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Rotary club of trincomalee

  1. 1. 1.2 million members in 34,000clubs around the world
  2. 2. Nuhl;lup fofk;jpUNfhzkiy
  3. 3. July - 2012Installation of 34thpresident34thPresident Installation ceremony was held on3rdJuly 2012, the Chief Gust on this occasionwas High Court Judge Hon.Sasimahandran andGuest of Horror was Assistant GovernorRtn.PP.Saman Gunawardana.
  4. 4. July ……..• Vellicham’• Volunteer Teacher Payment Nochikulam Tamil MahaVidyalayam at Morawewa,• The project name caleed Vellicham" was launched to support thebasic education of Nochikulam Tamil Maha Vidyalayam atMorawewa, Trincomalee. In this school had a lack of teachers torun the school and some teachers are rendered their servicewithout payment.In this project Rotary is supporting to give the monthly salary forfive teachers per month Rs.9,500.00. This is a continual projectand it was launched on President Installation Ceremony.
  5. 5. Donation of Computers to SchoolsThree Set of Computer was given to remoteschools under the Project name calledVelichcham".
  6. 6. Scholarship for Undergraduates• Tow scholarship for undergraduates who areliving in the Refugee camp at Killiveddi underpoor living condition, are given for eachRs.1500/= per month until finish their studies.These students are following managementcourse at University of Jaffna and because oftheir poor background they had a plan to dropthe course.
  7. 7. Need Assessment - Thennamaravadivillage• Need Assessment wasdone forThennamaravadivillage• It was observed thatthere is about 88people have comeback last August afterbeing displaced in1984.
  8. 8. Management Information System toGeneral Hospital, TrincomaleeComputers, Printers & necessary equipments to “HospitalManagement System” was provided to the General Hospital,Trincomalee and the cost of the project is Rs. 1,785,344.00This is a “Rotary Matching Grant Project” between Rotary Denmark –D 1470 & Rotary Club of Trincomalee – D 3220.
  9. 9. Construction of Toilets atMorewewaThis Project was supportedby Rotary Club of Bathavon,UKThree areas were selected inthe Morawewa Division,namely Kituloothu,Panmadawachchi andShanthipuram. Kituloothuwere allocated 25 Nos.,--Nochchikulam 09 Nos andPanmedawachchi 18nos.
  10. 10. Back to SeaBoat donated byDanish Rotariansneeded repairs to beused in the high seas.TrincomaleeRotarians helped theowner to repair theboat. Now he is usingit in the open sea byengaging anotherperson to assist him.
  11. 11. Construction of Community Wells inMuthur East VillagesTwo community duct wells were constructedSanthosapuram & Seenanvali (Muthur East) tofacilitate the drinking water for this area people.The people in these areas were suffering verybadly in getting drinking & cooking purpose. Nowthere are separate outlets for Male & Femaleusers. Srilanka Navy gave great help in completingthis project
  12. 12. Home Gardening Project atVillankulam & MorawewaHome gardening project at Vilankulam & Morawewa- In this project100Kg of Barbed wire and vegetable seeds were issued to 60Families of these areas. Total cost of the project is Rs. 1,476,255.00
  13. 13. World Polio DayFirst time in the historyof the world it wasdeclared ‘world PolioDay’ – 24.10.2012To mark the Rotary’s significant effort to eradicate of Polio, World Polio day wascelebrated at Shri Shanmuga Hindu Ladies college. The Theme talk of ‘Rotary Rolein eradication of Polio was given by Rrn.PP.Dr.Gunalan.
  14. 14. Review of Interact club at ShriShanmuga Hindu Ladies college.
  15. 15. Fund Raising Programme of InteractorsCar wash donefor Rotarians atRotary Houseforfund raising byintractors ofShri ShanmugaHinduLadies college.
  16. 16. Orientation Programme on Rotary &Rotary activities at St.Mary’sCollege
  17. 17. Renewal of Rotract ClubRotract club of Trincomalee has renewed with more thanthirty members. Chairman New Genration Rtn.PP.Ramorganized the Orientation programme to educate them onRotary & Rotary activities.
  18. 18. Family Exchange Programme from SwedenRotarians fromSweden visited toseveral places inTrinco under familyexchangeprogrammeJointmeetingwas held atRotaryHouse
  19. 19. International Interact Week to mark the50thAnniversaryRC Trinco organized the International Interact week & SixTrincomalee Intract clubs participated. Methodist Girls collegereleased book marker to mark the 50thAnniversarySri ShanmugaLadiesCollegeinitiate twoprojects tomark 50thyear
  20. 20. Induction of 17thPresident of Rotract Club ofTrincomalee
  21. 21. Donation of Bicycles.
  22. 22. Distribution of Shoes to SchoolChildrenHundred and five pair of shoes & Exercise books weredistributed to poor students of Kiravalkuli Tamil Vidyalayamwhich is situated in the Muthur East, abut 70Km fromTrincomalee town. The cost of the project is Rs. 131,000/=
  23. 23. Flood Relief Work atThennamaravadiIn the first stage Rs.1000/= value of dry rations were given toSixty Seven families out of 150 families. Total cost of theproject is Rs.150,000/=
  24. 24. Rotary Eye Camp for Remote VillagersEye camp was conducted with support of the Rotary Club of KandyHeritage. More than 165 people were screened for issuing spectacles. After screening 16 patients were identified for further surgery such cataract etc. More than 150 villagers received spectacles.
  25. 25. Intercity Meeting with JaffnaRotary Club
  26. 26. Orientation Programmes on Pre-School Diploma ProgrammeOrientation programme was held atMuthur on 2ndof February for Pre-School Diploma training project.Zonal director of Education ofMuthur and Assistant director ofearly child hood and number ofRotarians were participated. Almostall the selected pre-school diplomatraining teachers were presentOrientation programme was held atTrincomalee 9thof February for Pre-School Diploma training project. Zonaldirector of Education of Tricnomalee andAssistant director of early child hood andnumber of Rotarians were participated.Almost all the selected pre-schooldiploma training teachers were present.
  27. 27. Handing Over Diabetic AwarenessBags to Diabetic Patients at GH,As part of the Seeni Meani project, Methodist Girls college issued adiabetic bag along with Hand bills to the Patients. at diabeticclinic at General Hospital of Trincomalee
  28. 28. Inauguration of Pre-SchoolDiploma Programme• Project involved with 26 Rotary Clubs fromCalifornia & 03 leading Clubs in Srilanka –Jaffna, Batticaloa & Kurunagala. And balancefrom Rotary Foundation. Project cost isUS$.1,30,869 – Srilanka Rs.16.5 Million. EightTraining Centres in Eastern Province & Sixcentres in Jaffna. About 1000 teachers will betrained in this 10 months Diploma Programme& 2000 Pre School Children will be benefitedannually.
  29. 29. Inauguration of Pre-SchoolDiploma Trainning ProgrammeInauguration of Pre-SchoolDiploma programme washeld at Rotary House.Srilanka GovernorTharshan John, USACalifornia Governor FrankOrtiz, Past DistrictCalifornia Governor AnilGatz, Srilanka SecretaryLal and other district officialsparticipated
  30. 30. Donation of Bicycle forThennamaravadi Villagers.25 Cycles were donated in 02 occasion to villagers of Thenamaravaddi by Rotary Club of Trincomalee.. This project is supported by a Well Wisher from Singapore worth of about Rs.300,000/=
  31. 31. Rotary Diabetic Awareness Programme“Seeni Meani”‘SEANI MEANI Committee wasselected on 24thJuly and "SEENIMEANI" project was launched withtwo schools Methodist Girls College& Vigneswara Mahavidyahalym.After initial introduction meetingwith two schools Seeni Meani" kitwas given
  32. 32. Rotary Diabetic Awareness Programme“Seeni Meani”Diabetic awareness programme was conducted byMethodist ladies college for their students as part of ‘SeaniMeani’ project
  33. 33. Seani Meani –Street Drama byVigneswaraAs part of the “Seani Meani” Programme, Street Dramawas staged at 12 strategic locations in the Trincomaleeby Vigneswara Maha Vidyalaym
  34. 34. Seani Meani Walk by MethodistGirls CollegeMajor event of Seani Meani of the Methodist Girls College,‘Seani Meani Walk’ was held on 21stof February
  35. 35. Seani Meani Awareness Prog ….After the walk there was anawareness meeting tookplace at the UC hall
  36. 36. “ROTARY in Action” Wall-ArtCompetetion• Rotary Club of Trincomalee has organized aWall Art Competition among School Childrenin the Trincomalee Town, under the Theme of“ROTARY in Action”. Children from EightSchools had participated in this Competition.• The Prizes were awarded during theGovernor’s official Vist.
  37. 37. Diabetic Awareness Exhibition atVigneswara MV, Trincomalee• Rotary District Governor Dharshan Johndeclared opening the “Diabetic AwarenessExhibhition” at Vigneswara MV, Trincomaleeon 26.03.2013. This is a project of Rotaryunder “Seenimini” Programme
  38. 38. Diabetic Awareness Exhibition atVigneswara MV, Trincomalee
  39. 39. Rotary District Governor’s visit toGeneral Hospital Trincomalee• Rotary District Governor Dharshan John visited GeneralHospital, Trincomalee on 26.03.2013, along with his SecretaryLal Wijayaratnae & Assistant Governor SamanGunawardhana. Visiting team was very much interested inComputer based “Management Information System” AlreadrDenmark Rotarians assisted Computers & other related itemsto this project. They also now in the process of donating anUltra Sound Scanner worth of 4.5 Million.
  40. 40. Rotary District Governor’s visit toGeneral Hospital Trincomalee
  41. 41. Donation of 150 Lanterns & 03 Petromaxlights to Thenamaravadi Villagers
  42. 42. Nutrition Programme in MuthurEast Malnourished Children214 MalnourishedChildren are selected inthe Muthur East area.Each malnourishedChild will be providedwith 08 High EnergyBiscuits per day, for aperiod of 03 months.This programme wasdiscussed with MuthurMOH & will beimplemented throughhis staff. This is a jointproject with Rotary Clubof Colombo Regency,