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Bulletin 48 35

  1. 1. 2nd April 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 35 “The Hole In The Brain” SPEAKER: Mr. James Quek, Executive Director of World Vision Lunch meeting of the 28th March 2012 !!!! Thank you for reading the bulletin and contributing to its evolution !!!!! Find your bulletin on the Facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” Joke of the week ! “Hard work never killed anybody. But why take the risk.” From the book of Humour compiled by Rewa Mirpuri HAVE MANY LAUGHS AND HELP THE NEEDY http://www.rotary.org.sg/bookofhumour.html 1
  2. 2. Introductory remarks ToastPresident Tapan Rao opened the meeting with a President Tapan called upon Toastmaster, Rtn.warm welcome to members and guests to the Marco Bardelli to propose a toast to the Rotarylast meeting for the month of March, celebrated Club of Stonehouse, England and to Rotaryin our Club as “New Generations” Month. He International. Present at the meeting was PP Peteradded a special welcome to the Guest Speaker, Davis who informed members that Stonehouse,Mr. James Quek who is the Executive Director of was located in southeast England, not far fromWorld Vision. Bristol. PP Peter recounted his meeting with English royalty, Princess Anne, whom he found toPDG Dr. Robert Loh’s Memoirs be very nice and down to earth.President Tapan announced that our Honorary Exchange of club bannersMember, PDG Dr. Bob Loh had written a book onhis memoirs entitled “An Eye On Life”. Please President Tapan presented the Club’s banners toadvise the Secretariat, should you wish to have a the visiting Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs ofcopy of this book. Stonehouse, Shanghai and Washington DC. 2
  3. 3. Welcome of visiting Speaker of the week Mr. Quek showed videos of World Vision’s programmes, whichRotarians and guests improved children’s well-being in families and communities. HePN Dr. Shahul Hameed welcomed President Tapan called upon Rtn. summarized how their integratedour guests and visiting Rotarians Jeremy Han to introduce the programming models worked to Guest Speaker, Mr. James Quek. improve and uplift the- Guests : Mr. Quek has more than two community to pursue life. Mr.Ms. Amelia Chia (World Vision) decades of experience in Quek graciously answeredMs. Delphine Bernard communications, public queries from members regardingMs. Sher-Yen Wee relations, branding and the work and funding of WorldMr. Roger Goh marketing in Singapore. Vision.Mr. Jit Nagpal Previously, he was a seniorMr. Sanjeen Shah journalist at The Business Times The Club’s vote of thanks was and had served in the business- extended by PP Tan Chin NgiapVisiting Rotarians : schools of National University of who warmly thanked Mr. QuekAG Erich Schneider – Singapore and Nanyang for a very inspirational talk.Queenstown Technological University.PP Peter Davis – Stonehouse,England Mr. Quek advised that WorldMichelle Li – Shanghai, China Vision was a 60-year oldAkiko Murai – Washington DC, Christian relief, developmentUSA and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. He explained the title of his talk “The Hole In The Brain” was to highlight how malnutrition affected the brain development of children, which literally left a hole in the brain. He added that malnutrition caused permanent loss of opportunity and capacity for children development. 3
  4. 4. Congratulations District awards New memberAG Erich extended his President Tapan reported thatcongratulations to the Club for President Tapan had the pleasant 13 members and 4 family task of inducting a new member.the achievements made for the members attended the DistrictRotary Year which were He invited PE Jimmy Ooi to Assembly held at Grand Paragon introduce his candidate, Rtn.recognized at the recently Hotel, Johor Bahru from 23rd toconcluded District Assembly. He Jasbir Koh. PE Jimmy advised 25th March. He added that this that he has known Rtn. Jasbir forcommented, tongue-in-cheek, was one of the Club’s bestthat President Tapan must have many years, adding that she was attendance at the District always graceful and lovely. Helost weight from having to walk Assembly – thanks to the effortsso many times to the stage to further added that Rtn. Jasbir has of PP Paliath Mohandas and 3 sons and is married to Mr. Kohreceive the Club’s Awards from Director Koh Juay Meng.District Governor Zainie! Kok Keong. PE Jimmy also noted that Rtn. Jasbir was an Interactor President Tapan announced that and therefore not new to Rotary.Happy Birthday ! the Club received the following Rtn. Jasbir’s classification is District Awards: “Education: Teacher Mentor”. -Best District Award for Upon her induction, PresidentPresident Tapan together with International Service for the Tapan invited Rtn. Jasbir tomembers sent best wishes to Mega Eye Camp – Silver Award address the Club, and she tookbirthday celebrant, Rtn. Sean -Best District Award for Public the opportunity to thankTwomey, for his coming birthday Relations for the Entrepreneur members for the honour to joinon 3rd April. of the Year Award (EYA) – Silver the Rotary family. Rtn. Jasbir Award added that she did considerDistrict directory -Best District Award for joining Rotary earlier, however Vocational Service for the Rotary with the career demands and herPresident Tapan announced that Youth Social Entrepreneurship “many boyfriends”, she did notcopies of the District Directory Challenge (RYSEC) project – have time for Rotary then!and Handbook were available for Silver Award However, Rtn. Jasbir advised thateach member and reminded -Best District Award for Interact she was the Teacher Advisor tothem to collect them at the Club project for Raffles the Raffles Institution InteractReception Desk to lighten the Institution – Silver Award Club, before deciding to followload from the Secretariat. -Best District Award for her passion and assisted in the Bulletin/Newsletter – Gold school’s choir instead. Rtn. Jasbir Award stated that she was getting to know members and was made to feel very welcomed. 4
  5. 5. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthday celebrants want to do, consider first, theRC wishes Happy Birthday to precept of the guide. Ask Aprilcelebrants this week: ourselves these 4 questions Magazine MonthApril 3 – Sean Twomey and act upon them:April 4 – Irina Francken First: Have I spent some time in self-examination? April 12thApril 5 – Nicholas De BoursacApril 7 – PP Paliath Mohandas & Second: Have I spent quality Final Club Assembly forDr Sanjay Nalachandran time with my family? Rotary Year 2011/12 Third: Have I given my best toAnniversary Celebrants my work? MayRC sends best wishes to Fourth: Have I given some Community Service MonthWedding Anniversary time to someone near and far?celebrants: May 6th – 9th The Guide, in fact,April 3 – Raj & Anita Ramiah encompasses the 4 parts of Rotary InternationalApril 3 – Hena Hoda & Gautam the Object of Rotary. Convention in BangkokHazarikaApril 6 – PP Dr. Oliver & IreneHennedige Next week JuneThis week April 11th 2012 Rotary Fellowships MonthApril 4th 2012 Reception Desk duty: Dr. June 30thReception Desk duty: Wilson Installation Dinner Thomas Perkmann, MarcelWidjaja, N “Subbu” SchobingerSubramanian The Four-Way Test Sunshine Box duty: IPP PSunshine Box duty: PP Tan Of the Things we think, say Balachandran, Michael Boegli or do:Chin Ngiap, Kavita Singh Speaker: Mr Tay Lai Hock, * Is it the truth?Speaker: Ms. Cathryn Berger Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) * Is it fair to all concerned?Kaye, Educational consultant Founder and President * Will it build goodwill andon Service Learning and better friendship? Topic: To be advised.Keynote Speaker for MOE-NIE * Will it be beneficial to allConference 2011. concerned?Topic: “In Youth We Trust” Queries, comments and Committee Meetings articles request can be sent to There are no Committee Meetings for the month of April Jean-Philippe Lionnet in view of the Club Assembly which will be held on bulletin@rotary.org.sg Thursday, April 12th at 6.00pm at the at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre 5