. 25.  Consumer Promise The incomparable triple-purpose recycled chair drum furniture. Support Jettison Works Group Business has a patent. Brand Personality •Patented and heavy-duty •3 P’s Mighty Chair Drum is patented and heavy-duty recycled drum •Has multiple intention Tone and Mood of Advertising •Informative, Casual, and Educative •Mix with jesting
  26. 26. •Creative Execution The “BIG” Idea 3P’s Mighty Chair Drum will use a creative execution of the commercial that includes: Straight sell or factual message Animation Humor And Combinations;
  27. 27. •Media Strategy plus rationale Jettison Works Group Business will use broadcast media to provide coverage 80% of the target market over a six months period. Reach 60% of the target audience at least three times over the same six months period. Concentrate heaviest advertising in summer and rainy season.
  28. 28. 10%20% 20% 10% 60% 20% 60% 20% 80% 80% Population excluding target market Target market (18-35 year old males & females) Media coverage Media overexposure
  29. 29. •Media Plan and Schedule The Traditional Media Landscape MEDIUM NUMBER TV. Station 3,570 Broadcast Network 100 TV/ Cable 13,898 Radio Stations 2 Consumer Magazines 5,340 News Paper 8,100 (Daily/Weekly)
  30. 30. Promotional Scheduling:ContinuityFlightingPulsing
  31. 31. JETTISON WORKS GROUP BUSINESS PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING FLIGHTINGAdvantage Cost efficiency of advertising only during purchase Cycles. May allow your inclusion of more than one medium or vehicle with limited budgets.Disadvantage Weighting may offer more exposure and advantage over competitors. Increase likelihood of wear out. Lack of awareness, interest, retention of promotional message during nonscheduled times. Vulnerability to competitive efforts during non scheduled periods.
  32. 32. SPOTS OF COMMERCIAL SCHEDULE:6-9 A.M (Monday-Friday)60 35 55-7 P.M (Monday-Friday)84 9 57-8 P.M (Monday- Friday)88 9 711-11:30 P.M (Monday-Friday)86 10 2 Percent of program audience retained by spot Percent of audience lost: out of the room Percent of audience lost: Changing Channels
  33. 33. MEDIA ADVANTAGE DISADVANTAGESTelevision Mass coverage Low selectivity High Reach Short message life Impact of sight High absolute cost sound, and High production cost motion Clutter; High prestige Low cost for exposure Attention getting Favorable image
  34. 34. PRODUCTION FOR COMMERCIAL OF 3P’S MIGHTY CHAIR DRUM PREPRODUCTION-Selecting a director POST PRODUCTION-Choosing a production company-Bidding -Editing-Cost Estimation and timing -Processing PRODUCTION-Production timetable -Recording sound Set Construction -Location/set effects shoots Location: San Juan, City -Audio/video mixing Casting -Friday shoots -Duplicating Wardrobes -Talent -Releasing-Preparation meeting arrangements
  35. 35. •Allocation of Advertising Budget Price : P299.00 Establishing the budget: 3P’s Mighty Chair Drum Furniture Sales : P__________________ Fixed Cost of Advertising : P__________________ Advertising Promotion : P__________________ Profit : P__________________ F(A)= Sales : P__________________ A= Advertising/Promotions exp. : P__________________ Mf(A)= Gross Margin : P__________________ Advertising Budget : P__________________ Media Placements : P__________________ Research costs : P__________________ Pretest : P__________________ Post-test : P__________________ TOTAL : P__________________
  36. 36. •Allocation of Advertising Budget Fliers (10bundles x 200) 1500 pcs. P2,000.00 Tarpaulins (10pcs. X 120) P1,200.00 Commercial (30secs.) Primetime P300,000.00 Mega Manila (12:00-2pm) TOTAL: P3O3,200.00
  37. 37. •Statement of Expectation (after the full run of the campaign)Jettison Group of Business will provide: Feedback from target audience Approval/Disapproval of the ad campaign 100% patronization Customer Loyalty