Sydney Convention Orientation


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Rotary International is pleased to present this orientation webinar for people going to the Sydney Convention this June.

This webinar will help prepare you to make the most of your convention experience. You'll learn:

• Tips for finding your way around Sydney and the venues at Sydney Olympic Park
• Highlights of the convention plenary and breakout programs
• How to use Rotary’s convention mobile app
• Suggestions for setting personal goals
• Resources to help you before and during the convention

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  • MODERATORMy name is Michelle Latham from the Learning & Development area at Rotary International, and I will be moderating today’s session. For the next 75 minutes we will discuss everything you need to make the most of your trip to the 2014 Rotary International Convention in Sydney.
  • <MODERATORDuring today’s webinar, you will learn:Convention program highlightsHow to use the mobile appConvention transportation basics andWhere to find other resources to enhance your convention experience.
  • <MODERATOR>We’ll give you an early look at the convention program detail and help you understand how the mobile app will help you plan and network. By the time we’re finished you’ll be well on your way to setting some personal goals to help you make the most of your Rotary convention.So stay tuned for the next 60 minutes for this important information.
  • <MODERATOR>How can you participate in the webinar today? You each have your own control panel in the upper right corner of your screen that looks similar to the one here. Use the orange arrow to open or close your control panel.Next, you’ll select the audio option for listening to today’s webinar. Select the option you prefer in your own control panel in the upper right hand corner of your screen.If you’d like to connect via the telephone, the dial-in and access numbers will be provided to you in your control panel once you select the “Telephone” option. Or, you may choose to participate via mic and speakers from your system. If you are using your computer’s speakers and are having problems hearing, you may wish to try USB headphones or you may wish to try switching to the telephone option.
  • MODERATORIn order to maintain the highest sound quality possible, all but our panelists and myself will be muted during the webinar. We encourage you to submit questions or comments to our panellists and Rotary staff by using the question pod on your attendee control panel (in the upper right corner of your computer screen). You can also use the question pod if you’re having technical difficulties. Simply describe the problems you are having in the Questions box in your control panel, and a Rotary staff member will assist you right away.Now, let’s take a moment to practice using the question pod. Please type where you are in the world and why you’re attending the convention.****** Comment on answers coming into the questions pod.
  • <MODERATOR>You might be interested to know that as of this Monday, 17,105 people from 150 countries and geographic areas have registered for the Sydney Convention.
  • <MODERATOR>I have a feeling most of you are “first-timers,” but let’s take a quick poll: How many Rotary International Conventions have you attended? Click the appropriate answer on your screen now.
  • <MODERATOR>Let me introduce you to our first panelist.Mark Daniel Maloney is a member of theRotary Club of Decatur, Alabama, USA. Mark has attended 24 Rotary International Conventions and is the chair of the 2014 Sydney Convention Committee.Today, he’ll be giving us an overview of the convention program and talking about some of the special features unique to the 2014 Sydney convention.Thank you for joining us today, Mark!
  • <MARK>G’day from Sydney!Each Rotary convention is comprised of a few general features:The official convention program of plenary sessions and breakout sessionsEvents planned by Rotarians in the host area and Exhibits highlighting club and district projects from around the world. We’ve got all that and more in store for you this June.
  • <MARK>Plenary sessions are open to all convention registrants and feature inspirational remarks from Rotary leaders and guest speakers. <Optional: include personal anecdote about plenary sessions.>
  • Some of our guests this year include Brett Lee, one of the world’s most accomplished cricket players and Kelsi Cox, a former Rotary Youth Exchange Student currently studying as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in New Zealand.
  • <MARK>We’ve also lined up some of Australia’s finest entertainment for you. You’ll enjoy music from Australia’s indigenous culture as well as contemporary stars such as soprano Marina Prior and Sydney’s own export to Las Vegas, Human Nature.
  • <MARK>And you won’t want to miss the flag ceremony. You may have heard about this from others in your club who’ve attended a convention. This tradition is often one of the most impactful parts of the opening plenary session.
  • <MARK>All official convention events will take place at Sydney Olympic Park. Registration, Ticketed Luncheons and the Billabong House of Friendship are in the exhibition halls at Sydney ShowgroundPlenary Sessions will be in Allphones Arena as will some breakout sessions, and Most breakout sessions will take place in ANZ stadium andGlobal Networking Group meetings more breakouts will in the Novotel hotel.As you’ll see on the map, our primary venues are all convenient to the Sydney Olympic Park Railway station, which is how most of you will arrive at the convention using your free public transportation pass.
  • <MARK>OurAustralian Rotary friends from the Host Organization Committee have been working hard for the past few years and are ready to welcome you at a variety of unique events such as an “Aussie Rules” football match, the casual “Great Aussie BBQ” and a special concert at the iconic Sydney Opera House.
  • <MARK>You can also take part in the record-breakout Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb 30 May. 50% of the fees from this special event well be donated to End Polio Now.
  • <MARK>If you’re bringing your children or grandchildren to Sydney, they’re in for a treat. From the excitement of the flag ceremony to making new friends and sampling local food in the house friendship, the convention is a great way to introduce your family to the international family of Rotary.
  • <MARK>Rotaractors, Interactors and all convention guests under age 19 will receive a youth passport at the Rotaract/Interact booth. Young people can visit various exhibitors in the house of friendship to collect stamps before showing the completed passport for a special prize.
  • <MARK>In addition, Sydney Olympic Park offers its own unique set of family activities to keep your guests occupied before and after the convention, too.
  • <MARK>And remember to bring a children’s book — or buy one on-site from Scholastic — to donate to the Labyrinth for Literacy project. The books will go to hospitals to benefit children from Aboriginal and needy families living in New South Wales and Queensland.
  • <MODERATOR>Now it’s time for another quick poll to text your knowledge of the Australian language. What is a Billabong?
  • <MODERATOR>A few of you got that one right! Billabong is Australian slang for a watering hole. Armed with our new vocabulary, we’re ready to hear from our next panelist, who is going to give us a closer look at the Billabong House of Friendship. Jim Donovan, is the Manager of Meetings Logistics for Rotary International.Welcome Jim!
  • <JIM>Good Day! It is hard to believe we are just one month from the Convention! Today I am going to familiarize you with the House of Friendship, which has been renamed the BILLABONG House of Friendship for Sydney 2014. A Billabong is an aboriginal name for a waterhole around which meetings would often be held.The Billabong House of Friendship (Sydney Showground, The Dome and Exhibition Halls 2-4) is centrally located within the Olympic Park and will offer an exciting variety of exhibits, activities, food options, and live entertainment. This will definitely be the place to explore and hang out between sessions. The DOME offers ongoing entertainment And the Exhibit halls feature over 300 exhibit stands
  • <JIM>The Billabong is your place to learn about exciting new projects, share success stories, and meet potential partners in the club and district projects exhibition.
  • <JIM>Meet people with shared interests by visiting our Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups. Wherever your interests lie, there is a good chance you will find a fellowship that is perfect for you.
  • <JIM>But wait there’s more! The House of Friendship also features:the Rotary Resource Center to catch up on all that is new at Rotary!the Rotary Marketplace where you can add to your collection of Rotary-themed products, and alsoThe Host Organizing Committee has arranged a wide variety of vendors offering beautiful and distinct local products.Be sure to check the program book or the handy mobile app for the complete list of vendors and entertainment!You will want to make time each day to stop by the Billabong!The Billabong is also home to the Voting Credentials booth. If you are a club delegate or proxy, you must present your credential certificate here to be validated and to receive your voting card and delegate button.All voting delegates are asked to attend the business session on Tuesday, 3 June, 15:00-16:00 in Allphones Arena.
  • <JIM>Adjacent to the Billabong is the Howie Complex, home to our Service Opportunities Exhibition. You can learn more about Shelterbox, a Rotary Project Partner, or take part in packing meals for Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief agency that has provided over 130 million meals worldwide.
  • <JIM>One more way you can take action in Sydney is by signing up for the Make History Today 3k walk on Saturday 31 May. The 3 kilometer walk starts and finishes at the Olympic Flame Cauldron, and is suitable for all fitness and speed levels. Join other attendees along with family and friends to show Sydney our strength as we near our goal of eradicating Polio forever.
  • MODERATORThank you Jim.Next, we’ll hear from Norah Webster, Learning Specialist from Rotary’s Global Events team. Norah works with volunteers to build valuable content for convention breakout sessions.We have 92 on the schedule for Sydney, and Norah is here to tell you all about them!Norah?
  • <NORAH>Thanks Michelle. As you just heard, the Sydney Convention program features over 90 breakout sessions. From small group discussions to panels of subject matter experts, the program is designed to provide many different ways to learn. Your program will contain detailed descriptions of each session, but for an easy way to navigate the schedule, you’ll all receive aninsert, “breakout sessions at a glance.” It’s organized by day and time, and the color-coded icons will help highlight the broad themes each session will discuss. With only three days, and so many possibilities, you might wonder how to choose the sessions you want to attend. Consider coordinating with a friend: Split up, attend different sessions and then swap notes about what you learned.Choose some topics based on your personal interest as well as one or two that address areas that could benefit your club.
  • <NORAH>Remember that seating is on a first come first-served basis, so your first-choice topic may be full when you arrive. Have a second choice in mind. Resources from most sessions will be available to download via the convention mobile app, so you’ll have access to information about sessions you missed.Yes – that’s right. I said the convention mobile app!
  • <Norah>We just launched our mobile app last week and will begin promoting it to all registrants soon. I’m curious to see how many people are already using it. Let’s take a quick poll. Have you downloaded the mobile app yet?<comment on answer.>
  • <NORAH>To download the app to your mobile device, just visit and follow the simple instructions. You can also visit Apple Itunes or the Google Play store and search for the Rotary International Convention.The app will give you access to the most up-to-date program information and allow you to plan your schedule, download resources, rate sessions and connect with friends. Let’s take a short tour.
  • <NORAH>Read session descriptions and build your own personal schedule. You can set reminders and create a to-do-list of exhibitors to visit and people to meet.
  • <NORAH>For each session you attend, you can rate the content and provide valuable feedback to presenters and organizers by answering a few brief questions.
  • <NORAH>Each session listing will include links to resources and details about speakers. Tapping on a speakers name will let you read more about them.
  • <NORAH>I think you’ll really love the interactive maps feature. Tapping on a session or booth location will drop a pin into a corresponding map and help you find your way.
  • <NORAH>The Attendees feature is where you’ll want to check in and create a profile. This will let other users of the app know you’re at the convention and learn how to connect with you.
  • <NORAH>Connect your account to facebook, linked in and twitter. Tweet from the sessions you attend or follow the convention hashtag #ricon14.
  • <NORAH>That was just a quick tour of this amazing new tool. Please download it and give it a try. If you don’t know where to start, let me suggest the “search guide function.” Type in a keyword, and you’ll see every session, speaker or exhibitor. If you’re looking for a project partner in Uganda for example, this might help you make some valuable connections in Sydney.
  • <MODERATOR>Thanks Norah. The app will also include up-to-date information about convention transportation, but our next panelist will provide you with an advance look at the basic things you need to know. Kara Ottum is the Transportation Supervisor for Rotary International Meetings and Events.Welcome Kara.
  • <KARA>Thank you Michelle.New South Wales is generously providing free public transportation to all 2014 Rotary International Convention delegates. Your Convention Badge will allow you to access Sydney’s Public Transportation System, free of charge from 29 May thru 5 June. This includes Sydney Trains, New South Wales TrainLink, Lite Rail, public buses and public ferries. On your initial trip to Sydney Olympic Park, please bring your Convention Registration with you and as this will act as a pass onto the train.Traveling to and from the airport is not included in the pass as these stations are privately operated.
  • <KARA>Direct train service from Central Station to Sydney Olympic Park will begin on Friday, 30 May at 9:00 a.m.. This eliminates the need to transfer at Lidcombe Station. The direct train will load at Platforms 1-5. There will be signage, staff and volunteers available to assist you and answer your questions.
  • <KARA>This schedule of the direct train service can be found in the Transportation Guide. It should be able to answer all of your transportation questions, but if you need assistance, please visit the Transportation Information Booth which is located near Registration.
  • <KARA>There will be a limited coach service for hotels that are more than 500 meters from a Sydney Trains Station. Transportation by coach could take more than an hour to reach Sydney Olympic Park from the Central Business District depending on traffic.
  • <KARA>There will be a trackless train service that will make stops at the Olympic Rail Station, Registration, Allphones Arena – which is near the Shuttle Bus Zone and the final stop of the loop will be at ANZ Stadium. Sydney Olympic Park was designed with accessibility in mind and is very pedestrian friendly.
  • <KARA>Events planned by The Host Organizing Committee will be serviced entirely by the Public Transportation System. You will find helpful information about these events in both the Program Book and the Transportation Guide.
  • <MODERATOR>Thanks Norah!We’ve covered most of the convention’s major elements. Now our final panelist will review some practical information and resources that you can use to continue preparing before your trip and once you’ve arrived in Sydney. Please welcome Rotary’s registration supervisor, Janice Janssen.
  • <JANICE>Let’s talk about your initial arrival at the convention. First: Make sure you’re registered! Online, advance registration is the key to quickly picking up your badge and Materials at Sydney Olympic Park.Be sure to have a photo ID and proceed to the pre-registration area, Sydney Showground, Exhibition Hall 5.
  • <JANICE>At your first stop, you’ll check in and receive:Program book and transportation guide. A Voucher for a participant bag.Your name badge, which also serves as your transportation passYour badge is coded with your assignment for either the first or second opening plenary seating as well as any tickets for official convention events.
  • <JANICE>Next, visit the Host Organization Committee (or HOC) area. This is where you’ll redeem your voucher for a participant bag.If you have any questions about Host-ticketed events or tours, find your answers here.
  • <Janice>After you’re finished at registration you’ll have the three essential resources for the convention: your Program book, transportation guide and the mobile app. Keep all three resources handy while you’re in Sydney, and you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • <JANICE>In addition, you have some valuable resources all around you:The Sergeants-at-Arms are your team of seasoned convention experts!These Rotarian volunteers can be identified by their bright yellow or red vests. They can provide basic directions, general information and help find lost items.Sergeants can be found throughout the official convention venues.
  • <JANICE>Complementing the Sergeants at Arms are Rotary Staff. Several professionals from Rotary Headquarters and our international offices will be in Sydney to help. They can be easily identified by their blue or gray “Rotary Staff” shirts or jackets and a red ribbon on their badges.Ask any Rotary staff member for help, or visit the Convention Office at Sydney Showground.I know I speak for all my colleagues when I say we’re really looking forward to this convention.
  • <MODERATOR>Thank you, Janice. And thanks again to Mark, Jim, Kara and Norah for the great information.Now we are opening the floor to all of you to ask questions. Please type your question into the Question Pane and we will direct them to the panelists for response. Any questions that we cannot respond to during this webinar will be answered by email after the webinar.
  • <MODERATOR>While we’re answering your questions, you can also check out the resource slide on your screen for helpful email addresses, websites and a reminder about downloading the convention app.
  • MODERATORThank you all for participating today. As a follow up to the webinar, you will receive an email tomorrow with a link to view a recording of today’s webinar and instructions for downloading the convention mobile app. If you have any follow-up questions from today’s webinar, please email us at You will also receive a survey after this webinar. Your feedback is important to us, as your survey responses will be used to improve future webinars offered by Rotary International. Please take a moment to complete the survey and give us your input.On behalf of our panellists and Rotary staff, thank you for attending today’s webinar. Remember – if you enjoyed today’s webinar, you can register for upcoming webinars and check out the recordings of past webinars on the Rotary website at
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    7. 7. #ricon14 Sydney Convention Fact 28 April Registration 17,105 people from 150 countries and geographic areas. #ricon14
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    34. 34. #ricon14 Learn about speakers
    35. 35. #ricon14 Interactive maps
    36. 36. #ricon14 Connect with others
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    38. 38. #ricon14 Search function
    39. 39. #ricon14 Meet our panelist Kara Ottum Transportation Supervisor Meetings and Events
    40. 40. #ricon14 Public Transportation Plan your trip:
    41. 41. #ricon14 Central Station
    42. 42. #ricon14 Special Rail Service Schedule
    43. 43. #ricon14 Limited Coach Service
    44. 44. #ricon14 Onsite Transportation Trackless Trains at Sydney Olympic Park
    45. 45. #ricon14 Transportation Use Free Travel Pass to Attend Host Events
    46. 46. #ricon14 Meet our panelist Janice Janssen Registration Supervisor Meetings and Events
    47. 47. #ricon14 Arriving at the Convention
    48. 48. #ricon14 Convention Registration • Convention badge • Opening plenary assignment • Official convention event tickets Opening plenary number
    49. 49. #ricon14 Host Organization Committee (HOC)
    50. 50. #ricon14 Essential Resources Mobile App Program Book
    51. 51. #ricon14 Sergeants-at-arms
    52. 52. #ricon14 Rotary Staff
    53. 53. #ricon14 Questions?
    54. 54. #ricon14 Resources • Program & App Questions: • Registration & Logistics questions: • Web: • Host Events: • App: • Twitter hashtag: #ricon14
    55. 55. #ricon14 Thank you! Register for upcoming webinars and access recordings of past webinars at