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Bulletin 48 28

  1. 1. 6th Feb. 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 28 “Singapore’s New Business Model – Will It Work? ” SPEAKER: Rtn. Phillip Overmyer Lunch meeting of the 1st february 2012 Find your bulletin on the facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” Joke of the week “What are a woman’s four favorite animals ? A mink in the closet, a Jaguar in the garage, a tiger in her bedroom and a donkey to pay for it all.” From the book of Humour compiled by Rewa Mirpuri HAVE MANY LAUGHS AND HELP THE NEEDY http://www.rotary.org.sg/bookofhumour.html 1
  2. 2. Introductory remarksPresident Tapan Rao welcomed members to thefirst meeting of “World Understanding Month”celebrated by Rotarians in the month of February.He added that Rotary came into existence on 23rdFebruary 1905 and to commemorate this event, aWorld Understanding and Peace Day Dinner willbe held at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel, hosted bythe Club. President Tapan advised that theexpected Guest of Honour was the President ofSingapore.He was pleased to welcome the Speaker, noneother than our member, Rtn. Phillip Overmyer. 2
  3. 3. Welcome of visiting Speaker of the week Rtn. Phillip also spoke of the concerns ofRotarians and guests businesses, particularly the availability and cost of foreignRtn. Matei Iurascu welcomed our President Tapan called upon Rtn. manpower. He informedguests and visiting rotarians Uttam Kripalani to introduce the members of the Government’s Speaker, Rtn. Phillip Overmyer. clear direction to significantly- Guests : Rtn. Uttam noted that Rtn. reduce foreign staff. He furtherMrs. Arpita Kumar Phillip need not have a formal highlighted SICC’s areas of focusDr. Sanjay N. introduction since he has been a for the Budget.Mr. Chirang Samtani member of the Club since 2007,Mr. Tim Leong however for the sake of newer In his vote of thanks, PP Peter TanMr. Dennis Lee members, a brief introduction noted that as expected with Rtn. was given. Rtn. Phillip is the Phillip’s stature in the businessVisiting Rotarians : Chief Executive of the Singapore world, Rtn. Phillip’s talk had givenPP Dr. Ved Bali – Rhondda, Wales International Chamber of thought-provoking informationV.P. Merle Rickliffs – Mt. Beauty, Commerce (SICC) since 2003. on the possible economicAustralia He has spent many years in the slowdown as well as some of theGeorge Hartung – University USA and Asia working with Government’s policy changes. HeDistrict Seattle, USA Samuels International and AT&T also added that one of the during which period he was objectives of Rotary was to Chairman of the American support high ethical practices as Chamber of Commerce and later we deal with the community and Chairman of the Singapore the government. International Chamber of Commerce. Rtn. Phillip’s talk highlighted three main focus of the Government’s plan:Toast Jobs – the security of and the creation of jobs.Rtn. Michael King called upon PP Productivity – on the firm levelDr. Ved Bali to address the Club. from low value, labour intensivePP Ved advised that his club, the industries to knowledge-basedRotary Club of Rhondda was and high value industries. Onlocated in Wales, in Rotary the individual level – forDistrict 115. He was in Singapore employees to do high valuevisiting his son who worked in work to achieve wage growth.Singapore. PP Ved was pleased Economic Growth – measures toto be able to locate the Club and be taken to enable long termadded that he would continue to growth.visit our Club. 3
  4. 4. New member PETS& District Assembly Board of Directors 2012-13President Tapan had the pleasant President Tapan had the pleasant President Tapan announced thetask of inducting a new member task of inducting a new member Members of the Board ofto the Club. He invited PE Jimmy to the Club. He invited PE Jimmy Directors for Rotary Year 2012-Ooi to introduce his Ooi to introduce his 2013 as follows:candidate, Mr. James Lee Huan candidate, Mr. James Lee HuanSiak, to members. Rtn. James Siak, to members. Rtn. James President Jimmy Ooiwas a graduate from NTU with an was a graduate from NTU with an Imm. Past President Tapan Raoaccountancy degree and was a accountancy degree and was a President Elect: Dr. Shahulprevious Rotaractor. PE Jimmy previous Rotaractor. PE Jimmy Hameedadvised of Rtn. James’ interest in advised of Rtn. James’ interest in Vice Presidents: Koh Juay Mengmusic as he was a music teacher music as he was a music teacher and Dinesh Sharmaas well as a choir director before as well as a choir director before Hon. Secretary: Noshir Mistribecoming the Deputy Principal of becoming the Deputy Principal of Hon. Treasurer: Dr. Mark EgerGeylang Methodist School Geylang Methodist School Directors:(Secondary). Rtn. James’s (Secondary). Rtn. James’s Robert Craiuclassification is “Education: classification is “Education: Irina FranckenAdministration”. Administration”. Sirish KumarUpon his induction, President Upon his induction, President Shalini SharmaTapan called upon Rtn. James to Tapan called upon Rtn. James to Shamin Vaswaniaddress the Club. Rtn. James address the Club. Rtn. Jamesstated that it was a privilege to be stated that it was a privilege to bea member of the Club which a member of the Club whichsupported such worthy causes supported such worthy causesand briefly shared his experience and briefly shared his experienceas a Rotaractor. He looked as a Rotaractor. He lookedforward to enjoying the Club’s forward to enjoying the Club’sactivities and fellowship. activities and fellowship. 4
  5. 5. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthday celebrants want to do, consider first, theThere are no Birthday precept of the guide. Ask Februarycelebrants this week. ourselves these 4 questions World Understanding Month and act upon them: First: Have I spent some time February 22ndAnniversary Celebrants in self-examination? Meeting cancelled in view ofRC sends best wishes to Second: Have I spent qualityWedding Anniversary time with my family? the World Understanding andcelebrants: Third: Have I given my best to Peace Day DinnerFebruary 8 – Atul & Bella my work?Merchant Fourth: Have I given some February 23rd time to someone near and World Understanding andThis week far? Peace DayFebruary 8th 2012 The Guide, in fact, encompasses the 4 parts of the Object of Rotary. MarchReception Desk duty: PP March 22nd – 25thChiang Shih Fang, T K Chew Next week District Assembly and PETSSunshine Box duty: PP February 15th 2012 at Grand Paragon Hotel,Mansoor Hassanbhai, VP Johor BahruBrigitte Holtschneider Reception Desk duty: PN Dr. Shahul Hameed, Robert Craiu AprilSpeaker: Our very own Sunshine Box duty: Uttam Magazine Monthmember, Rtn. Chan Chong Kripalani, Michael Boegli The Four-Way TestBeng, President of ASME Of the Things we think, sayTopic: “ASME for the SMEs” Speaker: Prof. P N Avadhani or do: Topic: To be advised. * Is it the truth?Vocational Service * Is it fair to all concerned?Date: Thursday, 9th February International Service * Will it build goodwill andTime: 7.30pm Date: Thursday, 16th February better friendship? Time: 7.30pm * Will it be beneficial to allVenue: Senior Police Officers’ concerned?Mess, 153 Mt. Pleasant Road, Venue: To be advised.S296153. Queries, comments andHosts: Rtns. S “Mali” articles request can beMalaiappan, Bharat Mandloi sent to Jean-Philippe Lionnet bulletin@rotary.org.sg 5