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presented on the ocassion of Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Alhamra Hall No. 1, Lahore Art Council, The Mall, Lahore on 3 March 2012 at a Function. The Chief Minister of Punjab was the Chief Guest of ...

presented on the ocassion of Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Alhamra Hall No. 1, Lahore Art Council, The Mall, Lahore on 3 March 2012 at a Function. The Chief Minister of Punjab was the Chief Guest of the function. Parents of Special Children, Donors, Heads of the Special Education Institutions joined the Event. Awareness about the Special Persons provided and different tableus and



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  • I have found this place a very competentand professional with all facilities that aperfect institute should have. I amprivileged to visit here. Thanks a lot foryour cooperation
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    Visitors views Visitors views Presentation Transcript

    • Visitors Views Presented at Al-Hamra Art Council, Lahore on Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Amin MaktabThis presentation prepared by Mrs. Roubina Kausar, System Engineer, Amin Maktab. 1
    • Love one another. As God loves eachone of you. God bless you. Mother Teresa Visitors prepared by Roubina 2
    • I have spent a very rewarding morning atthe Amin Maktab. It was a heart-warmingexperience to see the devotion and love ofthe teachers for their pupils, without whichthese children could not at all develop theirfaculties. S. Anwar-ul-Haq Justice of Pakistan. Visitors prepared by Roubina 3
    • Thank you for bringing love and help tothe most difficult families and children. Deng Piofang Chairman, China Disabled Person‟s Federation, Beijing, China. Visitors prepared by Roubina 4
    • Amin Maktab is undoubtedly one of the best-runinstitutions of its type that I have seenanywhere, any time. It is not only located inbeautiful surroundings, housed in a beautifulbuilding, but it is also well-managed and well run.The institution was lucky to have some one likeMr. Yaqub Shah as its founding father, but I thinkit is equally lucky to have someone like Justice(R) Aamer Raza, as its dynamic President. I wishAmin Maktab all success and good luck. I.A. Imtiazi Secretary-General, INFAQ Foundation, Karachi. Visitors prepared by Roubina 5
    • This visit is a very heart warmingexperience. A rare silver lining for meetingthe tragedy of ailing humanity. Masrur Hasan Khan Secretary-General, INFAQ Foundation, Karachi. Visitors prepared by Roubina 6
    • Visiting Amin Maktab was a heart-warmingexperience. This project deserves morethan praise and good wishes. It deservesunflinching moral and material support ofthe society, which it is serving with suchdedication and compassion. Dr. Nabiha W. Hasan Principal, F.J.M.C., Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 7
    • Amin Maktab is the most outstandinginstitution of its kind that I have seen inPakistan. In point of fact it appears betterequipped and organized than similarinstitutions seen by me in U.K. and U.S.A. M.P. Bhandara M.N.A. Rawalpindi. Visitors prepared by Roubina 8
    • A pleasure to visit the centre, with itsdedicated staff. An excellent example ofcommunity based effort. I commend thework and pray that others would emulatethe example- for those who wish to help;it is not the mere hours of work, but theinterest- a light to be kindled. S.K. Mahmud Secretary, Special Education & Social Welfare, Islamabad. Visitors prepared by Roubina 9
    • A very rewarding visit for me any mycolleagues. This institution is perhaps themost outstanding in the field of mentalretardation. Highly motivated andcommitted staff members, under inspiringleadership are achieving excellentresults, which we would like similarinstitutions to follow. Salman Farooqi Director General, Special Education, Islamabad. Visitors prepared by Roubina 10
    • I am impressed to see the quality andlevel of training and instruction beingimparted to mentally retarded children. It isexemplary and I wish that other NGOsshould also involve them in this noblework. Tariq Sultan Secretary, Social Welfare & Zakat, Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 11
    • It was indeed a very pleasant experienceto see how this institution has movedforward in the last few years towardsoffering services to the mentally retardedthrough dedicated workers. With continuedsupport from the community and theprofessionals, we hope, this work will bearfruit. Prof. Dr. Rafia Hassan Department of Applied Psychology, University of Punjab, Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 12
    • The loving professional care and devotioncoupled with patience has resulted inprogress which is equal to, if not betterthan what on can imagine in the best ofcentres I have seen. Amin Maktab hasovercome all handicaps in helping thestudent. Dr. Yousaf Kamal Mirza Psychiatrist, CMH, Kharian Cantt. Visitors prepared by Roubina 13
    • This school reflects high professionaleducational standards. The atmosphere isvery good and for my second visit I amgreatly encouraged that the school iscontinuing to develop so well. Judith Coupe Headmistress, Melland School, Manchester. Visitors prepared by Roubina 14
    • I found the visit extremely thrilling becausethe expertise and commitment shown atAmin Maktab offers the potential for greatinfluence on other teachers andestablishments. I was very impressed bythe Outreach Program and mostimportantly the ethos, which emanatesfrom leadership. I learned from my visit. Francis Stanley Rockdale, England. Visitors prepared by Roubina 15
    • Thanks for the extensive briefing about themost useful work you are doing in Lahoreand in particular in Katchi Abadies. Itshoped that many other NGOs will beattracted by your concept and that youmay guide them when possible. Geert J. Edelerbosch UNICEF, Islamabad. Visitors prepared by Roubina 16
    • This is the best special education programthat I have seen in Pakistan. In addition tothe superior quality of the academicprograms, and cleanliness, the building isvery well maintained. The Outreach/HomeVisitation Program needs to be modeledafter, by other special educationorganizations. Dr. Naseem Dil Professor, Special Education, University of Nevada, U.S.A. Visitors prepared by Roubina 17
    • Congratulation for the excellent work andeffort made so far. I wish that youractivities would continue to help andalleviate children. Jacinthe Desmarais Resident Project Officer, UNICEF, Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 18
    • My wife and I were immensely impressedby the dedication of the staff to the noblecause of helping the lesser fortunatechildren. We wish the staff of the Maktablots of success in their endeavors. Rashid Ahmad Director, Special Assignment, UNESCO, Paris, France. Visitors prepared by Roubina 19
    • This visit is a very heart warmingexperience. A rare silver lining for meetingthe tragedy of ailing humanity. Masrur Hasan Khan Secretary General, INFAQ Foundation, Karachi. Visitors prepared by Roubina 20
    • Very great pleasure to visit this marvel ofan institution. I hope we can learn from thisexcellent model. Muzaffar Mahmood Qureshi Secretary, Special Education, Govt. of Pakistan. Visitors prepared by Roubina 21
    • It was heartening to see so much goodwork being done in Amin Maktab forretarded children. The innovative approachattends the unreached, besides thestudents enlisted in Maktab. God blessthese efforts. N.Z.F. participation in thisinstitution is well utilized. Javed Ahmad Khan M.D., N.Z.F., Islamabad. Visitors prepared by Roubina 22
    • It was given me real pleasure to visit AminMaktab today. I had heard a lot about thisinstitution, but seeing the students anddedicated teachers is entirely different.This is real good work. Fakhar-un-Nisa Principal, F.J.M.C. Visitors prepared by Roubina 23
    • What an inspiring visit. Inshallah on myreturn I shall reach the unreached. Prof. George Thomson University of Edinburgh. Visitors prepared by Roubina 24
    • Thank you very much for sharing yourexperiences with the Outreach Programwith my and for showing me your niceCentre. Berit Veghein The Norwegian Ass. of Disabled People, OSLO. Visitors prepared by Roubina 25
    • It is a wonderful organization, which is runand organized by people of highdedication and devotion. I am pleased tovisit it today. Such organizations are thebackbone of our Society and should beencouraged by us so that more and morepersons are attended. Mahmud Ahmad M.D., National Zakat Foundation, Islamabad. Visitors prepared by Roubina 26
    • A very inspiring unit where the devotion &experience of the staff is very evident. I aminspired also by the structure & regularevaluation of the children. Thank you forthe opportunity. Pamela Lee Past President, Soroptimist International, U.K. Visitors prepared by Roubina 27
    • I am highly impressed by the work carriedby the teachers and other workersinvolved in the care of special children. It isreally a great job. God bless them all. Dr. Saleema Qaisera Prof. of Medicine, F.J.M.C.. Visitors prepared by Roubina 28
    • It is a well run organization and very wellestablished institution. The staff employedis fully devoted, dedicated, motivated andhighly qualified. Lt. Col. M. Iqbal GSO-I (Edu) Corps HQ, Bahawalpur. Visitors prepared by Roubina 29
    • I am very impressed by all the work donehere. The Outreach services are especiallyinteresting to me. I have learned a greatdeal in my short visit, which I hope to putto good use with our own Pakistanifamilies. Thank you and may your workcontinue to strengthen and grow. James Robinson Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, Scotland. Visitors prepared by Roubina 30
    • Thank you so very much for showing usyour Center and inspiring us about whatcan be done in Outreach for specialpeople. We hope to learn more from you infuture and to having you visit us in Gilgit. Dr. Zeba Rasmussen Chairperson, Mehnaz Fatima Educational Welfare Organization, Gilgit. Visitors prepared by Roubina 31
    • Amin Maktab is delivering verycommendable services and this is all dueto commitment of its leadership and team.Amin Maktab is providing its services withvery innovative ideas. Mohammad Fazil Cheema Director, Special Education, DGSE, Islamabad. Visitors prepared by Roubina 32
    • The first impression was one of cheerfulactivity, warmth and a busy happy place.We were amazed with the wide range ofactivities going on. Most impressive is thepatience of the staff, which has obviouslycontributed to the happiness of thechildren. Iram Qazi Lahore School of Learning, 5-H, Gulberg-III, Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 33
    • Thank you Dr. S. Yasmeen Shah and theteam for very useful discussions on thesubject disabilities particularly theprevention aspects. I am impressed byyour good work and wish you expand yourwork further. Your inputs would be veryuseful for our work on NPA. Fauzia Rahman Consultant WB/AAA for NPA-Disabled Persons. Visitors prepared by Roubina 34
    • Amin Maktab is portrayed in a poem byHarris Khalique about his visit to a similarfacility in Romania: „Giving Meanings; toGod‟s Unfinished Poems.‟ Usman Qazi Economic Development Officer, UNICEF. Visitors prepared by Roubina 35
    • Really impressed. The great job beingdone by this institution. Just keep up thegood work. Dr. Zahid Mahmood Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Govt. College University, Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 36
    • Really impressive Centre doing anexcellent job. Abdul Qayyum V.S.O. Ali Institute of Education. Visitors prepared by Roubina 37
    • May Allah bless you for all your greatwork, Ameen. Asma A. Ejaz Psychiatrist, New York. Visitors prepared by Roubina 38
    • I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting AminMaktab. I always do. I am full of admirationfor all you do for the children who have thegreatest need- helping them to enjoy, feelbetter, and behave openly and freely withthose around them. Keep up the goodwork and always remember us so we canjoin in with your good works Maryam Salam Visitors prepared by Roubina 39
    • Very much impressed by the programorganized by the society. Aasia Shahid Director, VTCDP, Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 40
    • I am extremely impressed with the highquality services offered by your highlymotivated staff. Your center compares withmost in the developed world. Wishing youthe very best, and keep up the excellentwork. Dr. Balbir Singh President, Down Syndrome International, Singapore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 41
    • So much progress in 3 years, especiallywith the new Sub-Centers and inclusiveprogram. Thanks so much for training ourstaff of Gilgit. Dr. Zeba Rasmussen Mehnaz Fatima Special Education Centre, Gilgit. Visitors prepared by Roubina 42
    • It is spiritually satisfying to see facility likeAmin Maktab. I must acknowledge andcongratulate the very committedfaculty/staff for their wonderful work toserve humanity. Brig. Imtiaz Hussain Sherazi H.Q. Logistics, Multan. Visitors prepared by Roubina 43
    • Pleased to visit a very good institute inPakistan working for Special Children.Excellent work you are doing. A learningInstitute for others who are working forSpecial Persons. Dr. Khawaja Khan Chairman, Kado Karimabad, Hunza. Visitors prepared by Roubina 44
    • I will remember my visit here withfondness- you are doing a wonderful job. Prof. Jenny Hewisonb University of Leeds, U.K. Visitors prepared by Roubina 45
    • Very interesting and encouraging. Keep upto good work. Dr. Qamar Rashid Hamza Foundation. Visitors prepared by Roubina 46
    • I am impressed. May Allah bless you all. A.V.M. M. Yunus ® A concerned citizen. Visitors prepared by Roubina 47
    • Thanks for your most impressive pioneerwork for the best of the children. Nana Gobee Managing Director, Frenz der Grech House Bench, Germany Visitors prepared by Roubina 48
    • Working very well in this field, verydedicated people. Nausheen Malik Speech Therapist, Dept. of Special Education, Punjab University. Visitors prepared by Roubina 49
    • Amin Maktab is an institute of standing. Itis a trend setter. I wish all the success andgood speed. Major Mumtaz H. Hashmi ® Speech Therapist, Dept. of Special Education, Punjab University. Visitors prepared by Roubina 50
    • This is an extremely valuable organizationwhich provides services that are invaluablefor such needy children. Thank you forallowing us to access parents of thesechildren for our research! Shenaz Ahmad Phd. University of heads, UK. Visitors prepared by Roubina 51
    • I have found this place a very competentand professional with all facilities that aperfect institute should have. I amprivileged to visit here. Thanks a lot foryour cooperation. Mehwish Wakeel Psychologist, Govt. Special Education Centre, Nishtar Town. Visitors prepared by Roubina 52
    • It is a world class institute. Excellent work and efforts by staff. Well-done, keep it up. Dr. Shaheen Pasha Chairperson, Dept. of Special Education,University of Education, Lower Mall, Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 53
    • Amin Maktab is source of hope for MRchildren and their parents. It‟sservices, discipline, warmth, cleanlinessand cooperation are highly appreciated. Muhammad Javaid Iqbal Khan Assistant Professor, University of Education, Lahore. Visitors prepared by Roubina 54
    • This is an institute of full of love. Afterreached here we felt a new life ofhappiness and hope. With best wishes andprayers for all. Nuzhat Jabeen Mother of Hamna (student) Visitors prepared by Roubina 55
    • A devoted team; looking after these whoneed special and extra care but usuallyremain neglected. Keep it up and best ofluck. Tariq Shafi Managing Director, Pb. Vocational Training Council Visitors prepared by Roubina 56
    • I am very impressed with the excellentwork being done. Shirin Zaman ® Prof. Community Med. F.J.M.C., living in New Jersey, USA. Visitors prepared by Roubina 57
    • Amin Maktab is well organized school.Looking after the MR children very well.Teachers are dedicated, hardworking andwell qualified. My message is “If you can‟thold the children in your arms, hold themin your hearts”. Brig. Muhammad Fiaz Iqbal Army Special Education School, Bahawalpur. Visitors prepared by Roubina 58
    • Wonderful visit, very impressed by theschool and staff. Prof. Michael Lewis M.B. Jackie Holland, London. Visitors prepared by Roubina 59
    • An excellent state of art faculty. Mostimpressive. Thing is that it is being run byvery dedicated and enthusiastic staff.Duas for its continued success andprogress. Justice Muhammad Farrukh Irfan Khan Visitors prepared by Roubina 60
    • I am extremely impressed by your staffdedication, passion and facilities; you doan amazing work with children andfamilies. Thank you for all your work withthese children in need for Pakistan. Dr. Muhammad Waqar Azeem Medical Director, Albert J. S. Center, USA. Visitors prepared by Roubina 61
    • You are blessed people serving, designingand making lives comfortable of those whoeven cannot say a word of thanks.May Allah bless you. Akhtar Abbas President, Ghazali Education Trust, Editor Urdu Digest. Visitors prepared by Roubina 62
    • An excellent set up for the specialchildren. The management and staff is wellmotivated to take care of the specialchildren. May God bless you for the goodwork in the life thereafter. Abdul Shakoor G.M. Administration, LRBT Central Office, Karachi. Visitors prepared by Roubina 63