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Bulletin 48 31
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Bulletin 48 31


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  • 1. 5th Mar. 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 31 “Maximise Your Memory Power” SPEAKER: Mr. Nishant Kasibhatla Lunch meeting of the 29h February 2012 Speech and pictures of the World Understanding and Peace Day Fellowship Dinner 1803&cm_mmc=Share-_-Personal-_-Email-_-Sharee- _Images&token=983440278212%3A340865183&_requestid=106087 Find your bulletin on the facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” Joke of the week “Women don’t make fools of men – most of them are the do-it-yourself type” From the book of Humour compiled by Rewa Mirpuri HAVE MANY LAUGHS AND HELP THE NEEDY 1
  • 2. Introductory remarks Deepest condolencesPresident Tapan Rao opened the meeting and President Tapan informed members of the passingwarmly welcomed members and our Guest away of previous member, Dr. Lee Fook Hong onSpeaker, Mr. Nishant Kasibhatia. 19th February 2012. Dr. Lee was a member of thePresident Tapan announced that the meeting of Club for 33 years till his resignation in 2005. He29th February was a historical meeting. He served on the Board as the Club’s Honoraryadvised that the next Rotary meeting which Treasurer during the Rotary year 2002/2003.would fall on a Wednesday, on 29th February President Tapan called on members to join him inwould be in the year 2040! In honour of this observing a minute of silence in memory of ourspecial date – President Tapan extended the deceased member, Dr. Lee Fook Hong.fellowship time of the meeting!ToastPresident Tapan informed members of the passing away of previous member, Dr. Lee Fook Hong on 19thFebruary 2012. Dr. Lee was a member of the Club for 33 years till his resignation in 2005. He served on theBoard as the Club’s Honorary Treasurer during the Rotary year 2002/2003.President Tapan called on members to join him in observing a minute of silence in memory of our deceasedmember, Dr. Lee Fook Hong. 2
  • 3. Welcome of visiting Speaker of the week Mr. Kasibhatla added that to improve one’s memory powerRotarians and guests required practice and gave the following 3 top tips:Rtn. Laveen Daryani welcomed Rtn. Kavita Singh was called - Say “I have a great memory!”our guests and visiting Rotarians upon by President Tapan to every day; introduce our Guest Speaker, - Do not use the “F” word –- Guests : Mr. Nishant Kasibhatla. Mr. “Forget”;Mrs. Sharma (Rtn. Shalini’s Kasibhatla helps executives, - Give work to your memorymother) managers and leaders to attain muscle every day.Dr. Rupesh Agrawal peak mental performance and To conclude, Mr. KasibhatlaMr. Guillaume Mabine ; Mr. boost their productivity. He is a performed a memoryClement Savelon ; Mr. Maxime Guinness World Record Holder presentation. He called for aDucroux ; Rotary Exchange and the only Grand Master of volunteer to write 30 digits onStudents Memory in Singapore. Mr. the flip chart, whilst he left theMr. John Seah Kasibhatla is an author of 4 room. Director Koh Juay MengMr. Justus Krause-Harder books on memory and took on this task and upon Mr.Mr. Ken Muldoon learning. He is a popular speaker Kasibhatla’s return, recited the 30Mr. Laurent Low with over 15 years’ experience digits to him. Mr. Kasibhatla in conducting training in 11 memorized these digits as theyVisiting Rotarians : countries across 4 continents. were announced, after which heRon Albert – Sausalito, California, Mr. Kasibhatla is a past repeated them and even recitedUSA President of Asia Professional the numbers backwards! As a Speakers, Singapore. He is the matter of interest, Mr. Kasibhatla youngest Certified Speaking advised that one of his Professional (CSP) in Singapore. achievements included Mr. Kasibhatla gave a very memorizing the sequence of 7 entertaining presentation on the decks of playing cards. myths, steps and tips to Mr. Kasibhatla’s final message to maximize memory power. He members was that everyone debunked the claims of loss of could have a fantastic memory, memory power due to ageing. and in fact already have a He added that mental fitness fantastic memory, so just use might decrease but this could be your memory and, hopefully one reversed by taking action. Mr. day, his world record would be Kasibhatla stated that certain broken! food/pills did not improve memory but could improve the Director Peter-Paul Nijsten health of the brain. He also warmly thanked Mr. Kasibhatla spoke of the capacity of the for his very impressive brain to remember. He presentation and cheekily highlighted three steps to requested for an appointment to maximize memory power meet with him at the casino! through visualization, association and pleasure. 3
  • 4. DG Haji Zainie Abdul Aucasas speechat the World Understanding & Peace Day Fellowship DinnerORGANIZING CHAIRMAN, PRESIDENT TAPAN RAO AND FIRST LADY PRABA, DISTINGUISHEDGUESTS AND MY FELLOW ROTARIANS.Today around the world Rotarians and friends of Rotary are celebrating 23rd february, the birthday of Rotary, the 107th anniversaryof the first clubmeeting of Rotary, the Rotary club of Chicago.On this day in 1905 Paul Harris and his 3 other friends Gustavus Loehr,Hiram Shorey and Silvester Sohiele met, on a cold evening atRoom 711, UnityBuilding, North Dearborne Street, Downtown Chicago, to talk about their personal and professional experiences.Paul Harris then unfolded his general plan for a club. Out of this simple beginning sprang the first world‘s international serviceorganization called Rotary International and after years of most exciting and tortuous times it now has 1.2 million members in morethan 33,000.00 clubs in about 200 countries and geographical areas.This birthday of Rotary is called by different names. In some countries the week of 23rd February is celebrated as a" week of Rotarymovement". In our District here in Singapore, like in many other Rotary Districts, it is celebrated as a World Understanding andPeace Day. In other parts of our own District, it is celebrated as an International Night. But whatever name it is being celebrated, thisday marks another historical milestone in the history of this great organization of ours. Over the 107 years Rotary has not only seenthe materialistic and economic achievements of the world but also its nightmares of social and humanity regress. But Rotary not onlysurvives, it also thrives because we are multi-national,we come from different vocations and are the best in our professions, we arefrom different races and we are from different religions. We are unity in diversity, because in our hearts there is but one commonpurpose and objective and that is "Service Above Self". Our mission is to help, develop and to dignify the human race and we do thisnot by commanding,demanding and punishing but by sheer act of motivating and persuasion. We do it with a smile and open armsand whatever we touch, we add values. We have the infrastructure to reach the grassroots level, because we are the grassroots. Weare able to survive and established ourselves and grow in these times of development and conflict because our founders and thosegreat Rotarians before us have great vision and excellent leadership to enable us to serve mankind well.The programs that we carry on together over these years all over the world is a clear demonstration of the power of RotaryInternational and the devotion and the generosity of Rotarians of wanting to do more. A famous Doctor once said: "the greaterreward for doing is the opportunity to do more".At this juncture, I wish to thank all those Rotarians, those unsung and unseen heroes at club and District levels who have done somuch of service to mankind. And, for those Rotarians and friends of Rotary for their support to Rotary Foundation in the forms ofPaul Harris Fellow, Major Donor, members of the Arch. D Klumph Society and other givings to enable Rotary International to financeits many community projects worldwide.I am proud to announce here tonight that a fellow Rotarian from our District will soon be honored to the next level in Arch C KlumphSociety Status- the Chairs circle level for donation reaching to USD$500,000. And, this generous Rotarian is no other than PastPresident Dato Dr.Tan Huan-Tsin and his spouse Dr. Tan Tsao Sui-Lan, both of whom are here tonight with us. Dato Dr. Tan and Dr.Tan, kindly be upstanding, please to be recognized.Distinguished guests, my Fellow Rotarians. In these 107 years of our existence "serving mankind has been and will continue to be ourbusiness". Rotary remains dedicated to improving communities, relations between peoples, and world peace and understanding.Today, Rotary is one of the most prestigious non governmental organizations in the world. Everyday we receive appeals,calls andrequests from different segments of our society all over the world for help to serve their purposes. We are able to answer these callsfor help because we are the only non-governmental organization(through the network of our 33,000 Rotary clubs) capable ofmeeting more than 33,000 different communities worldwide everyday towards improving the lives of these communities, the lives ofthe people and towards better understanding and world peace. In 1985, Rotary International together with its partners the WorldHealth Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the UNICEF launched PolioPlus, an ambitious program toimmunize the world against the deadly disease polio.As a result of this partnerships efforts, polio cases have dropped by 99% since 1988 and the world stands on the threshold oferadicating the disease. We heard recently of the good news from new cases in the last 12 months. We are told of howsuccessful we are in meeting the USD 200.0 million challenge by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation well before the deadline of Julythis year. So happy is the Gates Foundation with Rotary International that another USD 50.0 million was made available for polioeradication but this time not as a challenge. My fellow Rotarians, with all these recent achievements and those achievements of thepast, we have earned ourselves such reputation seen bymany Governments, business entities and non-governmental organizations as desirable partners to do more good things in theworld. We have since 1996 been a partner of UNESC0 where Rotary is only one of three organizations in the world that has beenaccorded the status to perform on operational basis with UNESCO worldwide. We need to capitalize on this reputation. Build on it tobecome stronger and stay relevant for years to come. And, if we do that, instead of describing Rotary as "an organization of 1.2million Rotarians in 33,000 clubs"....we should be saying, in the near distance future, that Rotary is an organization of more than 1.5million Rotarians in over 55,000 clubs.... Why not my, Fellow Rotarians? We should all work on achieving this!. And I believe we can!.HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROTARY INTERNATIONAL. Thank you 4
  • 5. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthday celebrants want to do, consider first, theRC wishes Happy Birthday to precept of the guide. Askcelebrants this week: ourselves these 4 questions MarchMarch 5 – Kannan Krishnan and act upon them: March 22nd – 25thMarch 7– Marco Bardelli First: Have I spent some time in self-examination? District Assembly and PETSMarch 8 – Colin MilesMarch 12 – Marcel Schobinger Second: Have I spent quality at Grand Paragon Hotel, time with my family? Johor BahruAnniversary Celebrants Third: Have I given my best to my work? AprilRC sends best wishes to Fourth: Have I given someWedding Anniversary Magazine Month time to someone near andcelebrants: far?March 4 – PP Stan & Dolores Low The Guide, in fact, MayMarch 5 – PN Dr. Shahul Hameed encompasses the 4 parts of Community Service Month& Michelle the Object of Rotary. May 6th – 9thMarch 10 – PP Dr. Yap Lip Kee & Rotary InternationalRachael Next week Convention in BangkokThis week March 14th 2012March 7th 2012 June Reception Desk duty: Bharat Rotary Fellowships MonthReception Desk duty: PP Stan Mandloi, Jamshid MedoraLow, Kannan Krishnan Sunshine Box duty: PP PhilipSunshine Box duty: Goh Bock Leong, PP J K OngSeng, PP Paliath Mohandas Speaker: Mr. Jeffrey Lee, The Four-Way Test Ministry of Education Of the Things we think, saySpeaker: Our very own Counselor or do:member, Rtn. Jeremy Han Topic: “Overfed but * Is it the truth?Topic: “21st Century * Is it fair to all concerned? Underdeveloped”Implications on Educating our * Will it build goodwill andNext Generations” International Service better friendship? Date: Thursday, 15th March * Will it be beneficial to allVocational Service concerned? Time: 7.30pmDate: Thursday, 8 th March Venue: Moghul Mahal Queries, comments andTime: 7.30pm Restaurant, 177A River Valley articles request can beVenue: Senior Police Officers’ Road, Novotel Hotel, Liang sent toMess, 153 Mt. Pleasant Road, Court Shopping Centre, 6th Jean-Philippe LionnetS296153 floor, S179031 Rtns. Alan Tan, Suresh Hosts: Rtns. Atul Merchant,Keerthi, Dr. Christopher Teo Kavita Singh, Ghani Mahtani and Dr. Thomas Perkmann 5