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New Generations: 10 Tips for District Program Chairs
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New Generations: 10 Tips for District Program Chairs


View a recording of this webinar: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/973978592 …

View a recording of this webinar: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/973978592
Ten tips from Rotarian experts and New Generations Programs staff to ensure a successful year as Interact, New Generations, Rotaract, RYLA, or Youth Exchange district chair.

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  • 1. New Generations:10 Tips for DistrictProgram Chairs
  • 2. Agenda1. Panelist: Diana White2. Tips 1-53. Panelist: George Keeling4. Tips 6-105. Question and answer session6. Resources
  • 3. Diana White • Past District Governor, D7020 • 2012-13 RI New Generations Committee Chair • Assistant Rotary Coordinator 11- 13, RI Zone 34 • Advisory Committee Member, RI Director Zones 33-34
  • 4. Interact Club of Abaco
  • 5. Rotaract Club of BVI at a Children’s Home
  • 6. Rotaract club of Cayman board meeting
  • 7. The Rotary Family Circle
  • 8. Develop a Toolbox
  • 9. Tool Box Starter ListCreate a list for bothclub leaders anddistrict leaders.
  • 10. Communicate!• Conduct symposiums/open panel discussions with Rotarians and Rotaractors.• Work closely with Interact advisers and fit scheduled events with the school calendar
  • 11. Integrate!• Use the expertise of younger generations as speakers on technology and teen issues.• Find out what fellowship appeals to all generations (games, puzzles, problem solving, fundraising ideas).
  • 12. Where is the Key to the Toolbox?
  • 13. Regular communicationJoint projects and fundraisers
  • 14. Foundation grants forRotaract & Interact projects
  • 15. Meaningful personal relationships Mentorship Mutual Respect
  • 16. ListeningSharing of ideas
  • 17. Attending New Generations meetings Building a Rotary family
  • 18. WhatWillYourToolsBuild?
  • 19. 1Request a District Activity Report District Chairs should request a status report for the Interact and Rotaract clubs in his or her district Use the reports to ensure clubs have provided updated contact information to Rotary Email rotaract@rotary.org for a district Rotaract report, or email interact@rotary.org for a district Interact report
  • 20. From the district Know who your Rotaract clubs are. Compare your district’s list of clubs with RI’s as chances are they won’t match. -D7850 Rotaract Chair, USA
  • 21. Promote your program and increasemembership
  • 22. Promote your program and increasemembership Ask Interactors which issues they are passionate about. Support them in completing service projects in these areas.
  • 23. Promote your program and increasemembership Explore both university and community based clubs to ensure young people in your community and district have the opportunity to connect with Rotary at every stage in their education and careers.
  • 24. Promote your program and increasemembership Have former Youth Exchange participants speak at Interact club meetings to share their experience abroad.
  • 25. Promote your program and increasemembership Re-think your RYLA activities to appeal to the upper age range of New Generations.
  • 26. Q: What skills would you bring to a Rotary club as amember that you developed through Rotaract? The passion to confront the issues that are pressing in our generation. New energy for a Rotary club. -Rotaractor in the Philippines
  • 27. 3Connect your district and participants with social media Twitter chats e-meetings Help us make New Generations Programs more visible. e-newsletters Facebook chats
  • 28. From the district Send a monthly email to the club presidents, or begin a newsletter to share event information. Add a Rotaract section to your district site and section in your district newsletter. -D6080, Rotaract Chair, USA
  • 29. 4Convene a peace forum or New Generations conference Bring New Generation participants together Suggested topics of discussion: - District or club challenges/goals - Benefits of your program - Solutions to community issues (violence, bullying)
  • 30. From the district Try to arrange a meeting at District Assembly for the students. Let Interactors present to the Rotarians. Let them have their own meeting in conjunction with the adults. -D6710 Interact Chair, USA
  • 31. 5Encourage service for all New Generations participants
  • 32. Encourage service for all NewGenerations participants Work with one of Rotary’s partners
  • 33. George H. Keeling Rotary Club of Thomasville, District 6900 Interact Faculty Adviser Club Chairman, RYLA Scholarships District Interact Chair for Southern Georgia Interact clubs
  • 34. A New Generations Tip:Offer Interact faculty advisers honorary membership.
  • 35. A Simple Procedure Enrolling your existing and new Interact faculty advisers as honorary Rotarians.Discuss honorary membershipPresent to your local Rotary club for approvalConduct a formal enrollment
  • 36. Current ResultsInteract faculty adviser recognition initiallyshows merit in District 6900, Rotary club of Thomasville, Georgia.
  • 37. New Generations Support The Fifth Avenue of Service approved by theCouncil on Legislation facilitates a worldwideopportunity for Rotarians to exchange newideas to grow youth programs.
  • 38. New Interact Clubs!
  • 39. Home School Interact club
  • 40. Faculty adviser luncheon
  • 41. 6 Visit Rotary Showcase
  • 42. From the districtTo make a difference, we need youngRotaractors and experiencedRotarians working together.-D1830 Interact Chair, Germany
  • 43. Provide resources for NewGenerations program alumni
  • 44. Plan a celebration for graduating RYLA or Interact students
  • 45. From a RotaractorOur Rotaract club introduced analumni officer to keep ex-members incommunication with Rotaract clubevents & fundraisers.-Rotaractor, UK
  • 46. Visit Rotaract clubs in your district topromote the benefits of Rotary membership
  • 47. Hold a RYLA networking night
  • 48. From the district RYLA will be the vehicle that opens or engages their social conscience and they will remember an incredible Rotary experience for the rest of their lives. -D5370 RYLA Chair, Canada
  • 49. 8Consider a mentoring program to promote leadership skills A mentoring program may look different than you expect.
  • 50. What Rotaractors want to learn from a mentor Time management Leadership skillsNetworking Public speaking
  • 51. Rotarians can learn from New Generations participants
  • 52. New Generations participants can mentor younger students
  • 53. Rotarians can continue to mentor program alumni
  • 54. Former YEX students can mentor current exchange students
  • 55. From the district Trust in those you are leading and work together with them, mentor them, and learn from them. -RI RYLA Committee Member, D7950, USA
  • 56. Highlight your success with RIrecognition possibilities
  • 57. Connect with other district chairs
  • 58. Questions?
  • 59. From the districtThis is just one year, so make itcount. Leave a legacy that isyours alone. Seek a specific goalthat you want to achieve andstick to that goal.-D3790, District Interact Chair,Philippines
  • 60. Contact Us Email Social Mediarotaract@rotary.org Like Rotaract &interact@rotary.org Interactryla@rotary.orgyouthexchange@rotary.org Follow @rotaract Watch Interact videos Join the Youth Exchange group