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Rotery webinar 11.09.10 how to edit video
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Rotery webinar 11.09.10 how to edit video


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  • 1. Exit Row Productions Jeff Long 937.673.8450 How to edit video like a pro Preparation – Getting everything into the editor I. Log and Capture (aka, dumping footage, logging, transferring, ingesting, etc) A. Every editor does this differently B. Search YouTube for your brand of editor and how to log and capture C. Make sure the camera's video format and your editor work well together -This should be handled BEFORE you shoot anything D. Either log everything separate or as one large clip -Some editors will break the entire videos into clips for you (this is nice and helps the editing go faster. II. Importing other media A. Music B. Sound Effects C. Graphics D. Photos III. Organization A. Put everything in a folder to keep in separate (a folder for: music, video, b-roll, graphics, etc) B. Have your outline with you as you edit...this will save a lot of time C. The real work should have all been done BEFORE you shot any video. Editing is about putting those pieces together. Editing – The fun and easy part....if you planned it all out Note: Editing is like looking at a cake. You only see the outer most layer of cake. The viewer also only see the top most line of video in the final product. The foundation of the video (the video 1 track) might not be seen much at all...and that's ok. I. Step 1: Start with the foundational aspects (interviews, sound bites, etc) A. Find the clips that tell the story. These usually start with the interview, sound bites or voiceovers. B. Put these in order on your video track #1 C. You can always rearrange the order of these clips D. Try to lock in these clips as much as possible before moving forward E. Normally you'll have this person on screen for about 10-20 seconds before putting some b-roll overtop of this footage. Exit Row Productions 937.673.8450
  • 2. II. Step 2: Add in b-roll A. Put your b-roll on video track #2. This will be the next layer of “the cake”. B. B-roll should go overtop of what they are talking about or demonstrating Pro Tip: Each clip should last about 5-7 seconds C. B-roll is usually just video clips with little to no audio being heard. The audio of the b-roll shouldn't compete with the main audio sound bite but should complement it. At most, the audio levels on your b-roll should be about 50% or less. -Example: You might have someone speaking on raising funds for a building. The b- roll footage may show a construction site with minimal audio. III. Step 3: Trim the interview and b-roll A. Trim the interview and b-roll as tightly as possible. Don't let it drag on. -Pro Tip: The average video gets viewed about 3.1 minutes (according to YouTube). So make yours as short and succinct as possible. B. Make sure there aren't any bits of audio or video that get cut in or out...this can lead to a embarrassing final video. IV. Step 4: Add graphics A. Add any graphics that enhance the story and/or interview/sound bites B. Lower thirds with speakers name/title -look at the news for examples V. Step 5: Add music A. Find music that is legally usable in videos 1. Search “royalty free music” and listen to songs -You can find songs starting around $25 each 2. You buy the rights to use the songs in your videos 3. Sadly, buying the rights to popular songs costs too much don't plan on using popular songs. Plus, there is a risk of legal action if you do use them. B. Music is a huge part of the video and can convey emotion -Don't overlook the importance of music Exit Row Productions 937.673.8450