An introduction to Rotary Showcase


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Project Showcase allows Rotarians to share their projects with the world at

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  • The challenge: we’ve never collected this before; our estimates are largely based on anecdotal information. Casting our net wide.This application marks the first step in the new model encouraging Rotarian-generated content:Any member of the Rotary family can login and add a service projectThe interface will be in the 9 Rotary languagesRotarians can post their projects in any language; they are not limited to the 9 “official” languages.Any visitor can “like” or “share” a project on their Facebook wall.All of the data lives @ Really touches on 2 tenets of the strategic plan: Enhance Public Image and Awareness and Focus and increase humanitarian service
  • Rotary Showcase allows any authenticated member of the Rotary family to post information about a service project with pictures, video and participating clubs. While Rotary Showcase will reside on, users will also have the option to update their Facebook status with their Rotary Showcase projects. This is the landing page on Rotary.orgThis page has:Featured projects: Staff will review and select completed projects to feature at the top of the page – but any member of the Rotary family can post any project; RI approval is not required.
  • Same page, below the Showcase Highlights:A list of projects showing the primary project photo. If you mouse over a photo, you will get a brief description of the project. Projects can be filtered by category (the 6 areas of focus, polio, new generations, vocational service or other), country, foundation, status (open/closed)The Impact Tracker will eventually be dynamic, calculating the aggregate impact of money raised, number of volunteers and volunteer hours and the estimated value of in-kind donations
  • The project detail page shows:Required info: title, short description, country, start/end dates (Explain that we want it to be as easy as possible to add a project; minimal required information)Flair for category (if AoF) and foundation fundingOptional: long description, partner clubs, partner members, additional photos and a link to video (encourage people to tell us more, but not required)Impact: who did this project benefit & how? How much money raised or donated? How many volunteers? Volunteer hours? Value of in-kind donations? The Impact tracker shows the contributions for this specific project – which will be aggregated with other club/district projects in Rotary Club Central and aggregated on Rotary Showcase for worldwide impact of Rotary.
  • If the user has a Facebook account and gives permission, then project updates will be posted to Facebook status:When project is first postedWhen any updates are made, e.g. add photos or video, member joins a project, impact data is added
  • An introduction to Rotary Showcase

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    2. 2. Rotary Projects Measurable SustainableFocused Impact ~US$100M TRF Funding Projects Annually US$0.5B-US$1B Rotary Projects Non-TRF funded Annually 2
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