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Measuring Success: evaluate the Health of Your Clubs and Impact of Your Projects Part 1 of 6
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Measuring Success: evaluate the Health of Your Clubs and Impact of Your Projects Part 1 of 6


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Gain a better understanding of basic concepts and best practices for measurement and evaluation of your clubs, districts, fundraising, and service projects. Learn about using Rotary Club Central and …

Gain a better understanding of basic concepts and best practices for measurement and evaluation of your clubs, districts, fundraising, and service projects. Learn about using Rotary Club Central and other Rotary tools to access and understand information, and hear about some tips for realistic goal setting.

Moderator: Julia Phelps, RI Director-elect
Rotary Club of Malden, Massachusetts, USA

Published in: Government & Nonprofit

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  • 1. Measuring Success: Evaluate the Health of Your Club and Impact of Your Projects 4 June 2014
  • 2. TITLE | 2 Today’s Agenda
  • 3. TITLE | 3 Agenda Moderator • Director-elect Julia Phelps Panelists • Past District Governor Jennifer Coburn • District Governor Sanguan Kunaporn • Incoming RRFC Wyn Spiller • Past District Governor and current Cadre member John Kevan • Director-nominee Brad Howard
  • 5. WHAT? 1 Tool to assist you in your club development 2 Way to engage all members in future of your club 3 Tool to provide clarity around what is working and what isn’t
  • 6. WHY? 1 Assess variety of aspects of club health 2 Provide benchmarks 3 Focus onto areas in need 4 Recognise what is working well 5 It is the start, not the end
  • 7. The Areas of Review 1 Membership 2 Public Image and Marketing 3 Meetings and Program 4 Venue 5 Fundraising & Project Financing
  • 8. The Areas of Review 6 The Social Side of the Club 7 The Rotary Foundation 8 Service Projects 9 Board Meetings 10 Governance
  • 9. The Areas of Review 11 Planning 12 Leadership & Participation 13 Finances 14 Utilisation of Information & Communications Technology
  • 10. HOW? • Excel document – complete online • Statistical data • Score out of 100 – Total • Summary Metrics show outcomes • Board vs Club to complete
  • 11. BENEFITS? • Annual review – develop trends • Utilised with Rotary Leadership – homework project • RLI Club Assessment Module • Clubs identify areas to work on – see the improvement
  • 12. WHERE? Available to download from * Select Downloads, then * Select HEALTH CHECK
  • 13. Contact: PDG Jennifer Coburn E: M: +61 407 689 777
  • 14. “Measuring Success: Evaluate the Health of Your Club and Impact of Your Projects” iDistrict and Rotary Club Central 4th June 2014 Rotary Convention, Sydney, Australia DG.Dr.Sanguan Kunaporn D 3330 RI, Thailand
  • 15. Sanguan and Thim
  • 16. Introduction  I am a District 3330 Governor from Phuket, Thailand. My career is a Plastic surgeon.  During the past whole year, I have almost not done any operation, just focus on how to make my District more contemporary and cove with one of Rotary International strategy.  That is an effort to incorporate several digital tools into Club and District Administration.  It is expected that with this change, the communication between Club , District and RI will be more effective and the organization looks modern and more attractive to new
  • 17. November 2013 – EN My Rotary - สร้างบ้ญช้และเข้าใช้งาน MY ROTARY
  • 18. RI’s Move  RI has forced all Governors to report the Formal club visits and rating the clubs via Rotary club central.  So do all Assistant Governors, they need not to send paper reports of the clubs to Governors any longer. Instead, they have to rate the clubs and make comment via Rotary club central.  All Club Presidents are encouraged to put the data, set the goal of membership development, Service project and Fund giving through Rotary club central also.
  • 19. Limitation  My District 3330 is one of the 4 Districts in Thailand.  There are only 3 English speaking Clubs from 97 Clubs.  Most of the Assistant Governor, Club presidents and secretaries are able to communicate in English very little.  Just some of them have adequate computer skill, only half of them seldom use email.  If there is no input from these leaders, I have no data for planning and follow up.
  • 20. iDistrict vision&strategy  So I and future DGs have launched the 3 years District vision and strategy to tackle this problem.  Inspired by the modern gadgets like iPhone, iPad that everyone seem to be familiar with, we name our vision and strategy as iDistrict.
  • 21. District 3330 Thailand `
  • 22. D 3330 Strategic Plan iCT Inter IDEaLS
  • 23. #1 Strategy iCT Website… RI/3330 Social Media… FB/Line My Rotary Rotary Club Central Rotary Showcase ID Smart card
  • 24. iCT Every District leaders: District committee, Assistant Governor, Club presidents, Club Secretary Must have Emails for contact  Able to register to My Rotary. Able to input data in Rotary Club Central and Rotary Showcase.
  • 25. Brochures explain How to register on “My Rotary” November 2013 – EN My Rotary - สร้างบ้ญช้และเข้าใช้งาน MY ROTARY
  • 26. Brochures explain How to register on “My Rotary” in THAI language November 2013 – EN สร้างบ้ญช้ MY ROTARY 1. ไปที  และคลีก 2. ใสีชีอจรีงในชีอง  first name   นามสกีลในชีอง  last name และ  อีเมลลีทีทีานต ีองการใช ีในการลีอกอีนในชีอง  sign-in email  ทีาการยีนยีนวีาทีานอายี เกีน  18 ปี แล ีวคลีกที  3. ชีอและนามสกีลของทีานจะต ีองตรงกีบทีมีอยีีในระบบของโรตารีสากล   4. ถ ีาระบบเจอชีอของทีาน  ทีานจะได ีรีบข ีอความแนะนีาให ีเชีคอีเมลลีเพีอทีาการเปีดใช ีงานบีญชีของทีาน   5. หากระบบไมีพบชีอของทีาน  ทีานจะต ีองใสีข ีอมีลเพีมเตีมเกียวกีบตีวทีาน  เชีนหมายเลขสมาชีกโรตารีและชีอสโมสรของทีาน  เราแนะนีาให ีทีานใสี ข ีอมีลเฉพาะสองอยีางนีเทีานีน 6. หลีงจากคลีกที                           ทีานจะได ีรีบข ีอความแนะนีาให ีเชีคอีเมลลีเพีอทีาการเปีดใช ีงานบีญชีของทีาน  
  • 27. Video You Tube explaining How to use Club Administration tools via “My Rotary” in THAI language November 2013 – EN My Rotary - สร้างบ้ญช้และเข้าใช้งาน MY ROTARY
  • 28. The Turning point During every 90+ District Governor’s formal club visits, several web-based tools like Rotary club central, Showcase, etc. were demonstrated. DG walked through these tools with the Club Presidents, Secretaries, and other Club leaders to learn how to use it. DG can access to every Clubs account in Rotary club Central and input data by approval of the Club Presidents.
  • 29. Membership Trend, Goal and achievement is available for analysis and planning if most Rotary Clubs participate by input data to Rotary Club Central
  • 30. Foundation Giving Goal and Achievement graphic of D 3330 viewed by Rotary Club Central
  • 31. Clubs with Goal via Rotary Club Central comparing between Global and D 3330 Global view District 3330 view 2012-13 7% 5% 2013-14 34% 94% 2014-15 14% 2%
  • 32. District 3330 RI Thailand 24 Clubs achieved 2013-14 Rotary Club Central Awards.
  • 33. iCT The District provides Smart RFID Card for every 2,600 Rotarians to use during Club or District meetings to identify themselves, registration and linked to District database by RFID card reader devices.
  • 34. To identify themselves during registration on District events and linked to District database by RFID card reader devices.
  • 35. iCT Building of Club and District Databases for data and statistic collection, planning, several District meeting registration, etc. and keeping in District Web server permanently.
  • 36. iCT Multi-Language District Website I District Governor monthly letter on smart device I District 3330 Directory on smart device Simultaneous Interpretation Thai/English or English/Thai during certain District meetings.
  • 37. #2 Strategy: Inter Increasing InterDistrict / InterCountry / International Communication Establish more InterCountry Committee / Thai-Malaysia, Thai-Taiwan, Thai-Japan, Thai-Phillipines, Thai-Korea Searching for more InterDistrict partners; Global Grant of TRF, Youth Exchange Program
  • 38. Inter Thai-Japan VTT, GG Thai-Malaysia…AGTS Thai-Korea Friendship District Thai-Taiwan, More to Thai-Australia, Thai- Austria, Thai-Switzerland, Thai- Philippines, and Thai-Indonesia
  • 39. #3 Strategy IDEaLS Rotary Core Value / Rotary DNA Rotary IDEaLS •Integrity จรรยาบรรณ •Diversity ความหลากหลาย •Easy, Friendly, Fellowship สัมพันธภาพ/เครือข่าย •Leadership ความเป็ นผู้นา •Service บริการ/บาเพ็ญประโยชน์
  • 40. Innovative, Initiative, Informative, Identity, Intensified, Influential, Impressive, Ideal, Intellectual, Immortal, Irresistible, Inspired .....
  • 41. Quote Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.
  • 42. Quote Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. Old Rotarians never die, they just enjoy Service always.
  • 43. Thank you
  • 44. Planning For and Measuring Success Wyn Spiller June 4, 2014
  • 45. TITLE | 50 SLIDE TITLE
  • 46. TITLE | 51 SLIDE TITLE
  • 47. TITLE | 52 SLIDE TITLE
  • 48. TITLE | 53 SLIDE TITLE
  • 50. TITLE | 55 SLIDE TITLE
  • 51. TITLE | 56 SLIDE TITLE
  • 52. TITLE | 57 SLIDE TITLE
  • 53. TITLE | 58 SLIDE TITLE
  • 54. TITLE | 59 SLIDE TITLE
  • 55. TITLE | 60 SLIDE TITLE
  • 56. TITLE | 61 SLIDE TITLE
  • 57. TITLE | 62 SLIDE TITLE
  • 59. TITLE | 64 RESOURCES
  • 60. TITLE | 65 SLIDE TITLE
  • 61. TITLE | 66 SLIDE TITLE
  • 62. TITLE | 67 SLIDE TITLE
  • 63. TITLE | 68 SLIDE TITLE
  • 65. Measuring Success - Evaluation of Projects
  • 66. Measuring Success - Evaluation of Projects Basic project concepts • Project supported by Club members? • What project outcome is required? • Is there a realistic scope of work? • Accurate data for a budget? • Who will do the work? • When will it be finished? • Will it be sustainable?
  • 67. Measuring Success - Evaluation of Projects Essential forms of evaluation • Evaluate the project scope • Review the budget • Make a judgement • Analyse • Assess • Consider alternatives • Measure progress
  • 68. Measuring Success - Evaluation of Projects Evaluation stages • Initial Stage Understand the project. Member’s involvement. Initial evaluation before application. • Interim Stage Understand approval conditions. Visit the site. Review & measure progress to approve payments • Final Stage Check that all work is actually complete. Prepare final report. Review sustainability equation. Well done.
  • 69. Measuring Success - Evaluation of Projects Evaluation Support • Rotary Foundation Cadre Rotarians with specific skills review all humanitarian projects. They carry out site visits, interim visits and final audits. • Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Australia wide organisation assisting Clubs to carry out all types of projects that can be supported by funding all around the world.
  • 70. Measuring Success - Evaluation of Projects Best Practice • Use experience of members in your Club • Keep the concept simple • Ensure continuity of Club support for long term projects • Maintain regular reporting systems • Visit the project site - photos • Evaluate the sustainability equation
  • 71. Measuring Success - Evaluation of Projects NEW MEMBERS Promote Club initiatives for introducing new members PUBLIC AWARENESS Publicity, advertising showcase projects to the Community INVOLVEMENT Training & information on ALL Rotary Programs & Club projects NEW PROJECTS get members involved, provide leadership to RETAIN members
  • 72. Measuring Success - Evaluation of Projects Summary • Maintain constant evaluation of your project. Record keeping is vital • Was all the effort justified? • Ensure members get “hands on” and become engaged on the project • Publicise successful Club projects in your Regional Magazine
  • 73. • Background in consumer packaged good marketing • Highly competitive environment • Need new customers • Must keep and build loyal customers • Identify and fulfill the needs of the customers
  • 74. • Market research • Research of potential and prospective customers • Research of current customers • Means of gathering information • Surveys
  • 75. Less prone to leave Attract potential customers
  • 76.  Share results with the Board  Use the conclusions to create a plan next year  Share the results and plan with your members  Validate that the plan really addresses their needs  Emphasize that your club’s highest priority is listening to, and caring for the members  Repeat the survey next year to see if the club improved
  • 77. • Look at your areas where you have given a 1 or a 2 score • These are your club’s areas of strength • Look at your areas where you have given a 5 or a 6 score • These may be your club’s greatest areas of opportunity
  • 78. • Calculate your average score • Total of your scores divided by 15 Rotary’s worldwide average 2.41
  • 79. TITLE | 89 Closing
  • 80. TITLE | 90 Measurement and Evaluation at Rotary Be included in future Rotary surveys: • Register for a myRotary account on the website ( • If already registered, is your email address correct? • In your email system’s settings, make sure that emails from “” are not blocked or considered spam
  • 81. TITLE | 91 QUESTIONS?