IC12 - Rotary's Strategic Partnerships Breakout: The Aga Khan University


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Presentation given by Anita K. M. Zaidi (The Aga Khan University) on Monday 7 May at the 2012 Rotary International Convention in Bangkok. Session: New Opportunities - An Introduction to Rotary's Strategic Partnerships.

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  • Human resource challenges remain a hurdle for many countries not yet “on track”. Solutions are being found in expanding the number of skilled staff, improving skills and providing workers with new technologies, deploying staff to underserved communities, improving motivation, and shifting tasks to increase the capacity of available staff to provide needed services. Of the countries with available data, 57 do not have the minimum level of staff recommended to provide services required to reach coverage and mortality reduction targets. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 50% of the world’s maternal and child deaths, but only 3% of the world’s health workers.  India and Ethiopia created new cadres of community workers to provide preventative and some curative services. Mozambique used task shifting --successfully training and deploying clinical technicians to perform surgeries including cesarean sections in the absence of sufficient obstetricians or surgeons resulting in the survival of many at risk mothers and babies.
  • IC12 - Rotary's Strategic Partnerships Breakout: The Aga Khan University

    1. 1. Maternal & Child Health Reaching the UnreachedAnita K. M. ZaidiProfessor and Chair of Pediatrics and Child Health
    2. 2. Aga Khan UniversityAn International University
    3. 3. Aga Khan UniversityFocus on Health & Education, Extending to Arts & Sciences • Aga Khan University Hospitals • School of Nursing and Midwifery • Medical College • Institute for Educational Development • Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations • Aga Khan University Examination Board • Faculty of Arts and Sciences  Women’s Advancement  Maternal and Child Health  Early Childhood Development  Problem-Based Research  Quality Education
    4. 4. Part of a Development Network: Aga Khan Development Network• Working in 30 countries• 80,000 employees• Focusing on health, education, culture, rural and economic development• Creating leaders and local capacity Dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to faith, origin or gender
    5. 5. Maternal & Child Survival Status, 2011 Maternal Mortality Ratio Under 5 Child Mortality RatioSource: IHME (Lancet 2011)
    6. 6. Maternal & Child Health - A Major Focus at AKU “First, the University will build on its strengths in maternal and child health. Its research into problems which strike the most vulnerable of God’s people, is carrying it toward the goal I have as Chancellor: that the Aga Khan University should be one of the world resources in health problems of mothers and children, and that its work on these problems will be on the frontiers of knowledge.” His Highness the Aga Khan AKU Convocation 1989
    7. 7. Reaching the Unreached AddressingKey Challenges in Maternal and Child Health
    8. 8. Critical Shortages in 57 Countries
    9. 9. Nurses & Midwives Play a Critical Role
    10. 10. AKU’s Innovative Hala Project with Government Lady Health WorkersTraining Lady Health Workers reduced perinatal mortality by 20% in rural Sindh, Pakistan
    11. 11. Pakistan: Short Training for Women Workers Goes Far in Saving Newborns’ Lives January 24, 2011A new study suggests that “lady healthworkers,” as Pakistan calls them — womentrained as part of a government program togive care to poor people in rural areas —can make a difference in saving the lives ofnewborns.Researchers from Aga Khan University inKarachi followed almost 50,000 householdsin two health districts for two years. Theareas where the women were assigned towork had 21 percent stillbirths and 15percent fewer newborn deaths than inother areas. That success was achievedeven though the health workers generallyhad only 10th-grade education and oneextra week of training for the project.
    12. 12. Simple Technologies Can Save Lives Application of chlorhexidine, provided in clean delivery kits, reduced newborn deaths by 40 per cent in the poorest district of Sindh(Source: Lancet 2012)
    13. 13. Centre of Excellence - Women & Child Health - Mission To provide a platform forimproving maternal and childhealth by a sustained focus onhuman capacity development, clinical services and research that serve the needs of women and children indeveloping Asian and African countries
    14. 14. What We Aim To Do • Training health care professionals to provide leadership at all levels of the health care system • Utilizing appropriate models for clinical care and planning for national, regional and global policy in maternal and child health • Conducting cutting edge research to promote effective interventions as well as probing the frontiers of knowledge
    15. 15. Rotary International & Aga Khan University: A Strategic Partnership Focus on Maternal & Child Health in East Africa• Training nurse educators – Rotarian-led Vocational Training Teams• Scholarships and mentorship for nursing and midwifery students• Partnering to improve the quality of life of mothers and children Nigerian Vocational Training Team District 9110 Kampala, Uganda March 1, 2012
    16. 16. Rotary Scholars at Aga Khan University“I hope to improve maternal andchild health in my community bybeing a role model to thecommunity members, healtheducators, and mothers. Providingproper maternal care, deliveryand post natal care, lobbying formaternal health issues from thedistrict. Ensuring that every childbefore one year is immunized….” Nigerian Vocational Training Team - Awor Josephine from District 9110 2012 Rotary Scholar Kampala, Uganda Kampala, Uganda March 1, 2012 2012 Kenyan Rotary Scholars, Nairobi, Kenya
    17. 17. Rotary Humanitarian Trust & AKU in Pakistan• Funding life-saving cardiac surgery for children of families who cannot afford expensive surgery for congenital heart defects• Financial support committed for 2012 by the Rotary Humanitarian Trust, Pakistan Chapter for surgery for 20 children at the state-of-the-art Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi
    18. 18. Rotary International & Aga Khan University Working Together
    19. 19. Help Us Reach the UnreachedImprove the Lives of Mothers and Their Children Visit AKU at Booth 407
    20. 20. Anita K. M. ZaidiProfessor and Chair of Paediatrics and Child Health